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New Directions in Rhetoric and Materiality
Barbara A. Biesecker, Wendy S. Hesford, and Christa Teston, Series Editors
Current thinking about rhetoric signals a new attentiveness to and critical appraisal of material-discursive
phenomena. New Directions in Rhetoric and Materiality provides a forum for established and emerging
scholars to explore how rhetorical theories attuned to the everyday, material, lived conditions of human,
nonhuman, and extra-human life are brought to bear upon a wide range of investigative foci, including bodies,
biologies, economics, environments, borders, and social events of consequence. Of particular interest to
the series’ editors are monographs that push or push against the theoretical, analytical, and methodological
orthodoxy on agency in various environs as well as those that pair rhetorical theory with an analysis of
material conditions and the social-symbolic labor circulating therein.

Book proposals should include the following:
• a general description, or overview of the proposed book
• a table of contents, including a brief precis for each chapter
• a sample chapter, if available (ideally, the introduction and a sample
• a word count of the project, including bibliography, notes, etc.
• an analysis of the expected audience, or market, for the book
• a round-up of competing books (if any exist), and a brief explanation
of the uniqueness of the proposed book
• a curriculum vitae

“The series will push the way we think about a range of
materialities, an important and previously under-theorized
dimension of rhetorical study given the focus on linguistic,
symbolic, and discursive turns. Materialities can focus our
attention on the interactivity of symbolic systems with a range
of material conditions, from the economic to the affective.
We need that complexity, and this series will help provide
it.”—Jonathan Alexander, Editor of College Composition and
“The series is timely and much-needed.”—Stuart J. Murray,
Canada Research Chair in Rhetoric and Ethics at Carleton
“This is an exciting and well-timed book series that rides an
emerging wave of interest in this topic while nonetheless
filling a gap in current approaches.” —Diane Davis, Professor
of Rhetoric and Writing at University of Texas, Austin

Book proposals can be submitted to the series editors,
Barbara A. Biesecker (,
Wendy S. Hesford (, or
Christa Teston (,
or to the OSU Press acquisitions editor,
Tara Cyphers (

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