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Contact Information
Ms. Lagasca, Office 443
This class covers beginning vocal technique within the Italian art song/German lieder repertoire. Students will learn the
foundations of singing, Italian/German diction, emoting in singing, and some aspects of music theory through score study.

1. Eating, drinking, and gum chewing is not allowed in this class.
2. You must be on time for this class each morning. Being on time means sitting in your assigned
seat a few minutes before the bell rings. If you are late, you must sign the late book located in in
the front of the classroom. If you have a note from your previous teacher explaining your
tardiness, please leave that note in the late book. Students who are excessively late (with or
without a note from a previous teacher) will have points deducted from their class
participation grade.
3. When you are absent, you are unable to participate in class. Excessive absences will result in
point deductions from your class participation grade. If you are absent for an extended period of
time due to illness, please provide a note from a parent or legal guardian. Excessive absences due
to vacationing/traveling will not be excused.
4. You must have all your class materials with you every day. You will need the following items:
1. A black binder
2. Loose-leaf paper
3. Music scores and handouts distributed in class
4. A pencil
5. Assignments given in class will appear on the calendar on our class website. Any assignments
handed in after the deadline will receive a 50% deduction. (Example: An assignment worth 100
points is due at 11:59PM on September 9th, 2015. You submit your assignment at 12:00AM on
September 10th, 2015. The highest grade you can expect to receive on this late assignment is 50
points. Deductions for wrong answers will be taken from that point.)
6. All notes taken in this class should be kept in your binder. Binder checks will happen periodically
throughout the semester. These binder checks will count as a classwork grade.

You have the opportunity to earn a total of 100 points for every performance you give in class.
Each performance will be graded as follows:
1. Tone Quality (20 points)
a. Vowel purity
b. Resonance
c. Focus
2. Pitch Factors (20 points)
a. Correct pitches
3. Rhythm Factors (20 points)
a. Correct rhythms
b. Rhythmic energy
c. Tempo steadiness
d. Tempo changes
4. Vocal Technique (20 points)
a. Diction
b. Attacks
c. Releases
5. Interpretation (20 points)
a. Phrasing
b. Dynamics
c. Expressiveness
* If you are sick on performance testing days, you must have a note from your parent/guardian. This
must be handed to me at the beginning of class. Failure to follow this procedure will result in a failed
performance grade.