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Molly Caldwell

Comm 351.01
Dr. Boyle
February 24, 2010

Feature Story – Spotlight on CCERP’s Terri Bowling

Terri Bowling’s involvement with the Community Civic Engagement and Research
Project (CCERP) began when CCERP was searching for a graduate assistant. “I’m a
non-traditional student, coming back for my masters’ degree, and it worked itself
out that I met the qualifications that CCERP was looking for, as far as my past
professional background. They offered me the position, and it worked out great for
me, because I get to work with the students, and I get to design and implement
some programs, which I love to do.”

Bowling has been instrumental in developing two of CCERP’s main programs – the
Leadership Associate program and the Voter Assistance program. Both are focused
on students taking an active role in their community, something Bowling hopes will
have a lasting impact. She has also taken an active role in two upcoming events
with CCERP – a science and technology conference, which will take place in March,
and the third annual Distinguished Leadership Awards on April 22, which will feature
former New York Giant Tiki Barber as a keynote speaker.

Although this is Ms. Bowling’s last semester on campus, she hopes her programs
will continue to impact students for many years to come. “I would love to see many
students doing great work,” Bowling says. Through the programs she has put in
place, Millersville’s community will continue to be enhanced by its many student
Writing Assignment #2: Feature Story
Molly Caldwell
Comm 351.01
Dr. Boyle
February 24, 2010

Key Publics: Members of the Civic and Community Engagement and Research
Project (CCERP)
Message: Terri Bowling, through her work as a graduate assistant at CCERP, has
demonstrated the civic and community engagement skills central to CCERP’s