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Course: AVID 4 Senior Seminar
Teacher: Mrs. Socorro Sanchez
Phone:(760) 399-5183 ext. 5552
Room: 104
Office Hours: Thursdays 2-3:30
Course Description:
AVID 4 is a full-year elective class that focuses on writing and critical thinking expected of first- and second-year
college students. This course is organized around a leadership theme, in which students will study exceptional
leaders in contemporary society and examine the effect that these individuals have had on culture, politics,
education, history, science, and the arts. In addition to the academic focus, there will be college-bound activities,
methodologies, and tasks that should be undertaken during the junior year to support students as they apply to fouryear universities and confirm their postsecondary plans. All AVID seniors are required to develop and present a
portfolio representing their years of work in the AVID program, as well as complete the requirements for the
seminar course.
* This class is an A-G class!
Accountability Code
Student Expectations
* Be in your assigned seat BEFORE the tardy bell rings.
* Turn in ONLY your BEST work. Rushed, sloppy work will not be accepted.
* Homework must be turned in on time to receive full credit.
* Assignments due at the end of the period must be turned in at the end of the period.
* Bring required materials and a charged iPad EVERY DAY.
* Read ALL directions. Listen carefully to ALL directions.
* Use an agenda or calendar to keep track of homework and due dates.
* After an absence, it is a student’s responsibility to ask for and complete missed work.
* Tests missed due to an absence must be made up by appointment.
* Be on task.
* There will be NO EXTRA CREDIT if assignments are missing or incomplete.
* Complete class notes by adding summaries and questions.
* Study your notes regularly.
* All work is an opportunity to practice concentration for college and career.
* Produce your own work; do not help others become dishonest.
* Be the FIRST to SHOW respect to classmates and teachers.
* Do not disrupt the learning of your classmates.
* Discriminatory comments and insults are not allowed.
* Profanity is not to be used at any time; it is a suspendable offense.
* Do not touch others or their property without permission.
* Do not write, draw, or tag on school, teacher, or classmate property.
* CVHS Arabs are ladies and gentlemen. We expect you to behave and dress as such.
Materials Needed: * Daily for every class
1) 2” or 3” 3-ring binder
2) Labeled dividers for each class
3) 2 or more pens (blue/black)
4) 2 or more pencils, 1 or more erasers, 1 pencil pouch, 1 or more highlighters
5) Yearly Agenda/Planner
6) Spiral Notebook (1 subject for Tutorials)


Attendance and Make-up Policy:
1) If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the work you missed, including class notes (ABSENT
MEMO box). Make-up homework and class work should be completed in a timely fashion. You will
receive 1 day for every day that you are absent in order to make up the work.
2) If an assignment was due on the day that you were absent, I will expect you to turn it on the day you return.
3) If you are absent for a test or quiz, you will be expected to make arrangements to stay after school the day
you return to make up the quiz. If extenuating circumstances occur, please see me to arrange a make-up
date. You will have one week to make arrangements to take the test. If I do not hear from you within a
week, you will receive a grade of zero.
Homework/Classwork and Major Assignment Policy:
1) All homework should be completed and on your desk at the beginning of class
2) No late work will be accepted
3) Homework must include your full name, date, and assignment in the upper left hand corner
*No name= No Credit
4) Any major assignment (essays, project, etc.) may be turned in late up to 3 weeks only
5) Classwork may not be turned in late. If time is given in class to finish an assignment, then it is expected to
be finished! No credit will be given for late class work unless otherwise noted by the teacher for students
with a special exception. Late class work will be accepted if it is assigned as homework.
Organization/Cornell Notes (20 %)
ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS: Student will be expected to keep a 2” three ring binder with all the notes and
materials from their other classes. They will be taught how to organize the binder and it will be checked every
Friday. Within the binder they will also be taking Cornell Style notes, which will organize their review material and
their learning.
Tutorials (40%)
Pre-work 20%
Tutorial 20%
TUTORIALS: Twice a week the students will be expected to bring specific questions from their other classes and
work together in groups to solve them. Ideally there will be three to four tutors in addition to the instructor to guide
them through the process. Tutors will not be handing out answers, but helping the students find the answers
Writing/Reading (20 %)
CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS: Twice a week students will be engaged in activities designed to develop the
learning process. These activities include writing assignments, Socratic Seminars, group problem solving, and in
class projects. We will also be doing goal setting and a plan of how to achieve their goals.
AVID Final/Miscellaneous (20 %)
Written  assignments,  class  participation,  50  hours  of  community  service,  and  individual  group  projects  make  up  
this  portion  of  your  grade.
Student Norms:
- Maintain an organized binder, which includes an updated agenda consisting of daily assigned
homework (see binder grade sheet)
- Participate in class activities (field trips, community service etc.) and discussions (Philosophical Chairs,
Socratic seminars)
- Take and turn in Focused notes
- Come prepared for and participate in tutorials.
- Turn in all assignments in all classes (assignments show 100% effort).
- Maintain a 2.0 academic GPA or higher (no D’s or F’s).
- Attend afterschool tutoring (missing assignments, D’s or F’s).
- STUDENT CONTRACT: Is it also required that each student and parent sign a contract committing to
the AVID program. Students that do not maintain the terms of the contract will be placed on probation in
the AVID program and parents will be contacted to schedule a conference.
- COMMUNITY SERVICE: Each student will be required to complete 50 hours of community service per


2015-­‐2016  Syllabus  Receipt  Form  

Mrs.  Socorro  Sanchez  
Room:  104  
Please  sign  below  to  acknowledge  you  have  read  the  Syllabus,  Policies  &  Procedures.    Your  child  will  return  this  
portion  to  the  teacher  for  homework  credit.    The  Syllabus  and  Student  Expectations  handout  should  be  kept  in  
your  student’s  three-­‐ring  binder  for  reference.  
I,  ________________________________  and  I,  _________________________________  have  read  the  Syllabus    
(Student’s  name)    
(Parent/Guardian  name)  
and  Student  Expectations  for  Mrs.  Sanchez’s  AVID  4  class.    We  understand  what  is  expected  and  agree  to  abide  to  
all  items  on  the  syllabus.    I  am  responsible  for  and  will  be  held  accountable  for  adhering  to  the  above  information  
even  if  I  did  not  read  it.  
Student  Signature  
Parent/Guardian  Signature  
Contact  Phone  Number    
Email  Address  for  the  Parent/Guardian  
Best  time  to  reach  you                                                                                _____________________________________