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MET 627 Six Sigma from an Industrial Perspective

Spring 2015
Assignment statistical analysis motorcycle safety
A good Black Belt is able to work in almost any field on almost any topic, as I have discussed in
class. I have posted on D2L some statistical material relating to Minnesotas motorcycle safety
records. This is the same data that the State uses to set policy for improving motorcycle safety and
saving lives. Please review this data and make comments and recommendations on the following
three topics. Document each by reference to the appropriate tables, charts, or data and the record
source you find it in.
1) Determine a profile of the type of rider most likely to have an accident, fatal or otherwise. What
three major risk factor characteristics can you identify in this profile? Also, what are the
environmental conditions when the crash typically occurs and how do they contribute to these
2) Identify 3-4 actions the State could take to target the profiled demographic to reduce crashes and
improve safety. These could be legislative, educational, training, etc.
3) After implementing these actions, how would you go about making sure that they worked and
continued to work for a period of several years (at least)?
Your report should be in a format adequate to communicate your findings and recommendations. Be
brief while still making your points. It is not necessary (or even desirable) to make it a long report.
Focus instead on making it a good report. These are to be posted to the D2L Dropbox, which closes
at 6:00 PM on April 30th. This is an individual assignment.