In our efforts to sustain potable water supplies during this year’s dry season, WASA has introduced with

immediate effect the following water distribution schedules for areas throughout Trinidad served by our major surface water facilities, namely the Caroni, Navet and Hollis systems. Customers are advised that these schedules are subject to change but

that any significant alteration will be communicated. The Authority wishes to thank customers and the general public for their co-operation and support of the National Water Conservation Programme and compliance with the water use restrictions currently in effect, as we continue to monitor and manage the country’s available water reserves.


AREA/STREET O’Meara Road, Churchill Roosevelt Highway to 2nd Service Station including Industrial Estate Maloney Malabar Phase 1,3 & 4 Carapo La Horquetta Brazil Cumuto Cumuto – Upper Cumuto – Central Talparo / Mundo Nuevo Arima Town Alenore Gardens Phase 1&2 Calvary Branch Road Blanchisseuse Road Dump Road Pinto Road and Maturita Wallerfield Block 2/3 Tractor Pool Road Santa Rosa Heights Tumpuna Road – Malabar Road Lynton Gardens

SOURCE North Oropouche

DAY Tue, Sat

TIME 6am - 6am

North Oropouche WTP

Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat Tue, Sat

24hrs 6am - 6am

• Arima • Arouca

Guanapo WTP

Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri Sun, Wed Mon, Fri Mon, Fri Daily Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun Tue, Sat Mon, Fri Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri

24hrs 6pm - 6am 6pm - 6am 10am - 5am 6am - 6pm 6am - 4pm 9pm - 5am 9pm - 5am 6am - 6pm 24hrs 6am - 6am

North Oropouche WTP Aripo

Sun, Tue, Thu, Sat

Hollis via Subero Street Booster

Sun, Fri Mon, Thu Tue, Sat

4pm - 4am 6am - 6am 6am - 6am

Ted & Martinez Capildeo L & S – Recreation Street, Ian Street and Johnny Street Bregon Park, D’Abadie Arouca Highlift Railway Road and O’Meara Road from PBR to Christina Gardens and Malabar Phase II Hollis WTP Galaxy Gardens, Boys Lane

Tue, Sat

6pm - 5am

Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat

6am - 6am

Repair leaks where possible.
Arouca Arima Old Road, Arouca Upper Section Lilian Heights, Foot Hills D’Abadie La Florissante Ph I & II La Florissante Ph III & Upper Arima Old Rd Golden Grove Road Bon Air West – Arouca (Low level) Bon Air West (Upper Level) Hollis via Arouca HL Mon, Thu 12pm - 5am

Report all others to WASA at 800-4420/26 800-LEAK (5235) 662-WASA

North Oropouche Hollis

Mon – Fri Sun, Wed, Fri Sun, Wed

6am - 6pm 24hrs 9pm-5am


DISTRICT Champs Fleurs, St Joseph, Maracas, St Joseph, and Curepe

AREA/STREET Valsayn (North) St. Joseph EMR Lower Champs Fleurs Lower Quarry Road Lower Hilltop Upper Champs Fleurs Upper Quarry Road Upper Hilltop North of Valley View Junction – Lluengo Rd El Chorro Guarrata Acono Road – Upper (highpoints) Caurita Road La Seiva Village Maracas Royal Road Avondale Gardens La Mango Upper & Lower Valley View Silk Cotton Buena Vista Caiman Circle Rose Drive La Baja Maracas Gardens Balata Trace

SOURCE Valsayn Well 16 Valsayn A Station

DAY Daily Daily Daily

TIME 24hrs 24hrs 6am - 6pm 9pm - 5am


Valsayn A Station via Mendez

Sun, Wed, Fri

Lluengo/Naranjo – Waterworks Lluengo/Naranjo – Waterworks

Tue, Thu, Sat Tue, Thu, Sat

9pm - 5am 9pm - 5am

• Champs Fleurs, St Joseph, Maracas, St Joseph and Curepe • El Socorro • Five Rivers

Acono WTP Acono WTP / L & N

Tue, Sat Sun, Wed

9pm - 5am 6am - 6pm

Acono WTP / L & N via Valley View Tank

Sun, Wed

6am - 6pm

Acono WTP and L & N WTP

Mon, Fri

9pm - 5am

Wharf Trace, Mountain View Curepe

Valsayn A Station and Caroni WTP Caroni WTP North Oropouche WTP


6am - 6pm

El Socorro Five Rivers

El Socorro Road - North Smith Development Five Rivers Arouca Upper Hillview Drive Manimore Bertie Road Kandahar Road Maniram Road Davis Road Upper Five Rivers Laurel Hill William Trace Lower Five Rivers / Range Road Eastern Main Road Five Rivers Crown Street to Dickson Street

Daily Mon, Fri

6am - 8pm 6am - 6pm

Follow all water conservation and water shortage rules and restrictions. Use water wisely. Don’t waste It. Help your neighbour to conserve.

North Oropouche WTP via Kandahar Booster

Mon, Fri

9pm - 5am

North Oropouche WTP

Mon, Fri

6am - 6pm


DISTRICT Laventille

AREA/STREET Red Hill Critchlow Hill Upper Bowen Tr. Lower Matura Well to Rio Grande Orosco and Mendoza Roads


DAY Sun,Tue, Fri

TIME 6pm - 4am 6am - 2pm


Matura Well

Sun - Thu Thu - Sun Thu - Tue Tue - Thu Mon - Sun Tue - Mon Mon, Thu Mon - Sun Mon - Sun Mon - Sun Thu, Sun Sun,Tues, Fri Mon - Sun Wed, Sat Wed, Sat Wed, Fri- Sat Sun NoonThu Noon Thu NoonTues Noon Tues Noon Thu Noon 6am - 8pm 9am - 5pm 6am - 2pm 9am - 9pm 9am - 9pm 9am - 9pm 6pm - 5am 10pm - 4am 6am - 8pm 9pm - 5am 9pm - 5am 6pm - 4am 6pm - 2pm 6am -6pm 11pm - 5am 6am - 6pm 6am - 6pm 6am - 9pm 9am - 5pm 6am - 5pm 6am - 6pm 6am - 6pm 6am - 2pm 6am - 6pm 9pm- 5am 9pm - 6am 9pm - 6am 24hrs 9pm - 5am 6am - 6pm 9am - 5pm 9pm - 5am 6am - 4pm 6am - 6pm


Ice Cream corner to Church Rio Grande Intake Church to Rio Grande Morvant Caroni WTP Alexis Street, Morvant Morvant Mapp Lands Cipriani Street Caimite Morvant Avenue Green Acres, Morvant Boxhill Trace, Morvant Caroni/El Socorro HL Coconut Drive Mon Repos Upper Romaine Lands St. Francois Valley Rd. (Upper)

• Laventille • Matura • Morvant • Mt Hope • Port of Spain


Mt. Hope

Mt Lambert Upper Mt. D’or Mt. D’or (Lwr) Petit Bourg Westmoorings St. Ann’s (Lower) Belmont West (Low Levels) Knaggs Hill Port of Spain Hutton Road, St. Ann’s Point Plaisance Park Terracita/Lady Chancellor Hololo Mountain Road (Lower) Cascade Rd Middle Ariapita Cascadia - Plaisance St. Ann’s Hololo Mountain Road (Upper) Cascade Hillside/Cascade Foncette Road, upper (Hololo) Mon Repos Cascade (LWR) Boissiere #1 Maraval

Caroni WTP

Daily Tue, Fri Daily Daily Daily Tue, Thu, Fri Daily

Port of Spain

Caroni WTP

Daily Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Daily Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Sun-Sun Wed - Sun Wed, Sat Wed - Sun Mon, Fri Daily Sun, Tue, Fri Mon, Thu Wed, Fri Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat

Take shorter showers. Less than 5 minutes is adequate. Don’t let water run while shaving or brushing your teeth.


DISTRICT Port of Spain

AREA/STREET Cascade Road (Upper) Beyond Foncette Road Sogren Tr. Fatima Tr. Ovid Alley Sandy Tr. Beecham Coco Bowen Tr. Upper Stephensville Upper Laylan Hill, Belmont Upr (St. Barb’s Tank) China Town


DAY Daily Sun, Wed Tue, Fri Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu

TIME 24 hrs 6am - 2pm 4pm - 4am 8 hrs 9am - 6am

Caroni WTP


• Port of Spain • Port of Spain/ Belmont • Port of Spain/ St James • St Augustine • St Barb’s

Port of Spain/


Caroni/El Socorro HL

Wed, Fri - Sat

6pm - 4am 6pm - 2pm 6pm - 2pm

Port of Spain

(St. James)

St. James, Cocorite (Upper) Fort George (Upr) Perseverance, Ravine Tr Fort George (lwr) Bournes Road (Upper) St. James Flagstaff Brunton Road Ravine Road & Environs Dundonald Hill Upper, St. James Dundonald Hill Lower, St.James Gonzales Belmont Upper Durant Street Mc Kai Road, Belmont St. Francois Valley Road Marie Road Cascade

Caroni WTP Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Sun - Sat Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Daily Mon, Fri Mon, Thu Mon, Thu Sun, Tue, Fri Sun, Tue, Fri Sun, Tue, Fri Sun, Tue, Fri Sun, Tue, Fri Tue, Fri Sat Daily Daily Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun Tue, Sat Caroni WTP Mon, Thu 6am - 6pm 6am- 6pm 9am - 9pm 6am - 6pm 6am - 6pm 6am - 6pm 24hrs

9am - 6am 6am - 2pm 6am - 6pm 6am - 6pm 6am - 6pm 6am - 6pm 6am - 6pm 9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm 6am - 6pm 6am - 6pm 9pm – 5am 9pm – 5am 6pm - 4am

St. Augustine St. Augustine (Low Level) Monte Grande Henry Road Dookie Street St Augustine (High Levels) Ragbir Street Forest Gate St. Barb’s St. Barb’s (Pic#1) Lower St. Barb’s St. Barbs (Pic#1) Upper St. Barb’s Village Council Street Blondell Alley Hilltop St. Francois Valley Road Rock City Mango Alley (Morvant Res.) Picton Rd., Upper (Pic#1)

Valsayn HL Valsayn HL (Wells)

Use water wisely, don’t waste it, help your neighbours to conserve

Mon, Thu Mon, Thu Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri Mon - Wed Thur Sat-Mon

6pm - 4am 6pm - 4am 6am - 2pm 6am - 2pm 6am - 2pm 6am - 2pm 4pm - 4am 6am - 2pm 4pm - 4am





DAY Daily Daily Mon, Wed, Fri - Sat


Despers Dr. Caroni WTP Picton (Pic # 1) Picton Road Dan Kelly Pump Tr. Eastern Quarry, Upper Point Plaisance Park Prizgar Lands, Upper Troumacaque, Lower

24 hrs 24 hrs 6am - 2pm


Troumacaque, Upper Pashley St. Upper Dawn St. Thomasine Street Low. Thomasine Pashley Street, (Middle) Morgan Lane Pashley Street, Lower Wharton Street Barataria San Juan Sangre Grande (Town) Vega De Oropouche Lower Toco Road Manzanilla #2 Manzanilla #3 North Manzanilla & Plum Road Fishing Pond Coalmine Gasparillo Vlg- S/Cruz Pipiol Cantaro Village Cantaro Village Santa Cruz Old Road Quarry Road (Lwr) Quarry Road (Upr) Petite Curacaye - Straight Petite Curacaye Bamboo/Felix Garcia Sam Boucaud -S/Cruz Upper Hololo Mountain Road Lower Hololo Mountain Road (Upper) Laventille Road Febeau Village Bagatelle Extension Paradise East Paradise West Paradise West (High Level) Vista Heights Orange Grove

Sun - Tues Wed - Thu Fri - Sat Wed - Fri Sat - Sun Wed - Fri Sat - Sun Wed - Fri, Sat - Sun Sun - Sat Wed - Tue Mon, Thu, Sat Sun - Sun Wed - Tue

9pm - 5am

• St Barb’s • San Juan/ Barataria • Sangre Grande • Santa Cruz • Tacarigua

6am - 2pm 6pm - 2pm 6am - 2pm 6pm - 2pm 6am - 2pm 9pm - 5am 6am - 4pm 9pm -5am 9pm - 5am 6am - 4pm 6am - 8pm 6am - 8pm 24 hrs 6am - 6pm 7am - 7am

San Juan/ Barataria Sangre Grande

Caroni WTP

Sun-Sat Sun - Sat Daily Mon, Fri Mon, Fri

North Oropouche WTP

Tues, Sat Mon, Fri Daily Caroni WTP Mon Fri Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Tue Sun - Sat Sun, Tue, Fri Sun Tue, Fri Mon - Mon Daily Tue Tacarigua HL Daily

7am - 7am 5pm - 5am 24hrs 2pm - 8pm 11pm - 6am 6am - 6pm 11pm - 6am 9am - 6pm 9pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 11pm -5am 9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm 6pm - 6am 24 hrs

Santa Cruz

Don’t leave the tap running while washing dishes. Fill your kitchen instead.


Caura Waterworks

Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun Daily

9pm - 5am 6am - 6pm


DISTRICT Tacarigua



DAY Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun Daily

TIME 9pm- 5am 6am - 6pm

Tunapuna, Trincity and Macoya

Paradise Gardens Caura Waterworks Dinsley Main Road Tacarigua EMR from Orange Grove to St. Michael Road, El Dorado (North of the EMR) Green Street Valsayn HL Tunapuna (High Levels) Tunapuna East High Level Noel Trace St. John’s Road Basanta Tunapuna Rd Upper 1st Trace, Upper Fairley Street & Environs, Upper 2nd Trace Santa Margarita Neil Trace Los Godos Balthazar Street Upper El Dorado Road College Road Upper El Dorado Road Madoo Hill (Highpoint) College Road Madoo Hill Henry Road Madoo Hill Macoya Gardens Trincity Beaulieu Gardens Valsayn HL Valsayn HL (Wells) Valsayn HL via St. John’s Booster

• Tacarigua • Tunapuna, Trincity and Macoya

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun Tues, Sat

9pm - 5am 9pm - 5am

Mon, Wed, Fri Daily

9pm - 5am 24hrs (except Tue) 9pm - 5am

Mon, Wed, Fri

Valsayn HL via Gordon St. Booster


24hrs (except Tues & Sat from 9pm – 5am)

Valsayn HL

Mon, Wed, Fri

9pm - 5am

Valsayn HL (Wells) Caura Waterworks Tacarigua HL

Daily Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun

6am - 6pm 9pm -5am


6am -6pm

Use a broom instead of the hose to clean your driveway.


DISTRICT Cocoyea/ St. Madeleine

AREA/STREET St. Madeline, Corinth Settlement, Cocoyea, Corinth Road, Corinth Gardens Orchard Gardens, Retrench, Victoria Village

SOURCE Navet St. Clements

DAY Sun - Mon Wed - Fri

TIME 11pm - 5am

• Cocoyea/ St Madeleine • Fyzabad/ Thicke Village • Granville • La Brea • La Fortune/ San Francique • La Romaine/Phillipine • Lower Barrackpore

Fyzabad/ Siparia Old Road from Thicke Village Fyzabad Road to Thicke Village Community Centre, Salt Mine Tr Fyzabad Main Road (from Avocat Junction to Fyzabad Health Centre, Delhi Rd) Avocat Village, Siparia Old Road up to Fyzabad Granville Icacos Bank, Lalla Street, Pt. Coco Granville, Pt. Coco, Syfoo, Cedros, Fullerton, Icacos, Mc Donald Square Deal, Sobo, Upper Vessigny, Chin Fong Alley Vance River, Lower Vessigny, Union Vge, Kern St. LABIDCO PORT

Mulchan 6

Tue - Fri

9pm - 5am

Avocat 12

Sun - Sat

9pm - 5am

Sun - Mon Thu - Sat Granville Water Works Tue - Fri Mon - Tue Fri - Sat Sun - Mon La Brea 16 Sun - Mon Fri - Sat Wed - Thu Sat - Sun Sat - Sun Thu - Fri Tue - Wed Sat - Mon Sat - Sun Sun - Mon Sun - Mon Tue - Wed Sat - Sun Tue - Wed Mon - Tue Fri - Sat Sun - Mon Thur - Fri Mon - Tue Thur - Fri Sun - Mon Wed - Thu Tue - Wed Thu - Sun

9pm - 5am

10pm - 5am 11pm - 5am

La Brea

11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am

La Fortune/ San Francique La Romaine/ Phillipine

La Fortune Pluck Road (to Tennant Trace) Antilles Trace, Tennant Trace. Doorbassa Trace, Jokhan Trace, Ramcharan Trace Tulsa Tr., Ramcharan Tr La Fortune Pluck Rd (from Tennant Tr.), Centeno Tr. Green Acres, Bel Air, Coconut Drive, Gulf View, Duncan Village, Phillipine, Pleasantville, Union Hall La Romaine

Potato 8 Coca-Cola Laltopie TJ

9am - 5 am 9am - 5 am 9pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am

9pm - 5am 9pm - 5am 9pm - 5am

Lower Barrackpore

Wilson Road, Digity Transfer Teemul Trace, Naipaul Trace Hydar Trace, Old Clarke Road Rochard Douglas Road Bunsee Trace, Ramsingh Trace, Dabi Trace, Lower Rock Road, Rochard Road, Mulchan Trace, Seemungal Trace Lower Rock Road, Rochard Road, Mulchan Trace, Seemungal Trace Dabi Trace, Lower Rock Road,

Clarke Road Well Clarke Road Well/ Clarke Road Booster Clarke Road Booster

11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am

Don’t defrost foods with running water. Place frozen items in the refrigerator overnight or use the defrost settling on the microwave.

Fri- Sat Fri - Sat

11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am


DISTRICT Lower Barrackpore

AREA/STREET Rochard Road Haggard Trace, Platanite Trace, Upper Rock Road, Clarke Road


DAY Sun - Mon

TIME 11pm - 5am



Palmiste Blocks 1 to 7, Lazarri Lands, Roberts Rd., Phillipine Rd., Bryans Gate Sunkist Development, Esperance Village Murderer Hill, Sunrees Lowkie Trace San Francique Tulsa Trace Penal Proper Ramsamooj Trace, Lalbeharry Trace (up to Branch #1), Mahadeo Trace, Congo V’ge S.S. Erin Road from Ramai Trace to Gopie Trace S.S. Erin Road (from Debe Wellington Road to Ramai Trace); Cuchawan Trace East and West; Ramai Trace Digity/Transfer Village, Boodoo Trace; Mohess Road; Jamoonie Trace Lachoos Road; Goodman Trace; Smart Avenue; Penal Rock Road (from Penal Police Station to 1 mile mark) Katwaroo Trace; Laltoo Trace; Ragoonanan Trace; Old San Fernando Road; Abdool Village Harbhajan Hill, Suchit Trace, Gopie Trace, Puzzle Island, Ramcharan Trace, Tulsa Trace Debe Trace, Ghandi Village, Debe HDC Development Fitzlane, Hubertstown Brighton/Cato Savannah Road Salick, Gonzales Parry Lands, Salick Trace Parrylands Lot 10 Lower Cochrane Huberts Town Egypt Village, Point Fortin Munroe Road Fanny Village E & H Streets


Wed - Thu Fri - Sat Fri - Sat Fri - Sat Mon - Tue Thu - Fri Tue - Thu Fri - Sun Sat - Sun Sun - Mon Mon - Tue

9pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 9am - 5am 6pm - 5am 9pm - 5am 9am - 5am 9pm - 5am 9pm - 5am

• Lower Barrackpore • Palmiste • Penal • Penal/Debe • Point Fortin


Penal Water Works


Dumfries 16

Mon, Sat Tue - Wed

9am - 5pm 9pm - 5am

Wed - Thu

11pm - 5am

Sun - Mon

9pm - 5am

Fri - Sat

11pm - 5am

Sat - Sun

11pm - 5am

Dumfries 12

Mon - Tue

9pm - 5am

Point Fortin

Pt. Fortin Water Works Mon - Tue Tue - Wed Wed - Thu Thur - Fri Fri - Sat Sat - Sun Sun - Mon Chatham Water Works Mon - Sun Tue - Wed Thur - Fri Sun - Mon

6pm - 5am 6pm - 8am 6pm - 8am 6pm - 8am 6pm - 8am 6pm - 8am 6pm - 8am 6pm - 8am 6pm - 8am 6pm - 8am 6pm - 8am

Fix leaking faucets and plumbing. A small drip from a faucet can waste as much as 20 gallons of water a day.


DISTRICT Point Fortin

AREA/STREET Country Trace Techier 1-13 Street New Village Salazar




Chatham Water Works Sun - Mon 6pm - 8am Tue - Wed Chatham Water Works Mon, Tue 9pm - 5am Cap-de-ville Booster Wed - Thu 9pm - 5am Thu - Fri 9pm - 5am


14-19 Street Techier Gonzales Welcome Hill Pilgrim Street, Gerald Street

Fri - Sat Sat Sun - Mon

9pm - 5am 10am - 9pm 10am - 8am

• Point Fortin • Rousillac • Scott’s Road • Siparia • Siparia/Erin


Scott’s Road

Dow Village, South Oropouche, Otaheite Vge, Dow Mondesir, Rousillac Rousillac Main Rd & Side streets from LP 1454 - 1505, Boodoosingh, Chinese Vge, Virginia Ave. Penal Rock Road (between Quarry Morne Diablo Road and Scotts Road) Ramdeen Trace, Rock Road 1m - 3m Debedial/Bernard Trace Lower Debedial/Bernard Trace Quarry Road, Grants Trace, Scott’s Road Scott’s Road, Mendez Trace Quinam Road, Lower Victoria Street, Mary Street, George Street, Lower High Street Lower Coora, Saney Trace Lower Coora, Coora Branch Road, Coora Hernandez, Mendez Village Upper Mary George and Victoria, Upper High Street

La Brea 16

Wed - Sat

9pm - 5am

Tue - Wed Sat - Sun

9pm - 5am

Scott’s Road Well #5

Mon - Tue

11pm - 5am

Tue - Wed Wed - Thu Thu - Fri Fri - Sun Sun - Mon

11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 9pm - 5am 6am - 3pm


Siparia Water Works

Mon - Tue Thu - Fri Mon, Thur

Tue - Wed Wed - Thu Fri - Mon

9am -5am 9am - 5am 10am - 6am

Use less soap when washing and cleaning, since more soap requires more water to rinse.


S. S. Erin Road from 14-1/4mm - 17-3/4mm inclusive of Quarry Sett. #1 & #2, Quarry Rd., Sookram Tr., Ramdass Tr., Waddle Vge, Alexander Settl., Jacob Settl., 1, 2 &3 School St., Darsan Tr. S. S. Erin Road from 17-3/4mm - 21-3/4mm inclusive of Victoria St., Shearer St., Bennett Vge., #8 Rd., #9 Rd., Palo Seco Branch Tr., Palo Seco Beach Rd.

Thick Village Booster (Advocat 16” Caroni). Quarry inter (16x8)

Tue - Wed

11pm - 5am

Thick Village Booster Bennett Tank

Tue - Wed

11pm - 5am


DISTRICT Siparia/Erin

AREA/STREET S. S. Erin Road from 213/4mm inclusive of #4 Rd., Lorensette Rd., Lasalle St., Rancho South Tr., Webber Tr., Los Charros, Chambers Ville, Darsan tr S. S. Erin Road from Rancho Jct. including Los Iros Beach Rd., Carapal Rd., Erin Beach Rd., Arena Vge. Lily Trace, DeGannes Village, Alta Garcia Trace,Robert hill S. S. Erin Road from Siparia Market to Quarry Settl #1, Poco Alley, Bali Hosein Tr. Timital Jct, San Francique Rd., Murray Tr., Robert Hill and environs, Siparia Old Road Monkey Town Rochard Douglas Road (between Kanhai Trace and #2 Scale) Kanhai Trace Rochard Road (Between #2 Scale and Clarke Road), Manohar Trace, Ramsubagh Trace, Julien Trace

SOURCE Thick Village Booster Palo Seco Interconnection Thick Village Booster Carapal Interconnection Thick Village Booster DeGannes Vill Interconnection Thick Village Booster Siparia Tank #1 Thick Village Booster Meahjohn Interconnection New Colonial

DAY Wed - Thu

TIME 11pm - 5am


Fri - Sat

11pm - 5am

Sat - Sun Sun - Mon

11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am

• Siparia/Erin • Upper Barrackpore

Sun - Mon

11pm - 5am

Upper Barrackpore

Mon - Tue Tue - Wed Thu - Fri Fri - Sun

11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 11pm - 5am

When using your washing machine, wash only full loads.


DISTRICT Barrackpore Barrackpore, St. Mary’s

AREA/STREET Jaipaulsingh Road Oropouche South Trace Rochard Douglas Rd. Cunjal, Upper Cumuto, Burton Trace, Saunders Trace, Gomez Trace Madingo, Realize Road off Moruga Road

SOURCE Princes Town Booster #2 Pump Barrackpore Well #3 Barrackpore Well #3 St. Julien Booster

DAY Fri - Sat Wed - Thu Fri - Sat Sun - Sun Sun - Wed Wed- Sat

TIME 11pm - 6am 9pm- 5am 9pm - 6am 9pm - 5am 10pm - 5am 9am - 6pm


• Barrackpore • Barrackpore, St Mary’s • Buen Intento • Garth Road • Guaracara • Guayaguayare • Hindustan • Mayaro • Moruga

Buen Intento Buen Intento, Duff Road, Buen Intento Housing Developments 1 and 2, King Street Area of Princes Town, Hard Bargain, Eccles Village Garth Road Garth Road (from Naparima Mayaro Road to Iere Village Branch Trace) Iere Village, Friendship Village, Coryal Road Esmeralda Road, Corisal Road Guaracara, Mappapire Trace, Ecclesville Seecharan Trace
Guayaguayare From Frontin Road

Buen Intento 8”

Wed - Tue

Malgretoute Scale

Tue - Sun

9am - 6pm

Tues - Mon 9am - 6pm Piparo Booster or Morichal Spring Guaracara Reservoir Reservoir Stonebright Guayaguayare and Petrotrin WTP Guayaguayare and Petrotrin WTP St. Julien Booster Maloney Wells Thu - Fri Mon - Tue Tue - Fri Sat - Mon Sat -Wed Thu - Sat Sun -Sat Sun -Sun Fri - Mon 5pm - 6am 9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm 11am - 6am 11am - 6am 7am - 5pm 7pm - 5am 9pm - 5am


to Isthmus Road La Savanne Circular Guayaguayare

Galeota Point Hindustan Hindustan and 6th Company Road Grand Lagoon, St Margaret’s St. Ann’s Road, Church Street Frontin Road Mayaro Moruga Ortoire Plaisance Mafeking Manzanilla Road (from Mayaro to St Joseph) Peter Hill Edward Trace Basseterre, La Ruffin Gran Chemin, Bois Jean Jean Marac, La Lune

Sun - Mon 9pm - 5am Wed - Fri Tue - Wed Mon - Wed 11am - 6am Sat - Sun Fri- Sun 11am - 6am Wed - Fri Fri- Sun Sun- Mon Tue -Wed Mon - Tue 11pm - 5am 9am - 6am 9pm - 5am 9pm - 5am 9pm - 5am 9pm- 6am 9am - 9am 9pm - 5am 9pm - 5am

Use laundry rinse water for wetting plants

Mayaro WTP

Trinity Water Treatment Plant

Sun - Wed Tue- Fri Fri- Sun

La Lune Desalination Plant

Sun -Fri


DISTRICT Moruga New Grant

AREA/STREET La Lune New Grant,Sancho Road Robinson Road to Naparima Mayaro Road along Torrib Tabaquite Road, Tableland, Sisters Road, Piparo Proper, Pascual Road, Arch Trace Local Road North Trace, Ants Nest Road, George Village, Mantacool (George Village side), Pooran Road Moonan Avenue Malgretoute Road, Cedar Hill, Solomon Street, Churkoo Village High Street St Croix Road Lengua Village, Realize Road Lothians Road

SOURCE La Lune Desalination Plant Arch Trace 12”

DAY Sat - Mon Sun - Sun

TIME 9pm - 6am 9pm - 6am


• Moruga
Sun - Tue Wed - Sun 9pm - 6am 9pm - 6am

• New Grant • Princes Town, Manahambre Road • Rio Claro • Whiteland • Williamsville

Princes Town, Manahambre Road

Princes Town Booster #2 Pump

Tue - Sat Tue - Sat Sun - Tue Thu -Sun Sun - Tue Thu - Sun Sun - Tue Thu - Sun Sun - Tue Sat -Sun Sat - Mon Thu - Fri Sun - Tue Thur - Fri Sat -Sun

9pm - 5am 9pm - 5am 9pm - 5am 9pm - 5am 11pm - 5am 6pm - 5am 9pm - 5am 11pm - 6am 9pm - 5am

Papourie Road (from St. Croix Road) Borde Narve Area Broomage, Craignish Village (up to Quan Kep Restaurant)

Rio Claro

Old Guayaguayare Road, Deep Ravine, Clearwater, Rio Claro Proper, Libertville, Poole Village, San Pedro, Navet Village, Agostini, Boos Village, Ecclesville Road, Dades Trace, Cushe Village Robert Village, Tableland Brickfield, St. John’s Road, Watt’s Trace,Gangaram Trace, Busy Corner “Mayo, Whiteland, Kelly Village, Riversdale, Poonah, Sankerlall Development ,Sandstone Road, Montique Lands, Morne Roche Quarry Road, Esmeralda Road, Bonne Aventure Road, Mayo Morne Roche Quarry Road Garth Road, Williamsville, Ben Lomond, Williamsville; Eccles Village, Williamsville; Williamsville

Rio Claro 16”

Sat - Fri

9pm - 6am

Rio Claro 16” Rio Claro 12”

Sat - Tue Sat - Fri

9pm - 5am 9pm - 5am

Use a bucket instead of a hose to wash your car.


Piparo Booster

Wed - Thu Sat - Sun

9pm - 6am


Piparo Booster St Clements #4

Sat - Sun Wed - Thu Sun - Sat

11pm - 5am 9pm - 6am




SOURCE Cunupia 20”

DAY Mon - Tue Thu - Sun

TIME 10pm - 6am 10pm - 6am

Todds Station Road/Fletcher Road Freeport Todds Road Flanagin Town Mamoral #1 & #2 Caparo Valley Road Caparo Main Road (Palmiste) Gill Trace Cashew Gardens

• Caparo • Carapichaima • Carlsen Field • Caroni • Central Park • Chaguanas

Carlsen Field Well #5

Sat - Mon Thu Wed - Fri Tue Thu - Fri

6am - 6pm 10am - 6pm 6am - 6pm 10am - 5pm 10am - 5am

Carapichaima Carapichaima, Waterloo Bank Village, Beaucarro Mc Bean, St Mary’s Union Village, Orange Valley Siewdass Road, Chickland Road, Preysal, Melanie Gardens, Mission Road Sou Sou Lands, Thompson Road, Success Road Water Works From Jo-sing Pasta along Kelly Main Road to Econo Hotel including all side streets Ibis Gardens, Frederick Settlement, Industrial Estate, La Paille Gardens, La Paille Village Central Park Development Cor. Pierre Road (from gas station) north to Sumaria Trace along Caroni Savannah Road. Warrenville, Dyette Estate, Bejucal, Warner Village, Marchin Road, Charlieville, Ackbar Tr, Dinoo Road, Clarke Road, John Peter Road, Francis Lalla Road, Munroe Road, Mt. Plasir, Chin Chin Road (from Southern Main Rd to Cor. Madras Rd), Chincuna Gardens, Esmeralda Road Cacandee Road North of Pierre Road to Cremation Site Chaguanas Main Road (from KFC to Petersfield Main Road), Felicity (from Petersfield Road along Cacandee Road to Boundary Rd), Caroni Savannah Road (from Police Station to Pierre Rd ), Orchard Gardens, Mulchan


Freeport Water Works Wed - Thu 11pm - 6am - Freeport 12”

Carlsen Field Caroni

Carlsen Field

Fri - Thu

10am - 6pm

Kelly 8”

Tue, Sat

9am - 5pm

Kelly 16”

Tue, Sat

10am - 5pm

Central Park Chaguanas

Freeport Water Works Thu - Tue - Freeport 10” White House Mon - Tue Fri

9am - 6am

1pm - 5am 1pm - 6pm

Repair leaking toilets. Add some food colouring to the water in the tank; if colour appears in the bowl without flushing, you have a leak.
White House Chaguanas Offtake Mon - Tue Fri Tues Thu - Fri Sat 1pm - 5am 1pm - 6pm 10am - 5pm 10am - 5pm


DISTRICT Chaguanas



DAY Tue Thu - Fri Sat

TIME 10am - 5pm 10am - 5pm

Seuchan Road, Xavier Street, Chaguanas Offtake Perseverance Village, Ramsaran Park, Edinburgh Village (from Busy Corner along Southern Main Road to Chandernagore Road), Lange Park, Edinburgh 500, Aberdeen Park, Balmoral Park, Montrose (from Caparo Valley Road to Solomon Hochoy Highway) Claxton Bay St. Margaret’s Plaisance Park Claxton Bay

• Chaguanas • Claxton Bay • Couva • Cunupia • Enterprise • Freeport • Gasparillo

Claxton Bay

Mon - Tue Fri Mon - Tue Fri Mon - Tue Fri Daily

10am - 5am 10am - 5pm 10am - 5am 10am - 5pm 10am - 5am 10am - 5am 9pm - 5am 10am - 5pm

Couva Cunupia

Dow Village Homeland Gardens, Pt. Pleasant Park, Southern Main Road (from Nimblette Street, South to Caparo Valley Road, Montrose Junction), Enterprise, Crown Trace, Boodram Dev., Lawrence Wong Road, Paul Augustus Road, Depot Road, Caparo Valley Road from Southern Main Road to Wong Sing Junction Longdenville Old Road, Ragoonanan Road, Pokhor Road, Akaloo Gardens, Hillview Gardens, Maharaj Development, Johnathan Trace, Welcome Road Enterprise Longdenville Old Road, Depot Rd Ragoonanan Road Crown Trace Calcutta #1, 2, 3, Calcutta Settlment #2 Springlands, San Fabien Road, 1st Street, 2nd Street Marylands Coco Piece Old Parforce New Parforce, Bhagwansingh Road Old Parforce New Parforce, Bhagwansingh Road Upper Bonne Aventures Main Road, Caratal #1, Cotton Hil Cunupia 9” and 12”

Mon, Wed, Fri


Nimblette 16”

Mon, Fri Mon, Fri Mon, Fri Mon, Fri Sun, Mon Wed - Fri Fri - Sat Sat - Sun Mon - Tue Tue - Wed Mon - Tue Tue - Wed Sat - Mon

10am - 5pm 10am - 5pm 10am - 5pm 10am - 5pm 6am - 6am 6am - 6am 11pm - 5am 9pm - 5am 9pm - 6am 6pm - 6am 9am - 6am 6pm - 6am 9am - 6am 10pm - 6am

Freeport Gasparillo

Freeport Water Works - Freeport 8”` BP

Watet plants during early morning hours or at night when temperatures are cooler. This reduces evaporation.

Gran Couva Booster Gran Couva 10”



AREA/STREET Upper Chin Chin Road, Kernaham, Home Farm Gardens, Paul Augustus Road, Lalloo Trace, David Toby Road Las Lomas #1, Salvary Road, Walter Trace, Upper Chin Chin Road Mahaica, Governor Trace, Upper Las Lomas Marabella

SOURCE Las Lomas Plant Gangasingh 6”

DAY Mon - Tue Sat - Sun

TIME 9pm - 5pm

Las Lomas Plant Steel Sheet 10”

Thu - Sat 9pm - 5pm

• Las Lomas • Marabella • Mayo • Pepper Hill • Point Lisas • San Fernando


Las Lomas Plant - Ramoo 6” BP

Tue - Wed Sat- Sun Tue - Thu Fri - Sat Fri - Sat Daily Mon - Tue Thu - Fri Mon - Tue

9pm - 9pm 11pm - 5pm 6am - 5am 6am - 5am 10am - 6am 8pm - 5am


Mayo Main Road, Tortuga Village Arena Main Road La Cuesa Road Nadira Gardens, Lower Freeport Mission Road, Nelson Road

Freeport Water Works - Freeport 10” Carlsen Field Water Works

8pm - 5am 12am - 5am

Pepper Hill Point Lisas

Gran Couva, Brasso Pt. Lisas Industrial Estate Pt. Lisas Housing Diamond Village Spring Vale Balmain

Pepper Hill Tank Southern Sales

Wed Daily Daily Wed, Fri, Sat Tues, Thu, Sat Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun Daily

11am - 6pm 9pm - 6am 9pm - 6am Noon - 5pm Noon - 5pm 6am - 6am

San Fernando

San Fernando Hamza Avenue, Wahid Circular Drive, Miriam Street Jennifer Heights, Alexander Road, Wharton Street Hobson Street, Lessey Street London Street, North Road, Vernon Joseph Street, Tarouba Heights


5am - 9am

Mon, Wed, Fri

5am - 9am

Marryat Street Booster BP

Tue, Thu, Sat Daily Sun - Mon Thu - Fri

5am - 9am Noon - 5pm 11pm - 5am

Install float valves in your water tanks or ensure that existing valves are working properly. Float valves shut off the water supply to the tank when it is full, preventing wastage.


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