Morale Relationship Between Individual and Organizations

Meaning Of Morale
Ø“Morale is the capacity of a group of people to pull together persistently in pursuit of common purpose.” ØMorale represents a composite of feelings, attitudes and sentiments that contribute to general feelings of satisfaction. ØIt shapes the climate of an organization.

§ High morale represents an attitude of
satisfaction and willingness to strive for the goals of the group. § Morale is both an individual and a group phenomenon. § Morale is multi-dimensional in nature. § Morale is mostly regarded as a long term phenomenon.

§ Willing co-operation towards objective of § § § § §
the organization Loyalty to the organization and its leadership or management Good discipline High degree of employees’ interest in their jobs and organization Pride in the organization Reduction of rates of absenteeism and labour turnover

Indicators Of Low Morale
§ High rates of absenteeism and labour § § § § §
turnover. Excessive complaints and grievances. Frustration among the workers. Friction among the workers and their groups. Antagonism towards leadership of the organization. Lack of discipline.

Building of High Morale
§ Fair Remuneration: The basic and incentive pay plans should not
only be fair, but should also bear fair relationship among themselves. § Incentive System: There should be a proper incentive system and rewards to the employees to motivate them.

§ Congenial Working Environment: The conditions under which
workers are made to work should be congenial for their mental and physical well-being.

§ Job satisfaction: A well placed employee §

takes pride and interest in his work and feels satisfied.

§ Two-way Communication: There should be two-way communication
between the management and the workers. § Training: There should be proper training of the employees. § Workers’ Participation: There should be industrial democracy in the

. § Social Activities: Management should encourage social group activities by the workers. § Counseling: Large organizations may appoint trained psychologists to act as counselors for employees.

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