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Design an experiment to investigate whether light intensity affects the rate of
transpiration by using a simple photometer
Problem statement : How does the light intensity affect the rate of transpiration?

: To investigate whether light intensity affects the rate of


: The rate of transpiration of plant is higher in strong sunlight

Manipulated variable
Responding variable
Fixed variable

: Light intensity
: Rate of movement of air bubble in the photometer
: air movement, temperature and relative humidity

Materials and apparatus:
Capillary tube (about 30 cm long), retord stand, 500 ml beaker, basin, scalpel,
rubber tubing (about 6 cm long), tissue paper, vaseline, marker pen and stop
watch, ruler , 2 Hibiscus plant of similar size

: The movement of water in a given time is recorded using a

1. The leafy shoot is immersed in a basin containing water, and its
stem is cut diagonally
2. The leafy shoot is placed upright in the phptpmeter’s capillary tube,
through a stopper cork
3. All equipment connection points are wiped with vaseline
4. To trap an air bubble, the end of the capillary tube is removed from
the basin, and then put back into the water
5. A length of 5 cm is marked on the photometer
6. The photometer is placed in the shade and using a stopwatch,
record the time taken (in minutes) for the air bubble to move from
point A to point B
7. To reset the photometer, squeeze the rubber tubing so that the air
bubble escapes into the beaker of water.
8. Repeat step 4 to 7 to get three readings with the same shoot in the
shade and under strong sunlight respectively
9. The average and the rate of transpiration measurement is recorded
in the table.

Result: Environmental condition of experiment Time taken for air bubble to move from Point A to Point B (in minutes) First Second Third Average reading reading reading Rate of transpiration (cm/min) Shady (lower light intensity) Strong sunlight (higher light intensity) Conclusion: Hypothesis is accepted. . In a shady condition. the plant’s rate of transpiration is lower when compared with its rate of transpiration in strong sunlight .