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To: All Student Athletes and Parents of Student Athletes
On behalf of Booker T. Washington High School,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in being a
part of our athletic program. This handbook is provided to give general and
specific information that will assist you in being able to participate in the
sports of your choice.

The policies, rules, and regulations presented hereafter have been
condensed to specific situations. Students should contact their coaches or
the athletic director for clarifications or further information.


Msg. Michael Holmes
Athletic Director

At Booker T. Washington, athletics is considered an integral part of the
school’s program of education that provides experiences that will help boys
and girls physically, mentally, and emotionally. The element of competition
and winning, though it exists, is controlled to the point that it does not
determine the nature of the program. Students are stimulated to want to win
and excel, but the principles of good sportsmanship prevail at all times to
enhance the learning opportunities of contests.
Booker T. Washington believes that participation in athletics, both as a player
and as a student spectator, is an important part of the student’s educational
experiences. Such participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibility
to the school, to the team, to the student body, to the community, and to the
student himself. In both play and conduct, the student is representing all of
these groups. Such experiences enhance the knowledge, skill, and emotional
patterns possessed by students, thereby making them better people and

1. To provide a positive image of school athletics at Booker T. Washington
High School
2. To strive always for playing excellence that will produce winning teams
within the bounds of good sportsmanship and the mental health of the
student athlete
3. To provide a superior program
4. To provide an opportunity for a student to experience success in an
activity he or she selects
5. To provide activities which offer the greatest educational benefits for the
6. To create a desire to succeed and excel
7. To develop high ideals of fairness in all human relationships
8. To practice self-discipline and emotional maturity in learning to make
decisions under pressure
9. To be socially competent and operate within set rules, thus gaining a
respect for the rights of others


The following general policies shall govern each student athlete participating
in any phase of the Booker T. Washington athletic program.
1. Adherence to BTW/SCIAA/TSSAA Rules: student will abide by the
rules and regulations of the handbook.
2. Forms and Releases: before a student may participate in any sport
including conditioning and practices, he/she must have completed the
following forms. These forms must be in the hands of the AD before
any type of participation.
a. Sports Medical Form with student, parent, and physician signatures
b. Male/Female Contract form with student and parent signatures.
3. Attendance the day before and after school contest: a student is
expected to attend all classes on his schedule on the day of a contest
and the next school day following the contest. Habitual absences
before and after a contest may result in suspension from the team. To
be eligible to participate in the contest of the day, the athlete must be
present at least four periods, unless the student has been excused
from school attendance for such reasons as doctor’s appointment, field
trip, college visitation, funerals, etc.
4. Attendance practices and meetings: Team members are expected
to be present at all practices, team meetings, contests, and special
occasions unless excused by the head coach.
5. Care of school equipment: The athlete is responsible for all
equipment issued to him/her. Lost, stolen, or damaged equipment will
be paid for by the athlete or his parents before any grades are issued.
6. Medical release to participate after consulting a doctor: If an
athlete is seriously injured and consults a doctor, he/she must have a
doctor’s release before he/she can practice or compete in athletic
DAY OF THE PRACTICE OR CONTEST. The only exception to this rule
is a doctor’s Release, which must be presented to the coach prior to
practice or the contest.
7. Personal Conduct: Participation on an athletic team or cheerleading
squad at Booker T. Washington is a privilege and the participant must
earn the right to represent Booker T. Washington by conducting
themselves in such a way that the image of Booker T. Washington will
not be tarnished in any manner. Any participant whose conduct is
judged to reflect a discredit upon himself/herself, the team or Booker T.
Washington, whether or not such activity takes place during or outside
of school hours and sessions of the sport season, will be subject to
disciplinary action as determined by the coach, the athletic director, or
the school principal, and/or student/coaches board.
Any student athlete coming off the bench and getting involved
in any altercation on the field or court will be immediately

dismissed from the team and a meeting will be held with the
8. Possession or use of tobacco: The possession/use of tobacco in
any form is prohibited on campus for all students at BTW. Athletes
practicing or participating in competition are considered on campus. In
addition, athletes proven to use/possess tobacco in any form elsewhere
will be subject to additional team disciplinary actions.
9. Possession of or Illegal use of drugs, alcoholic beverages:
BTW students shall not possess, use, sell, or supply alcoholic
beverages, illegal drugs, or drug related products; nor shall BTW
student’s abuse prescription drugs or over-the-counter products. The
penalties for such violation are listed in the Student Code of Conduct.
10. Quitting a team: The normal rule for athletes quitting a team is
that they make themselves ineligible for any sport during that season
which has already begun. An athlete who goes out for a sport, but is
“cut” would be eligible to try out for and participate in another sport
should notify the Athletic Director immediately when a player quits or
is dropped from the team.
11. Team and Individual Discipline: Each coach will have discipline
rules for minor infractions, such as inattention to directions, horseplay,
tardiness to practice, etc.
12. Valuables should be locked up in lockers during practice and
games. Laptops, wallets, and other valuables should NEVER be left
unattended. After practices and games, please put equipment in its
proper place.

In order to participate in a school sport, a student athlete must be covered
by a family’s medical insurance. If a family does not have medical insurance,
it must be obtained through the school. Students should make every
attempt to pay their insurance.

Parents of student athletes are required to attend a Sports Information night
program at the beginning of each sport season.
Parents should not criticize coaches or the school. As spectators, parents are
entitled to cheer at sporting events, but should never become belligerent
toward players, coaches, or officials. Parents are not to be on the team

sidelines at games, nor in the locker room before, during, or after a practice
or game.

Athletes and parents must respect the authority of coaches to resolve any
issues that develop. Should a concern arise regarding procedures of policies
of the Athletic Program, the student athlete should contact the coach to
discuss the situation directly. The student athlete should contact the athletic
director if the initial contact with the coach does not resolve the issue

1. I have read and will adhere to the rules and regulations for
students in the Booker T. Washington Athletic Handbook for
Students and Parents.
2. I understand that my primary responsibility is to my academics
and I must keep up my grades to be eligible for sports. One
failure and any other grade below 75 may render me ineligible.
3. I understand that smoking and use of alcohol or drugs are
unacceptable. Any use thereof in season will result in
immediate suspension and probable expulsion from the team
as well as any discipline imposed by the administration of
Booker T. Washington High School. I also understand that my
presence at a party or in any situation where tobacco, alcohol
or any controlled substances are present will also result in
immediate suspension and probable expulsion from the team
4. I understand that individual coaches and teams may have
additional regulations and I must abide by them.
5. I will be supportive of other players, coaches, parents.
6. I am responsible for the uniform and equipment I am provided.
Uniforms must be returned neat and clean within two weeks of
the end of the season,.
7. My commitment to sports requires attendance at practices and
games. Unexcused absences will mean I cannot play in games.
8. I understand that I am a very visible representative of the
Booker T. Washington community and as such I will at all times
present a positive image of my school.

Athlete’s Signature




 To be a POSITIVE role model that your players will look up to
 Must be organized and have a plan
 Control and manage your athletes and coaches
 Challenge your athletes and hold them accountable
 Be professional as a coach and a teacher (attitude, response, work, and
personal appearance)
 Don’t worry about what your fellow coaches are doing. Just do your job and
do it well
 Be on time to practices and games
 Treat game officials with respect

 Sell and defend the program to your players, coaches, the school and the
 Develop a winning attitude
 Be knowledgeable in your sport
 Study and work hard as a coach. Educational growth is a must
 Lead by example and be willing to learn
 Be sincerely interested in the success of our players and other programs
 Be positive and never doubt that we will be successful
 Be accountable for you actions
 Sportsmanship should be displayed by you and keep it as a standard for
your team. Remember we represent something much bigger that ourselves.
 Developing team rules that match the philosophy of the school
 Communication is a must
 Show interest and be relational with all team members
 Develop and implement an off season program
 Be a supportive, overall team player with the entire Athletic Program. Work
with the other Booker T. Washington coaches so that the entire Booker T.
Washington athletic program will be successful.
 Be prepared to sacrifice your own personal time. We have asked the
players to do this, so it is expected of our coaches as well

Coaches Code of Ethics:
 Exemplify moral character as a role model for young people.
 Recognize the individual worth and reinforce the self-image of each team
 Encourage and assist team members to set personal goals to achieve their
highest academic potential.
 Create a set of training rules for athletes which reflects the abstaining from
use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
 Strive to develop the qualities of leadership, initiative, and good judgment
in each team member.
 Communicate and interpret program goals and objectives to parents and
 Provide a safe environment for practice and competition.
 Gain an awareness of the importance of prevention, care and treatment of
athletic injuries.
 Respect the integrity and judgment of the game official.
 Teach and abide by the rules of the game in letter and in spirit.
 Build and maintain ethical relationships with Coaches and Administrators.

 Strive for excellence in coaching skills and techniques through professional
 Promote personal fitness and good nutrition.
 Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
 Encourage a healthy respect for the overall athletic program and its vital
roles in education

If an ejection fee is implemented by TSSAA, the coach in
question will be responsible for paying that fee.
Any coach missing a rules meeting that is required by the SCIAA
will be personally responsible for paying all fines assessed by the
Head Coaches are required to have a parents meeting at the
beginning of each season to go over rules and expectations of
both players and parents.
Head Coaches are responsible for notifying players and parents of
the following rules:
 Any player leaving the bench area and going onto the court/field and
getting involved in any altercation with another player, coach, etc. will have
to go before the review board for discipline procedures.
 Any player ejected from a game will be required to sit out an additional
game beyond what the SCIAA requires.
Attitudes toward all officials, opponents, other coaches, and players should
reflect a respectful manner.

Uniforms and Equipment:
Coaches are responsible for all equipment. Orders for any equipment must
be approved by the Athletic Director. Completed Purchase Orders must be
sent to Athletic Director for approval. Only after approval and a purchase
order number has been issued, then should order be placed.
An accurate account of distribution of uniforms and equipment must be kept.
A uniform check list is enclosed for this purpose. Make sure you collect all
uniforms and equipment at the end of your season. Your end of season check
list must match your uniform distribution check list at the end of the season.

Maintaining Facilities:
You should clean up the fields/gyms after each practice and game. Please do
not let students destroy school property. The athletes should also share in
the responsibility of maintaining our facilities.

Academic Ineligibility:
All academic eligibility rules correspond with the BTW/SCIAA/TSAA rules.

Athlete’s Forms Needed:
As required by BTW/ SCIAA/TSAA

Budget Requests:
Coaches are required to have at Least 3 fundraisers during the school year to
support their team. All donations and money must be approved by the
principal before coaches can accept. All equipment requests must be
approved before you purchase the equipment. Coaches are expected to
finish the school year NOT in DEBT.

All coaches (faculty and non-faculty) will be responsible for turning in their
team eligibility to the SCIAA. This must be completed online and must be
completed 10 days before your first contest. Also, must submit a
schedule and roster with eligibility.

Coaches’ board will act on any infractions or discipline problems from

Study Hall:
All athletes must attend Study Hall for literacy enhancements.

I have read and understand all requirements asked of me to be a
coach at Booker T. Washington High School and I will, to the best
of my ability fully follow these guidelines.

Please sign, date and return to the Athletic Director’s office.

Coach Signature


Coach Printed Name