Fun Free Internet Resources MMM Class March 5, 2010 Voice Recording 1.

Click on the “Click to Record” button 2. Click the “STOP” button when you are done with your recording 3. Listen to the recording to make sure you like it 4. Copy the link or the HTML code to put in emails, Word doc, blogs, etc… USES *Email the link to parents for audio instructions for h/w *Copy the link into newsletters or other notes home *Use HTML code and put in your class blog *Student can read passages and then listen to themselves to improve fluency *Get older student to read the passages, save the link somewhere to let younger students listen to it while they read the print version Internet Radio 1. You can choose stations by bands you like or genres of music. Just type in that info and 365 will find stations that play music 2. Click on a station. You will have to listen to some ads in order to listen to the music for free. Also, you should do this from your teacher computer, or one that is not easily visible to students. There are sometimes some inappropriate pics on the margins of the page. 3. If there is a VIP button next to the play button, then that station is only for members. 1. This is a good radio source because after you visit it so often with your choices it will create playlists and even make suggestions for you. You have to try this at home, it is blocked at school. 1. This one does not play a ton of commercials. Just click on the genre you want, then choose a “station” and let it play. Read stuff online! You can search by genre (poetry, folktales, fables, etc…), choose titles that have just a preview and look at it online or choose one that has full view and actually download it to your machine. When you click on

many of the titles, there are links to web sources that actually have lesson plans for the title. From this web site you can read literally thousands of books online or download free ebooks in PDF format. Utube trick

Have you ever found video on Utube that you thought would be great to use in a lesson, only to find that you can’t use this app at school? From your home computer, if you type in the word “kick” after the www., and before you type in utbe

Google Tricks Calculator, scores, unit conversion, etc… Just go to then click on “more” at the top to display all the cool things that Google can do for you. Some quick Google homepage tips are: -Type in define: ______ (word) in the text box and Google will bring up list of definitions. -Type in Weather: ____ (city) to get the current weather there -Type in ANY math problem for a solution in Google -Click on “advanced search”, type in topic, such as civil war, using the pull down menu in the “format” box, choose ppt. this will give you 1,000’s of ppts on the civil war. Download them, change them, etc… **after using the calculator function, you can click on “more about calculator” and get a list of other quick functions that can be performed in Google. Worksheets…yes, I said worksheets Do you need additional supplemental materials to give your students who might need extra help? This is a great place to get useful and FREE downloadable practice sheets for your students. You can even get the answer key! The “copyright” stipulations are listed on the last page of your pdf. Make sure to read it! Certificates for Various Occasions Pre-made certificates that you download fill in and print. You can not save the certificate to your computer.

Latest and Greatest tools for you!

This changes everyday! Log into this site to learn about new tools that are available to enhance your technology experience! Most of the items discussed are free! The following is a list of items that were discussed as of 2-23-10.
A Quick Guide To Get Started With Microsoft Access 2007 There are conflicting ideas about how hard it is to make use of Microsoft Access. One school of thought suggests that it’s difficult, complex, and beyond normal folk. The other is that it’s just as easy to use as Excel. I’m here to tell you the truth. And it sits somewhere between the two. Access takes more effort to become familiar with than a spreadsheet, but it’s not difficult, and it’s very powerful.

5 MORE Free Microsoft Products & Why They Are The Best 1. Microsoft Security EssentialsWhile we use a hoard of different antivirus and malware scanners to eradicate viruses, none has been as surprisingly effective as Microsoft Security Essentials. 2. Bing Maps Bing Maps is Microsoft’s version of the popular Google Maps. 3. Windows Live Photo Gallery Windows Live Photo Gallery is a free Microsoft product that can definitely give Picasa a run for its money. 4. Process Explorer To put it simply, Process Monitor is a bit like Task Monitor on steroids. If you ever feel the need to know exactly what is running on your computer, down to the last thread, then Process Monitor is your program. 5. Paint.NET Now, Paint.NET is still maintained by some of the alumni, and has flourished into a commendable program that rivals Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. 5 Awesome Tips To Improve Your Google Buzz Experience Google Buzz is still a far way off from the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, and only time will truly show what becomes of it. Play and Re-Discover Music You Like with Mufin Player Mufin stands for music finder. By its own description, its the first music player to know the sound of your music collection. The music discovery engine analyzes your collection, so that you can sort your music by sound and find similar tracks faster and maybe rediscover music all over again. My article will

quickly walk you through all of its basic functions.

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