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Andy LeClair's Resume

Andy LeClair's Resume

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Published by: Andy_LeClair_6000 on Mar 01, 2010
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Andy LeClair


1582 Tremont St. #3 Boston, MA 02120 207.299.3471

Northeastern University, Boston, MA Sept., 2006-Present College of Computer and Information Science Candidate for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science June, 2011 Related Courses: Compilers, Algorithms & Data Structures, Programming Languages, Web Development, Computer Graphics, Linear Algebra, Systems and Networks, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Organization and Architecture GPA: 3.57/4.0 Honors: Honors Student, Dean’s List

Computer Knowledge
Languages: Frameworks Software: Special Projects: to allow Javascript, AS3, Java, PHP, HTML5, Ruby, C++, ML, Scheme jQuery, Blueprint, Rails, Sammy, Sinatra, Flixel Git, Vim, Perforce, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Emacs, Scrumworks Implemented a Scheme wrapper to Linux and OSX MIDI systems MIDI support in PLT Scheme

Work Experience
Intuit, San Diego, CA Jun. 2009 – Dec. 2009 Software Engineer • Led development of a client-side Javascript application to walk first-time entrepreneurs through starting a small business • Developed Flex 4 library to render XML-defined forms into dynamic Flex UIs • Created MXML to XML converter application to aid TurboTax designers in creating content forms and binding that content to the Tax Compliance Service • Fixed bugs in TurboTax Interview Service CoreStreet, Cambridge, MA Jan., 2008 – June 2008 Software Developer • Developed core functionality of the CoreStreet PIVMAN Client for Windows, including Windows service code for the Synchronizer element, C smart card library wrapper code, front-end application code, and installer custom actions • Developed an exit module in Win32 C++ for the Microsoft Certificate Authority to push XML data into the CoreStreet Validation Authority • Developed wrapper code to use the CoreStreet PKI Toolkit as a full Java Security Provider • Provide Ant build scripts for code written

Fix any assigned bugs and provide bug status reports on Bugzilla DJing, Playing Guitar, Playing Violin, Electronic Production Collecting vinyl, beta testing software, gourmet cooking

Music: Other:

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