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Goose Creek CISD

Course Syllabus 2015-2016

American Sign Language (ASL) I
I will furnish 1 paper copy of the course syllabus to students and parents during the first week of a course. This document contains
general information about the course in which the student is registered and specific information from the teacher regarding the
section in which the student enrolled.

Teacher Name:
Teacher Conference:
Contact Information:
Course Information:

Ms. Mallory Platz

7th Period 281-420-4500 Ext. 84250

Course Objective:
This course involves the learning of novice levels of American Sign Language. It includes the study of the
history, structure, and grammar of ASL. It also encompasses the study of the historical and cultural contexts of
the Deaf community.
Approximate Timeline of Assignments & Due Dates of Long-Term Projects:
**There will be a brief expressive sign project (major grade) accompanying every chapter exam**
1st Semester LTP: Famous Deaf Person Research

2nd Semester LTP: Group Song Project

General Methods of Assessment and Grade Calculation:

Daily Grades
Classwork, Homework, Participation and Quizzes*


*Pop Quizzes will be entered once and SCHEDULED quizzes will be entered twice

Major Grade
Tests & Projects

(Written & Signed)


Average Amount of Homework:

Students should expect homework. However, if homework is not assigned, students are expected to spend as much
time as necessary outside of class to study vocabulary and grammatical information essential for continued progress in
the course.

Late Work: Following GCCISD Guidelines

Late work is graded in the same manner in all classes at the intermediate and high school levels. The table below
shows the percent of the earned grade that a student will be awarded for late work:

Chronic abusemore than three late assignments during any one nine-weeks grading periodmay result in
additional consequences.
Homework turned in after it has been collected is LATE.

Major projects are DUE on the due date REGARDESS of whether or not you are present!

Online Resource (Class Information) (Vocabulary) (Fingerspelling practice) (Number practice)
Required Materials:
- Paper, pen or pencil (NO red or pink pens!)
- iPad
- 1 notebook
*Students are responsible for all information on handouts & for all information written on board.

Class Expectations
1. Please be in your assigned seat when the tardy bell rings, and immediately begin working on the warm
up. Please remain seated at all times.
2. Bring all materials to class EVERYDAY.
3. Do not bother others. Be respectful & polite at all times.
4. PAY ATTENTION carefully. Follow instructions the first time.
5. There is NO talking during designated Sign Days. If you do not comply, you will lose points from your
participation grade. Similarly, if you choose not to participate during class, points will again be deducted
from your grade.
6. Put all trash in the TRASH CAN.
7. Take care of personal business BEFORE or AFTER class. (restroom, telephone calls, etc.)
8. Do not bring or consume drinks, food, candy, gum, etc. in the classroom.
9. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get makeup work. You will have a limited time period
in which to turn in makeup work. (You will have as many days as you are absent to make up the work.
Work or tests that are due the day you are absent must be turned in the day you return, otherwise it is
considered late.)
Missed Quiz: 1 week to make up
Missed Test: 2 weeks to make up
10. Cheating/plagiarism will not be tolerated. A grade of zero will be given for cheating on homework, class
work, quizzes, and/or exams. Refer to the 2015-2016 Grading Policy Guidelines.
For all state-approved courses, the State of Texas has developed the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) which define the
guidelines under which GCCISD must develop the objectives for the course. These TEKS are cross-referenced to the GCCISD
curriculum objectives. In addition, GCCISD objectives are also cross-referenced to the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
(TAKS) objectives. The complete TEKS document, which was approved by the Texas State Board of Education, may be found on the
internet at and is accessible to teachers, parents, and students.