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Neuroscience Poster Design

by Claudiu Barsila, Laura Spinu
A neuroscience poster is not a page from a scientific journal! It must be interesting, it has to borrow something from the media prints.
A poster is made to present your work in a crowed room , with people with a cofee in one hand, talking already to a collegue. I'll not discuss here about the text editing, or how to be concise when saying something in a scientific poster. In a discussion with a neuroscientist a few days ago (and also a year ago), this topic was debated. He said to me that a poster must be simple, with a few colors, titles highlighted by blue ( or other color) border. Images & text must be separated and this two components must have separate areas in the poster. Doesn't look to you as an old, dusty highschool uniforme? I'll name this "the old and dusty school poster". A good looking poster The two posters have the same text content and similar graphics. in the original format the two posters have the same dimensions.  A good poster talks about your work and about you.  A good layout means respect for the public. www.thalamus.ro neuroscience_bucharest_new@yahoo.com
C to Claudiu Barsila & Laura Spinu

An old looking poster

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