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Yogyakarta, August 26, 2015

Cancer Chemoprevention Research Center

Faculty of Pharmacy UGM

My name is Tribuana Restiwardani, my family usually call me as Nana. I was born in

Semarang, December 7, 1995. My parents name is Winarto and Diah Suswatini. They work
as teachers. I graduated from SMA 3 Semarang and part of class C of Pharmacys 2014.
Its my first time to make a motivation letter, but its not prevent me to register this
organization. This motivation letter I wrote based on my intention to be part of CCRC of
Pharmacy UGM which have members with their high motivation, creativity and smart brain.
So, I wont waste my time during in Pharmacy, therefore I want follow this organization to
upgrade my experience, be the best graduate, and the important thing that I really want to
help people with my own ability in pharmacy especially in cancers patient.
I think, doing observation is interesting. We can make something that nobody knows
become know, makes it possible to meet with other researchers that more experts, and more
easier to follow PIMNAS. Once again, all of this can be reach if I be a part of CCRC of
Pharmacy UGM.
Actually Im not active in organization. I just be a part of Rohis (Kerohanian Islam) in
SMA 3 Semarang and be a committee in their some events. Some time ago, I be a committee
of Makrab Angkatan 2014.
In addition to, I also not high in IP, but I proud because I got it by myself. And when I
had become part of CCRC of Pharmacy UGM, I hope to get a lot of science and more
motivated to struggle in every way to make me better in the future. Of course, Ill do the best.
I will give my passion that I have for CCRC if I accepted. Struggling together to give the best
for Pharmacy UGM, society, sciences world, and ourselves.
Give the best for surrounding to be used, like my favorites quote from a Hadist
The Best People is the most Beneficial to Others
(HR. Thabrani dan Daruquthni)
I believe that I wasnt wrong to choose CCRC be my choice. Thus I created my
motivation letter to be used as best as possible. I hope can be accepted to be part of CCRC of
Pharmacy UGM. Thanks for the attention.

Tribuana Restiwardani

14 / 362805 / FA / 09962