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A Message from our Principal

Dear Students & Parents,

Welcome to Hilburn Academy! Our school has long been recognized
in the community for its strong academic performance and
exceptional teaching practices. The staff here is committed to
providing a safe, orderly, challenging and nurturing environment for
your child. But it is our love and passion for children, our
commitment to excellence and the high value we place on building
meaningful relationships that truly makes Hilburn a special place to
learn and grow.
The purpose of this handbook is to provide you with helpful answers
about Hilburn Academy and familiarize yourself with school
procedures. Should you have any questions that have not been
answered here, please call your childs teacher or the school office.
We hope you will read this handbook thoroughly and refer to it
throughout the school year. We hope you will pursue some of the
many opportunities that are available to support your childs
educational experience at Hilburn. We look forward to partnering
with you as we work to make this school year a very successful one for
your child.
In Partnership,
Gregory Ford

Mission Statement
Hilburn Academy strives for academic excellence by providing opportunities for each
child to learn and grow in a nurturing atmosphere. Through mutual respect within the
total school community, our children will develop into responsible and productive

Academic Performance Middle Grades

New in 2015-2016, WCPSS will also apply a 10-point scale for all students in
grades 6-12. Under the new scale, grades and grade point average calculations
(high school only) will be applied as follows:
A: 90-100 = 4.0
B: 80-89 = 3.0
C: 70-79 = 2.0
D: 60-69 = 1.0
F: < 59 = 0.0
These grades will be reported on the transcript as numeric grades, rather than
letter grades as have been reported in prior years.
Report Cards/Interim Reports
Report cards are issued four times a year. Interim reports are given to each
student midway through each grading period. The WCPSS 2015-2016 Academic
Calendar indicates the dates these documents are sent home.
Honor Roll for Middle Grades Students
Hilburn Academy recognizes students with exemplary academic achievements.
Pursuant to the guidelines in Board Policy 5522, students will be recognized for
A-Honor Roll and AB-Honor Roll at the end of each quarter.
Promotion Standards
All students in the middle school grades are required to pass three of their four
core courses (two must be Math and Language Arts) and half of their elective
courses. Students must also achieve a level 3, 4 or 5 on the Math and ELA
standardized tests, as well as satisfactory achievement on the Science and Social
Studies Measure of Student Learning tests.
Students may choose from a variety of elective courses. Because a school cannot
accommodate all students requests for electives, students rank choices by
priority. Hilburn staff makes every effort to accommodate those choices.
Transfers to other electives courses midyear are not permitted unless for
documented need of intervention purposes. This means a student may drop an
elective at the semester mark if s/he is failing Math or ELA, with quarterly

benchmark scores below the 40th percentile, and needs to enroll in the
corresponding intervention class. Other data points may be considered as well.
Similarly, students currently enrolled in an intervention class may elect to opt
out take a different elective if their performance in the corresponding core
classes is at standard.

Agendas, Edmodo & Organizing Assignments

Organization is a key skill that successful students develop with
structure and practice. All students in grades 3 through 5 use
agendas (classroom calendars/ planners) to develop essential
planning skills related to learning and academic success. These agendas are provided at
no cost to studnets from Hilburns PTA. Students in grades 6 through 8 use the online
planner via Edmodo. Middle grades families may elect to purchase agendas for their
student to further support/supplement organizational skills. Replacement agendas may
be purchased for $4.00 in the main office until our supply runs out.

Arrivals and Departures

Please also see Attendance
Hilburns instructional day begins at 8:15 and it ends at 3:00 p.m. We ask that students
arrive each morning no later than 8:10 so they can be prepared for instruction to begin at
8:15 a.m.
The Wake County School Board has established six Early Release Days for the 2015-2016
school year. Please see this years Academic Calendar for those dates, all of which will be
Fridays. On Early Release Days, school dismisses at 12:30 p.m.
Children should be dropped off and picked up in the front of the school. In order to
facilitate the smooth and efficient flow of traffic, please make sure your child is ready to
get out of the car when you stop to drop-off in the morning. Prolonged stopping or
parking in the circle is not permitted. Please remember that the bus circle is only for
For safety reasons, please do not drop off your child prior to 7:45 a.m. as there will be no
adult supervision. It is imperative that students are present for the entire day. In those
rare instances where a student arrives late or must leave early, parents are asked to sign
students in when entering the building after the tardy bell rings at 8:15 a.m. and sign
them out when leaving before 3:00 p.m. Please use the Ident-A-Kid kiosk when signing
in and out of school.
An ID with your signature may be requested before a child is released. Children will not
be released without appropriate signatures and identification. It is extremely important
that each parent/guardian sign his/her name on the locator card for this reason. Locator
cards are given out at the beginning of the school year. All students must have an

updated locator card in the front office. If you move, change phone numbers, your
address, etc. please update this information on your childs locator card.
Wake County Board Policy (6000.2) states Parents must ensure that students attend
and remain in school daily. To be considered present, a student must be in attendance at
least one half of the student school day. Based on our school hours, Hilburn Academys
half day is at 11:30 p.m. Your child must arrive at school by 11:30 to be considered
present for that day. If a parent/guardian chooses to pick up their child prior to 11:30
a.m. and does not return to school that day, the student will be considered absent.
Students entering school after 11:30 a.m. will also be considered absent. Children who
are habitually tardy in the morning or signed out early in the afternoons will be referred
to staff members who comprise the Attendance Committee. For the purposes of safety,
security, and fostering student independence, parents may drop off and pick up students
in the main office only and not at the classroom doors.

Morning arrival begins at 7:45

Tardy bell rings at 8:15
Dismissal begins at 3:00
Dismissal begins at 12:30 on Early Release Days

*Please see Carpool Procedures and Early Sign-Out for more details.

Articles Not Permitted in School

Students have many items at home that often prove to be disruptive to instruction or
school procedures. The following items deemed to be possible safety hazards should not
be brought to school: virtual pets, dolls, collectable cards, yo-yos, toys, cell phones, handheld video games, etc. If students bring any of these items on campus, they should
remain turned off and kept in the students bookbag. If any of these items are seen by
a staff member and/or taken out of the bookbag on campus, they will be confiscated and
turned into the office and can be picked up only by the childs parent/guardian.
We also recommend that your child does not bring a significant amount of money or
any valuables to school. These items can disappear and are often never recovered.
Glass bottles or canned drinks are not permitted in school because they are
considered safety hazards for children. Students who wish to bring a beverage from
home for lunch may bring juice boxes or plastic water bottles.

Headphones are not permitted unless approved by a teacher for instructional use
within the classroom.
Balloons are not allowed at Hilburn because of the potential safety hazard to students.
We have several students who have severe allergies to latex.

Animals and pets are not permitted on campus for any reason. Doing so endangers
the health and well being of students, staff members and other parents in the building.
Many people are allergic to animals and therefore may suffer from an allergic reaction.
Children and adults may also suffer from anxiety-related distress caused by fears
stemming from past experiences with animals. We know that Fluffy, Boots and Rover
are all very cute and wouldnt intentionally harm anyone, but animals can be
unpredictable around excited children. Bites and scratches caused by your pet would
make you liable for legal action by another childs parents and may put the school at
risk of liability as well if we didnt maintain this policy.
All Wake County schools maintain a no homemade food policy for student safety
reasons. Food items brought into school for sharing (i.e. birthday treats, learning
celebration items, etc.) can only be store-bought. Please contact your childs teacher
prior to bringing in food to be sure that there are no students who are allergic to the
ingredients in the food.

Prompt, regular attendance at school is one of the best ways to help insure student
success. It is important for students to be on time so they dont miss or disrupt the
instructional time. We ask that parents respect the instructional day and schedule
doctor appointments, etc. outside of the instructional day, whenever possible.
Students need ample time in the morning to prepare for their day and review the days
objectives/activities. Parents are requested to have children at school by 8:10 a.m. in
order for them to be prepared for instruction to begin when the final bell rings at 8:15.
When your child misses school, please send a note to your childs teacher explaining the
reason for the absence within three days. If a student is tardy, he/she needs to check in
at the office for an admission slip to class. You may also pick up a Request for Excused
Absence form from the office if the absence will be due to religious or educational
reasons. Please note that the educational reason must be aligned with your childs
Standard Course of Study for their grade level. The form must be completed two weeks
prior to the absence and submitted to the principal for consideration. The principal or
classroom teacher may require the student to complete a project summarizing what they
learned on the trip and present it to the class. Students are discouraged from taking
family vacations during the school year.
Due to the loss of instruction, the
administration will be reluctant to excuse such absences during the academic calendar
We ask that you complete a Student Locator Card at the beginning of the year in the
event that your child becomes ill and parent contact must be made. It is very important
that we have more than one telephone number on file in order to locate parents in case of
an emergency. If information on this card changes during the year, it is vital that you
notify the school office to make the necessary changes. Only persons designated on
the locator card will be allowed to pick up your child/children from school.

After School Program

Hilburn Academy maintains its own, in-house after school program on our campus. It
begins at the end of the school day and runs until 6:00 p.m. For more information
about either program and to register, please see our school website.

Behavioral Expectations & Student Code of Conduct

The Hilburn Academy staff teaches independence, respect for self and others, and other
character traits in addition to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (NCSCS).
Maintaining a safe, orderly environment for our students is an important part of
providing quality education, since we know that learning cannot occur without order.
The classroom teacher will maintain classroom discipline to protect the school day and
deter behavioral interruptions. Teachers and students will collectively construct their
classroom rules, routines and consequences. Students will be sent to administration for
disciplinary action after the teacher has taken steps to change and/or stop the
inappropriate behavior. Any student involved in a fight or threatening another student
will be sent to administration immediately.
Students should always adhere to Hilburns School Rules:

Respect yourself and others

Keep hands and feet to yourself

Use kind words or no words

All students are responsible for complying with and are expected to be familiar with
WCPSS Code of Student Conduct and school board policies governing student behavior
and conduct. All Code of Student Conduct policies are contained in the WCPSS
Student/Parent Handbook, which is distributed to all students and parents at the
beginning of each school year or upon enrollment in the WCPSS. If there is a conflict
between the rules expressed in this handbook/agenda/planner and the Code of Student
Conduct policies, the WCPSS Code of Student conduct policies shall take precedence.
Wake County School Board Policy requires that we restate the above paragraph in
Spanish for our Spanish-speaking families:
Todas las politicas del Codigo de Conducta Estudiantil se encuentran en el manual de
WCPSS de Estudiantes/Padres, el cual se distribuye a todos los padres y estudiantes al
principio de cada ano escolar o al matricularse en el WCPSS. Si hay un conflicto entre
las reglas expresadas en este manual de Estu diantes/Padres y el
manual/agenda/planificador de la escuela de su hijo (a) las reglas expresadas en est e
manual deben tomar prioridad.

Violations of the code of student conduct may result in a range of consequences. Please
review the list of infractions and consequences to understand the varying types of
consequences that may be issued. This list does not include every possible violation of the

code of student conduct, but it does include some of the most common school infractions.
The list is designed to provide students and parents with an overview of possible
consequences. Administrators will weigh mitigating and aggravating factors when
determining consequences for each individual student on a case-by-case basis.
Administrators reserve the right to modify these consequences when necessary. These
infractions are described in the Wake County Student/Parent Handbook and should be

Level 1 Student Actions

Computer Violation
Disruptive Behavior
Dress Code Violation
Electronic Devices
Gum Chewing
Not bringing materials to class
Public Display of Affection
2nd Tardy in 1 wk
Level 2 Student Actions

3rd Tardy in 1 wk per class

Repeated Level 1 Violations

Not attending ALC
Minor Damage to Property/
Misbehavior with a substitute
Talking Back/Disrespect
Teasing/Picking on other students
Level 3 Student Actions

4 or more Tardies in 1 wk per class

Repeated Level 2 Violations
Skipping Class
Bus Referral
Disruptive Behavior in ALC/ASD
Fighting/Physical Aggression
Major Vandalism
Profanity toward staff
Sexual/Racial Harassment

Level 1 Possible Teacher Responses

Verbal Warnings/Redirections
Parent Contact
Time Out
Lunch Detention
Loss of Privilege
After-School Detention
Behavior Contract
Parent/Student Conference
Student Reflection
Referral to Counselor
Level 2 Possible Teacher Responses
All Level 1 Consequences plus:
Change of Schedule
In Class Suspension
Alternative Learning Center
Team Conference
Conference with
Minor Office Referral

Level 3 Refer to School

All Level 1 and 2
Consequences plus
Major Office Referral

Threats to staff
Threats to students

Birthday invitations for private
childs home and not distributed at
store-bought and shared in the
times. Prior teacher notification is
please note that balloons are
Academy, as they are potential
latex allergies.

parties should be mailed from a

Birthday snacks must be
cafeteria during scheduled lunch
expected. As mentioned above,
not allowed inside Hilburn
safety hazards to students with

Food items brought into school for sharing (i.e. birthday treats, learning celebration
items, etc. can only be store-bought for food safety reasons. Please contact your childs
teacher prior to bringing in food to be sure that there are no students who are allergic to
the ingredients in the food.
The federal government recommends that snacks brought to school be healthy and
nutritious for active young minds and bodies. Please keep this in mind when choosing
food items for your child (and other parents children) to eat for celebrations at school.

The Wake County Public School System provides bus transportation for students who
live in our base area. Our foremost concern with student transportation is SAFETY. In
order for students to have a safe bus trip to and from school, bus safety rules must be
followed. This service is a privilege, which may be revoked if children exhibit
inappropriate behavior or violate safety rules. Violation of safety rules or inappropriate
behavior may result in bus suspensions for either short term or the remainder of the
school year. When students are suspended off of the bus, parents/guardians are
responsible for transporting them to and from school. At Hilburn, the safety of all our
students comes first in school and on the school bus; therefore,
compliance of the following rules is absolutely necessary:
Arrive at your assigned bus stop on time.
While waiting for the bus, remain in the loading area, not in
the street.
Wait until the bus stops before advancing to the bus.
Board the bus and be seated quickly in your assigned seat.
Talk softly with your neighbor when conversing on the bus.
Be completely quiet when the bus reaches and approaches a railroad crossing.
Keep the aisle of the bus clear of books, feet, book bags, etc.
Keep head, hands and arms inside the bus at all times.

Remain seated while the bus is in motion.

Cooperate with and obey the bus driver at all times.

It is necessary that a supervising adult (parent/guardian) is at the bus stop for the drop
off and pick up of small children. In addition, this significantly increases the safety of all
children and reduces the likelihood of inappropriate behavior at the bus stop.
Parents/guardians assume responsibility for transportation to and from school for
students on a school transfer and for those students who have been suspended off the
bus. Failure to bring the student to school will be treated as truancy.
If a child requests to ride another bus other than the bus to which he/she was assigned,
the child must bring a note from home requesting the change. Due to space and liability
concerns, the request might not be granted by the administrator.
Issues relating to bus stops and bus drivers should be directed to the transportation
department via the portal on the WCPSS website. However, issues relating to student
behavior can be addressed by the school bus driver and/or the school administrator.

A hot breakfast and lunch are served each day by our wonderful cafeteria staff in the
Hawk Caf. Meals can be purchased daily, but it is recommended that students deposit
funds into their individual accounts to cover meals for the week or month. Milk, snacks,
and desserts can be purchased separately. Parents can specify that funds in the account
be used to purchase lunch only or lunch and snacks. Deposits are made in the cafeteria.
Please include your childs or childrens ID# on all checks. You may also
set up an electronic funds transfer account via
Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to have lunch with their
children during the school year! Please send a note to your childs teacher
when you plan to visit in case there is a schedule change.
Students are not allowed to charge breakfast or lunch in the cafeteria. If students
funds have been depleted, the school system allows them to choose unlimited fruits and
vegetables (excluding potatoes) for lunch. If lunch money is borrowed from the office, it
must be paid back prior to borrowing again.

Caf Meal Prices

Full Price K-5
Full Price 6-8
Reduced Price
Full Price K-5
Full Price 6-8
Reduced Price

A la Carte


A la Carte

Care of School Property

We have a beautiful campus! Everyone should take pride in the facilities at Hilburn
Academy. Our goal is to keep our school tidy and clean year round. Students and staff
are asked to do everything possible to help keep Hilburn clean and attractive. Students
will be expected to clean up after themselves in the cafeteria daily. Good table manners
start at home and are reinforced at school.
Students will be held accountable for any damage or vandalism to school property.
Students who witness vandalism should report it to a teacher or the office. As good
citizens, we are all responsible for maintaining Hilburn Academy.

Carpool Procedures
No school procedure causes more daily ire for both parents and school staff than the
carpool line but this doesnt have to be the case here at Hilburn. We maintain a wellestablished dismissal procedure that is very effective and efficient. Keep in mind that the
first two weeks of school tend to be slower in carpool as our new parents and students
get used to the procedure. Please also keep in mind that every parent in the line is just as
eager as you are to see their child and get him or her home (or to an immediate after
school activity). And while not following the rules may be acceptable to some parents,
every deviation from the expected procedure could cause confusion for school staff or for
the parents behind you in line, which could result in an accident. Even
when accidents are avoided, disorderly assertion in the carpool line is not
courteous to the other parents who endeavor to follow the rules. If a staff
member needs to speak to you about following carpool procedures, please
do not react negatively they are only doing their job to ensure the safety
of the students and fairness to the other parents. We dont like either choice, but we
would much rather have to deal with an angry parent than an injured child.
For the students safety, it is essential that students and parents adhere to the following

Parents will display carpool tag on the rearview mirror.

Parents will need to enter the carpool line and move, single file, to the pickup
Carpool students will go the multipurpose room at dismissal.
Students will wait with staff until their transportation arrives and their number is
Students will be placed in their cars by a staff member or student safety patrol
Please follow the carpool route designated by traffic cones.

Parents are requested to remain in their cars at all times. They should not park their cars
anywhere else on campus or street and come to the carpool area to retrieve their
children. This causes confusion in the process and increases opportunities for accidents.
If you drive a vehicle to school, you are considered to be participating in carpool and
must come through the carpool line. Parents may not park on the street and wait for
their child to walk to the car, nor can parents walk up to the school from their parked car
to pick up their child as a walker. By School Board policy, walkers are defined as
children who live within the designated Walk Zone for Hilburn Academy. If you are not
sure if your address falls within this zone, please see Mrs. Sturdivant (our student data
manager) in the main office. If your address does not fall within the Walk Zone, the
dismissal choices for your child are to use carpool or the school bus.
Picking up students prior to dismissal in order to avoid waiting in the carpool line is not
This process is essential for the protection of our students and it helps ensure a smooth
dismissal. If you need to pick up your child for an appointment, please see the Early
Sign-Out section of this handbook.
Carpool tags will be available during Open House in August or anytime from the main
office. Each tag may be purchased for $2.00 each. Please make sure that each person
designated to pick up your child has an original carpool tag. We can only release
students in carpool to cars that have tags. For the protection of all students, unidentified
individuals will be asked to check students out in the front office by showing proper
identification. The name must be on the locator card for the student to be released.
Morning Drop Off: Students may be released from cars at 7:45 when a staff member
or student safety patrol is stationed on duty outside and the car is within the carpool loop
in front of the school. Students must exit a vehicle on the right side for safety purposes.
Vehicles should remain in a single file line and exit the carpool loop. To expedite the
process please do not block the carpool lane. After the first few weeks of school, student
Hawk Helpers will assist with opening carpool doors for students. Carpool students
wishing to eat breakfast should be dropped off between 7:45-8:00 so they have enough
time to get to the cafeteria, wait in line to purchase breakfast, have enough time to eat it
and get to their classroom all before the tardy bell rings at 8:15 a.m.. If your child
arrives after the 8:15 tardy bell there will not be any adults on carpool duty. Therefore, a
parent/guardian will need to escort your child to the front office and sign him/her in for
the day. An adult is required to sign students in /out once the school day has begun.
Late students are not admitted to class without a tardy slip from the front office.
Afternoon Pick up: Carpool riders will be sent to the multipurpose room to wait for
their carpool number to be called. Students will be called by their assigned number
when their vehicle approaches the building. Staff members and student safety patrol
officers will supervise as students walk around to board their vehicles. Students will
board from the passenger side only. School age children should be able to safely open car
doors and buckle their seatbelts without the assistance of an adult. Parents are to remain
in their cars at all times to ensure safety and efficiency of the procedure. Please refrain
from parking and walking up to the school to pick up your child during carpool. In order

to ensure the safety of our students, allow office staff to tend to end-of-day messages ,
and to respect those parents waiting in the carpool line for dismissal to begin, carpool
students cannot be dismissed from the front office between 2:30 and 3:00pm. Entering
the bus loop for drop off or pick up is not allowed.
Students may change modes of transportation or be able to ride with friends or
neighbors only with written permission from the parent/guardian. Students will not be
allowed to use the school phone to make transportation arrangements unless it is an
emergency. This is for the safety of our students.
Children may also walk or ride bicycles to school ONLY if they are within the WCPSSdesignated Walk Zone for Hilburn and ONLY if they a completed Walker/Bicycle Rider
Release Form on file in the office. Please see the Walker & Bicycle Rider Policy section of
this handbook for more information. No skateboards are allowed.
Carpool Dos

display original carpool tags

Proceed to the parking lot and around the circle

proceed at a safe speed when driving

completely stop before your child opens the car door

Carpool Donts

block the carpool lane

pull out in front of someone else

drop off in the bus loop

talk/text while driving

Change of Address/Phone Numbers

Please report all changes in home, work and mobile phone numbers and addresses
immediately to the school. We must be able to get in contact with parents/guardians, or
authorized individuals in the event of an emergency. A child cannot be treated by a
doctor or emergency personnel without permission from a parent/guardian. The
importance of maintaining updated information cannot be overemphasized.

Character Education Traits

Hilburn strongly promotes the values and character education traits listed: Kindness,
Integrity, Perseverance, Respect, Courage, Responsibility, Good Judgment, and SelfDiscipline. Each month a trait is highlighted throughout the school.

All communication will be made available in the following ways:
Schools website
PTA/School weekly newsletters, called the Hawk Talk.
School phone messenger
Monday Folders (K-5)
Edmodo site for core classes in Grades 6-8
Individual teacher webpages
Facebook and Twitter pages
The best way to communicate often with teachers is through email. All staff email
addresses can be found on our website:

Conferences are an excellent way of keeping you informed of the overall
progress of your childs schoolwork. For elementary grades families: Your
childs teacher will contact you to schedule a conference at least twice during
the year. Conferences with middle grades teachers are scheduled at the
parents or teachers request. Any parent may request a conference at any
time if you have questions or concerns. Some grade levels have also implemented
Student-Led Conferences, which is a research-based best practice that increases each
students accountability for their own performance. Your childs teacher will have more
information about this format if it is used.

The counseling program is designed to help students with a variety of educational, social,
behavioral and academic concerns. The counselor works with individuals, small groups,
and whole classes.

Custody Issues
Here at Hilburn, we want to remain sensitive to and current with custodial issues. Please
note that we can comply with legal documentation only. If we do not have legal
documentation of changes to custodial rights, then we can not comply with
parent/guardian directives. A parent of a child cannot deny the right of the childs other
parent to sign a student out, review the students records, etc. simply by request
regardless of the circumstances. We are required to release children to any parent listed
on the birth certificate or legally designated guardian unless we have a current Court

Order, signed by a judge, on file in the office denying or limiting a parents or guardians
rights. Please notify the main office as soon as you have a court order or decree issued or
updated. If you have any related questions, please contact Mr. Ford, principal.

Early Release Days

The Board of Education has designated six Fridays this year as Early Release days for
our students. School will end early and students will be dismissed at 12:30 p.m. on these
days. The staff will participate in staff development during the afternoons of these days.
YMCA will operate on an early schedule to accommodate students in their program on
these days. Please see the 2015-16 WCPSS traditional school academic calendar for these
Please remember that per Board policy, any student picked up prior to 11:30 AM will be
considered absent on these and any other school day.

Early Sign-Out
To support the instructional day and maintain student safety, students will not be
dismissed from the school office between 2:30 and 3:00 p.m. Parents who have
scheduled appointments or have last minute schedule changes will need to arrive prior to
2:30 p.m. The parent/guardian is asked to sign the student out using our computerized
system at the front desk so we have a record of his/her leaving. You are encouraged to
schedule regular medical and dental, etc. appointments before or after school hours.
If you need to make alternate pick-up arrangements for your child, please send a note to
the teacher. If you forget to do so or your plans change during the day, please call the
office on the day of prior to 2:45 so office staff will have time to notify your child and
your childs teacher.
Students cannot be called to the office until the parent/guardian arrives. Children
should never be checked out early on a regular basis. This is a busy time in the office and
instruction is still occurring in the classroom.

Field Trips
Properly supervised and planned educational field trips are an important part of the
instructional program. Students are given a Hilburn tag to wear while on field trips.
This will help identify them as part of Hilburn Academy. A signed permission form from
a parent/guardian is required for all field trips. Transportation for field trips will be
provided by school buses or chartered buses. Private cars are not allowed
for transporting students.

Parents are encouraged to chaperone; however, for liability purposes parents cannot ride
a WCPSS bus. All chaperones are required to be cleared as a volunteer through the
states criminal background check system. Please contact your childs teacher or the
main office on how to register.

Forgotten Items
Any item a child has left at home may be brought to the office. School personnel will
make sure the item is delivered to the student. In order to protect instructional time,
visitors are not permitted to go directly to the classrooms to drop off forgotten items.

School Grading Plan Elementary Grades
In the Wake County Public School System, we are committed to maintaining rigorous
performance and achievement standards for all students and to providing a fair and consistent
process for evaluating and reporting student progress that is understandable to students and their
parents and relevant for instructional purposes.
All elementary schools in Wake County use standards based grading. Student performance is
shown with levels of 1 to 4 to indicate whether the student has met the expectations set by the
state in the Standard Course of Study and to indicate whether the student has the necessary
skills and concepts to be successful in the next quarter or next grade. Teachers use a variety of
assessments which include observations and evidence collected throughout the grading period to
determine the students level of proficiency. The descriptors for each level have been aligned to
the expectations of the new Standard Course of Study (Common Core State Standards and NC
Essential Standards) for all content areas.
Level 4 - Exemplary Student consistently demonstrates an in-depth understanding
of the standards, concepts, and skills taught during this reporting period.
Level 3 - Proficient Student consistently demonstrates an understanding of the
standard, concepts, and skills taught during this reporting period.
Level 2 - Approaching Proficiency Student is approaching an understanding of
the standards, concepts, and skills taught during this reporting period.
Level 1 - Non-Proficient Student does not yet demonstrate an understanding of the
standards, concepts, and skills taught during this reporting period.
The information below shares specific information about grading at our school:
The following are school-wide expectations for homework:

Homework is assigned regularly (weekly or nightly).

Homework assignments are posted on the teachers webpage.
Homework can serve a variety of purposes, such as reviewing skills taught in class or
introducing new content through flipped videos that will be addressed in class.

All homework is checked and feedback is provided in a variety of forms. Please see your
childs teacher for ways that feedback is provided.

The following are grade/subject specific expectations for the completion and grading of
Completion of homework is a component of the work habits grade on progress reports
and report cards.
The schools Homework Plan can be found on the school website and in the Student-Parent
Classwork & Assessments
The following are school-wide expectations for classwork:
Time is provided for every child to complete all classwork.
Classwork is an opportunity for practice and application of skills.
Feedback is provided for classwork as assignments are reviewed and corrected.
The following are school-wide expectations for assessments and projects:
Assessments are graded with common grade-level expectations.
Observations can be a means of assessment.
Students are provided more than one opportunity to demonstrate proficiency for each
essential standard.
A students grades are communicated to parents through progress reports, report cards,
and work sent home in a weekly folder.
The following are grade/subject specific expectations for the completion and grading of classwork
and assessments:
Completion of classwork is a component of the work habits grade on progress reports
and report cards.
Missed Work
The following are school-wide expectations for missed work:
If the absence is approved in advance and/or if the work is assigned by the teacher in
advance, all make-up work, including tests assigned for the day of return, is due upon the
student's return to school. Teachers should use discretion and may make exceptions in
the case of students whose excused absences were not planned in advance, were
beyond the student' control, and the nature of which would not support make-up work the
day of return
Graded assignments and assessments will be made-up when the student returns and
has been taught the material missed due to the excused absence.
Classwork will be made up based on teacher discretion.
The following are grade/subject specific expectations for the completion and grading of missed
If the make-up work has not been assigned in advance, for absences of one (1) to three
(3) days, the student will have one day for each day absent. For absences exceeding
three (3) days, the student may have two (2) days for each day absent to make up
work. Special consideration will be given in the case of extended absences due to injury
or chronic illness.

Prevention-Intervention Plan
For students at risk of academic failure, our school seeks to provide a prevention/intervention
system that promotes successful completion and mastery of work. Details of our plan are below.
The following are school-wide expectations for how we support prevention-intervention efforts:
Students are provided with ongoing opportunities to demonstrate mastery.
Students are given differentiated assignments based on the students learning profile.
Students not meeting benchmarks are provided with intervention by a staff member,
including the classroom teacher.
Tier 2 and Tier 3 plans are created and interventions are provided for students who are
not mastering the content through Tier 1 instruction.
A variety of data points will be used to determine if a student will receive intervention
FOCUS time is used for intervention.
Extra Credit
Extra credit is not applicable to a standards based grading model.

School Grading Plan Middle Grades

In the Wake County Public School System, we are committed to maintaining rigorous
performance and achievement standards for all students and to providing a fair and consistent
process for evaluating and reporting student progress that is understandable to students and their
parents and relevant for instructional purposes.
New in 2015-2016, WCPSS will also apply a 10-point scale for all students in grades 6-12.
Under the new scale, grades and grade point average calculations (applicable to high school
only) will be applied as follows:
A: 90-100 = 4.0
B: 80-89 = 3.0
C: 70-79 = 2.0
D: 60-69 = 1.0
F: < 59 = 0.0
I = Incomplete
These grades will be reported on the transcript as numeric grades, rather than letter grades as
have been reported in prior years.
While a student should receive a grade whenever possible, the teacher may issue an
Incomplete (I), with principal approval, when students are unable to complete assignments that
are major components of the grade. Students must adhere to the teachers plan for completing
those assignments or the grade will revert to the original grade. Incompletes will not be used for
4th quarter grades.
The following are school-wide expectations for homework:
Homework can serve a variety of purposes, such as reviewing skills taught in class or
introducing new content through flipped videos that will be addressed in class.
Homework should be completed by the due date.
Homework should count for no more than 15% of grade.

Homework is generally graded on completion, though some long-term assignments may

be graded on accuracy.
Per WCPSS policy, homework for middle grades students should not exceed 90 minutes
per night. If this occurs, please contact the teacher(s).

Classwork & Assessments

The following are school-wide expectations for classwork and assessments:
Grades are only to be given based on content taught in class.
Classwork is formative and may or may not be graded. When classwork is graded,
students are given due dates and clear expectations.
Rubrics should be provided for writing assignments and projects at the time the
assignment is announced.
Major assessments are allowed a source of grade recovery based on the teachers
discretion. This could be a retest, test corrections, or alternative assignment.
Late assignments will be accepted up to 2 weeks after the due date and up to 25% will be
taken off for that assignment.
Within 2 weeks, assignments should be graded, entered into Powerschool, and returned
to the student.
Two or more assignments should be given within each grading category on Powerschool
to ensure that student learning is accurately reflected.
All grades will be entered into Powerschool. At the end of the quarter, if a student has a
final grade below 60, the teacher will override the grade to be a 60. By doing this, a
student has a chance to recover their semester grade for that course to a passing score.
Missed Work
The following are school-wide expectations for missed work:
For all absences, the student shall make up all work in a timely manner at the
convenience of the teacher. The make-up work may be specific material missed by the
student, reinforcement, or enrichment.
The student is responsible for securing make-up work at the secondary level.
If the absence is approved in advance and/or if the work is assigned by the teacher in
advance, all make-up work, including tests assigned for the day of return, is due upon the
student's return to school. Teachers should use discretion and may make exceptions in
the case of students whose excused absences were not planned in advance, were
beyond the student' control, and the nature of which would not support make-up work the
day of return
If the make-up work has not been assigned in advance, for absences of one (1) to three
(3) days, the student will have one day for each day absent. For absences exceeding
three (3) days, the student may have two (2) days for each day absent to make up
work. Special consideration will be given in the case of extended absences due to injury
or chronic illness.
Prevention-Intervention Plan
For students at risk of academic failure, our school seeks to provide a prevention/intervention
system that promotes successful completion and mastery of work. Details of our plan are below.
The following are school-wide expectations for how we support prevention-intervention efforts:
Interims and Powerschool are used for parent communication on student progress.
Personalized Education Plans are created for students who are failing a course and need
Students who are enrolled in the intervention class and students that show a need based
on a combination of data points will be progress monitored.

Students will be placed in the Intervention elective based on specific criteria.This course
is graded on a pass/fail grading scale.

Extra Credit
Extra credit is offered at the teachers discretion and will be connected to learning outcomes.

Homework Plan
As a form of practicing skills, homework is an integral part of the learning experience. It
should be given the same attention as class work. The teacher will introduce a concept or
skill and provide guided practice before making a homework assignment. Homework is
provided to:
1. Reinforce, maintain, enrich, and extend skills and concepts taught in class
2. Inspire self-directed learning and academic achievement
3. Establish good study habits
4. Develop responsibility in each student
Parents should provide their child the time and location for uninterrupted study. It is
recommended that the location be free of distractions such as T.V., music, etc.
Parents may request homework and other assignments for their
child who has been absent at least 2 consecutive days. Requests
should be made before noon in order to provide ample time for
the teacher to prepare the homework packet. These items will be
available after 3:00 PM on the day the request is made.
Because WCPSS elementary schools use standards-based grading, student performance
on assignments and projects can only be based on work completed independently at
school. Homework assignments and projects completed at home are therefore
considered as excellent practice only and will be given a grade of P for Practice in
grades K-5. In grades 6-8, homework will consist of 15% or less of a students overall
grade in any course. Please see the Grading Plans (above) for details.

Inclement Weather
In case of snow and other dangerous weather or emergency situations, a decision may be
made to close or delay school. These decisions are made by WCPSS after the National
Weather Service and local weather bureaus have been consulted. As soon as a decision is
made, local radio and television stations are notified and a notice is posted on the
systems web page at If school is in session, please do not call
the school because telephone lines must be kept open so that we can receive updated
information. Refer to the WCPSS calendar for make up day information. In the event
school closes early due to inclement weather, the same procedures are followed.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items will be placed in the entrance of the custodial room and in the Lost
and Found closet in the STEM Building.

Mascot and School Colors

Our school mascot is the Hawk and our school colors are purple and gold.

Medical Matters
When students become sick or injured during the school day, if necessary, the teacher
will send the student to the health room. If office personnel deem the problem to be
minor, then first aid will be administered and the child will return back to class. If the
problem is more serious, the childs temperature will be taken. If their temperature is
100 degrees or greater, and/or vomiting or a serious injury, a parent/guardian will be
called to pick him/her up. Children must stay home until they have been fever-free for at
least 24 hours without medication. Please also keep your child home if they have vomited
within a 12-hour period.
In addition, children should be kept home when they have any of the following

Severe headache

diarrhea within the last 12 hours

Red, watery eyes with yellow discharge and

Unexplained rash

In order to do this, we need to keep accurate directory information at all times. Please
keep your childs teacher and the school office informed of any changes that occur in
addresses, phone numbers and emergency contact persons. If you are called to pick up a
sick or injured child at school, please come quickly.
Ring worm, head lice and pink eye are very contagious. If you discover that your child
has developed either condition, please seek immediate medical attention before sending
your child to school. A letter with information about treatment will be sent home if head
lice or chicken pox is found in your childs classroom.
Please notify the school when your child has a contagious illness such as chicken pox or
lice. For the safety of all students, and the comfort of the sick child, we require that
students return to school only after the child is well again. Office staff may request a
written note from the childs pediatrician granting permission for the childs readmission
to school.
If your child has a special health condition that the school needs to be aware of and
prepared to handle, it is the parents responsibility to provide written documentation of
this need. We will send home forms for you to complete at the beginning of the school
year to gather this information. The school nurse will work with staff to ensure that your
childs medical needs are met.

School personnel are prohibited from giving children any medication without Form 1702
signed by the childs doctor. This form is available in the school office and most
pediatricians offices. The medicine and completed form must be taken to the office by
an adult for medication to be administered by the office staff.
All prescription
medication must be in a pill container with proper labeling form the pharmacy.

Please park in designated parking spaces only when visiting the school. Exits, entrances,
and fire lanes should remain open for emergency vehicles at all times. Double parking is

Positive Behavior Intervention Support Program

Hilburns greatest priority is to ensure a safe and orderly school environment for all
students, where teaching and learning occur at the highest levels. Schools which are
most effective have structure, order and high expectations for student behavior and
academic performance. Hilburn is one of WCPSSs Positive Behavior Support (PBIS)
schools, which involves a proactive and positive-reinforcement approach to student
behavior. The following principles are stressed in PBIS:

Consistent expectations for all students

Reinforcement of positive behavior

Appropriate correction of negative behavior with a replacement strategy

For more information about this program, please visit the PBS page on the WCPSS

School Insurance
School accident and dental insurance information will be sent home during the first
several days of school. If you wish to purchase dental insurance, please mail the
application directly to the company. Accident insurance envelopes should be returned to
your childs teacher as soon as possible.

School Pictures
Lifetouch Studios will take individual school pictures in the fall and full body pictures
and classroom pictures in the spring.

School-Wide Drills
Every precaution is taken to insure the safety of your child during school hours. Monthly
fire drills and periodic severe weather and emergency lockdown drills are performed to
make certain students learn proper safety procedures and adhere to all safety guidelines.

Special Education Services

A referral to the special education program may be initiated by a parent or a staff
member. Once a referral is received, the IEP team including the parent/guardian will
meet to discuss the process.

Student Dress Code

From Board Policy 6410: Students are expected to adhere to standards of dress and
appearance that are compatible with an effective learning environment. Presenting a
bodily appearance or wearing clothing which is disruptive, provocative, revealing,
profane, vulgar, offensive or obscene, or which endangers the health or safety of the
student or others is prohibited. Examples of prohibited dress or appearance include, but
are not limited to exposed undergarments; sagging pants; excessively short or tight
garments; bare midriff shirts; strapless shirts; attire with messages or illustrations that
are lewd, indecent or vulgar or that advertise any product or service not permitted by law
to minors; head covering of any kind; see-through clothing; attire that exposes cleavage;
any adornment such as chains or spikes that reasonably could be perceived as or used as
a weapon; and any attire that is prohibited by Policy 6410 Level III:2, Gang and GangRelated Activities. Individual schools are free to specify additional examples of dress or
appearance that are prohibited at that school under the terms of this policy.
If a student's dress or appearance is such that it constitutes a threat to the health or
safety of others, distracts the attention of other students or staff from their work, or
otherwise violates this dress code, the principal or principal's designee may require the
student to change his or her dress or appearance.

Telephone Messages
Parents/guardians are asked to make after- school arrangements with their children
before they leave home. Changes in transportation should be in writing and
submitted to your childs teacher. Messages for students will be delivered at the
end of the instructional day in order to protect teachers instructional time. Messages for
teachers will be placed in their mailboxes. Calls will be returned within 48 hours.

Textbooks and library books are furnished to your child by the school system on a loan
basis and should be treated as borrowed property. Students must pay for the loss or
abuse of textbooks and library books.

Visitors & Volunteers

Parents are always welcome at our school, and there are many opportunities for
volunteering! Please note that district policy requires that all school visitors report to the
office and sign in when entering the building and wear a Visitors badge. The staff of
Hilburn Academy is committed to ensuring and protecting the instructional workday;
therefore, spontaneous classroom visits are not permitted because they disrupt the
instructional program. Please do not appear at your childs classroom to talk with the
teacher, expect a conference, or to observe your child without making an appointment
with the teacher. These interruptions interfere with teaching and learning. Our staff
would love to meet with you, but we ask that you respect the integrity of the teaching and
learning day by scheduling appointments. Please send a note, email or call your childs
teacher to schedule an appointment. We appreciate your willingness to adhere to these
policies and procedures.
WCPSS has organized volunteer services in the schools to improve student safety.
Parents or guardians wishing to volunteer for any activity at Hilburn must be approved
through the Volunteer Application process. This program can be accessed at any WCPSS
school and requires specific identification so the school system may complete a criminal
background check on each applicant. Because these checks need to be as current as
possible, Wake County requires that every person apply for volunteer status every year
even if you were approved last year. It usually takes about 2 weeks for clearance to be
denied or approved.
Once you are approved to volunteer and you come to Hilburn to do so, upon signing in at
the front desk a personal volunteer badge will be printed for you. Please wear this badge
at all times while you are on campus or at a school-sponsored field trip so that staff,
parents and others will know you are an approved chaperone/volunteer.

Walker/Bicyclist Dismissal
Procedures: Walkers and bicycle riders are dismissed from classrooms after the dismissal bell
rings at 3:00PM. Please note it usually takes 4-5 minutes for students to make their way to the exit
doors by the cafeteria. Bicycle riders may immediately exit, get their bicycles from the bike rack,
and proceed down the sidewalk to Hilburn Drive. Walkers assemble just inside the doors near the
multipurpose room and are led as a group by a staff member and student safety patrol officers. The
staff member stops traffic at the intersection of Hilburn Drive and the school driveway, allowing
students to cross the street if needed. Once the group of students has crossed, the staff member and

safety patrol return to the building with any students who has parents who usually meet them but
are not present that day. These students will then be walked to the main office to call home.
Helpful Tips
Consider traveling your childs route to/from school with your child for practice and advice.
Review traffic and pedestrian rules with your child, and ensure their awareness of stranger
Students are to use the sidewalks at both entrances for walking and bicycle riding and should be
mindful of the many buses and cars moving nearby.
If cycling to school, please consider purchasing a chain lock for your childs bike during the school
If you do not want your child to be dismissed as a walker/bike rider on a particular day, please call
the school by 3:00pm so your child and his or her teacher may be notified in time.
Parents may always greet their child(ren) at the doors and walk or cycle home together! Please do
not walk your family pet on campus given the health risks they pose to some of our students and
staff. Thank you.

Addendum: Acceptable Use Agreement for Middle Grades Program Laptop Computers
may be found after this page.

Acceptable Use Agreement

for Middle Grades Program Laptop Computers

-Laptops are to be used at school only and not taken home.
-Laptops should be secured safely in laptop cart before student dismisses for the
Always secure laptops with 2 hands when traveling in class. When traveling
between classes, the laptop must be secured in a padded laptop bag.
Do not change settings on the laptop unless given permission or instructed to do
Never touch screen with pencils or other objects, and never type with pen or
pencil in hand.
Always place the laptop in the appropriately numbered spot. The laptop
number should match the slot number.
Proceed with caution when plugging in and unplugging laptops as to not bend
the adapter plug pin.
NO food or drinks at tables when laptops are out.
Only use YOUR assigned laptop.
If borrowing a laptop for another class, with teachers permission, be sure to
use the sign-out sheet providing name, laptop number, and date (teacher will
provide check-out sheet).
Always properly shut down your laptop, and do not return to cart until
completely shutdown.
Never download or install any applications including IM, chats, or gaming
programs without permission.

Students should always be ON-TASK when using the laptops no

inappropriate websites.
No visiting websites of unrelated subject content.
Immediately report any laptop damage to your teacher. Its important that
you do this so the next student reporting damage will not reflect misuse by you.
ALWAYS save files in home directory if at school and on local hard drive if
at home. Use flash drive as a backup only.
Streaming of music from any site (such as pandora, spotify, youtube) is not
permitted due to our limited bandwidth.
Any misuse or vandalism to laptops will be handled by the Administration.

Failure to abide by these expectations may result in restricted use of

computers and/or restitution for damaged or destroyed technology. Any
repair or replacement charges must be paid by the students parents or
guardians in order for laptop use to resume.
I have read the Hilburn Academy Laptop Computer Use Guidelines and I
agree to follow the rules contained in these guidelines. I understand that if I
violate the rules, I may face disciplinary action in accordance with Hilburn
Academy, Wake County Public School System policies and state law.
Student Name (Printed) _________________________________
Student Signature ______________________________________
Parent Signature _______________________________________