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Northeastern Academy Alumni Gathering

532 W 215th Street
New York, New York 10034
August 9, 2015
1. Opening prayer Edwin Bell
2. Greetings and Introductions
a. Loris LaBorde, Academy Principal
b. Myra Franklin-Smith ‘73
c. Edwin Bell ’89, NEA Board Member
d. Horace Turnbull Alumni Parent, NEC Finance Committee
member, Facilitator
3. Roll call of Classes-Myra Franklin-Smith
a. Representatives of the classes of;
i. ‘73, ‘80, ‘88, ’90, ’96, ‘
4. Reviewed goals for today’s meeting:
a. Discussed concepts and principles of the Alumni Association

b. Evaluated of Alumni Association Mission and Vision drafts;
attendees added methods by which to accomplish these as
listed on the attachment A
c. Reached consensus regarding need to reorganize and
recommit to moving forward with re-establishing Alumni
d. Distributed for review current version of Alumni
Association Constitution and By-laws
e. Obtained commitment from each person present to actively
recruit and participate in laying the groundwork structure
for the Alumni Association
5. By consensus, it was decided that the Alumni Association should
develop a mailing list coordinated by June Jones ’77. In addition,
a suggestion was made that an Alumni Association website would
be appropriate and that a mechanism for Alumni registration be
incorporated into this site.

6. A history of NEA is included in the book, We Have Tomorrow,
authored by Louis B Reynolds and is available on Amazon.
7. Closing Prayer and blessing of the refreshments with
8. Next meeting set for October 18, 2015 at 2 pm in the NEA gym.
At this meeting, votes will be taken for Alumni Association
Recorder Myra Franklin-Smith

Attachment A

To support the advancement Northeastern Academy through…

Providing funds for needy students through directed monthly donations

Student organizations with visibility to our constituents

Increased school visitation days

Frequent emails, newsletters to alumni

Increased cooperation from constituent churches and the Northeastern

Firm up the responsibility from churches

Showcase the accomplishments of the Academy

By promoting relationships…

Choir trips

Social media campaign

Administration and teachers reaching out to area elementary schools; both
Adventist and non-Adventist

Alumni representation at graduation and/or Academy days

Basketball team trips

Each One, Reach One via Alumni promotion-calls to 10 persons each

Create database for each previous Alumni year since the Academy’s

Recruitment officers who actually work at the Academy

Coordinating the establishment of Alumni Chapters…

Assign/elect “class presidents” for each year

Person to person solicitation

Establish a social media person for constant contacts

Merge databases of Alumni classes and submit a challenge to the individual

Maintaining the history of the Alumni…

Establishing a historic yearbook

Online yearbook

Create an online history page that has an update and response page

Alumni Days for former classes to visit the Academy or identify individuals
within each class to head them

Generating financial contributions…

Promote school outside of our community

Host fundraisers

Generate funds via “classes”

Consider applying for grants within & without the organization

Develop scholarship fund

Organize “NEA 100” –identifying 100 individuals who will make monetary
contributions of a designated amount each year

Grant writers- identify monies available through organizations