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Production Brief

Project Name: Abduction
Medium/Format: Opening two minute sequence to a
Length: 2min – 2:12
Deadline: 21st March
Group members: Emmanuel Olobio, Sam Lee, Peter
Brief overview of context: A women is being chased down an alley
she mistakes him for an attacker but he
hands her a book instead, she is then
confronted by a women who nock her
Target audience (age group gender Target audience 15-35, gender open but
bias (if any) social economic groups): can preferably be male, no social and
economic groups.
Possible scheduling/ publishing This could be used in a pre-release or as
suggestion: part of a trailer in cinemas.
What comparable products have u American thrillers ‘Taken’ and ‘Bourne
performed: Identity’
What is the rationale behind this text: Added intension, dramatic twist and
suspense and thriller ideas.
What representations will be operating Representations and stereotypes are
in your text? Are these justified? explored in our thriller. How black males
and how white teenage girls are
represented through clothing, behaviour
and appearance.
How will you test whether the product Questionnaire on our blog will help to
is successful? How will you check that test our initial concept and end product.
it accomplishes the intended affect? This will show whether the generic codes
and convention are successful Based on
the response of our target audience.
What generic codes and conventions Settings – an alley which is partly
will be operating in your text? isolated and dim which fits into the
suspense of a thriller.
What are the overt (obvious) messages Places in the suburbs are not as safe as
incorporated into the text. people think and that representations can
be stereotypical of how people think of
different ethnicities
Are there any (hidden) messages Difference between social views and
incorporated into the text? stereotypes.
Identify any resource constraints time, Time constraints are always a problem as
money, equipment, human resources re-filming and editing takes time also
that might affect the production and finding a car and various props with
your hopes for your product. limited money and resources made it
Additional notes: