page 6 Neuroscience Poster Design by Claudiu Barsila, Laura Spinu

Our poster conception ideas: The introduction, methods, results, conclusions, discussions, citations, acknowledgments, must be put in an easy to follow order. The main idea must be illustrated as a central point. The background must have ellements to enhance the main idea of the research work. The separation of the areas must be done by graphical ellements and gradients that sustain the idea of the research. Borders have nothing to do with the idea of the poster, because all the areas in a poster are talking about the same research, so why borders? Images that sustain the research work or results must be highlighted not by using heavy contrast with the background, but by using the whole design of the poster, so all the ellements must be put in order to highlight this images. Monochromatic or bichromatic posters look cold, threechromatic are annoying. Gradients are beautiful!

You are telling about your work and about you! Make it alive!

www.thalamus.ro neuroscience_bucharest_new@yahoo.com

C to Claudiu Barsila & Laura Spinu

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