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Algebra 2 Trig Honors

Jaewon Lee
(760)753-1121 x5273
Course Description: This course expands students development of skills and understanding in
topics such as; more advanced quadratics, higher degree polynomials, exponential/logarithmic
functions, analytic geometry (conics), sequences and series, and binomial theorem. In addition,
the course offers an in depth exploration of Trigonometry which will include unit circle,
degree/radian measure, trig functions of angles, identity proofs, and solving trig equations.
Text: Algebra and Trigonometry 2nd edition by Stewart, Redlin, and Watson
Classroom Expectations: Classroom rules are necessary to create a safe environment for
students to learn and for me to teach. Thus, I expect the following:
Never give up
Be respectful of yourself, others, and
Be prepared: complete your homework
the learning process

Be on time. If you are not in your seat

the night before, turn off all electronic
devices, and take notes.
when the bell rings, you are tardy.
If you are absent, make up missed
Actively participate
work and exams in a timely manner.

Grading Scale and Assignment Weights:

% of total Grade
Class Work
(All grades will not be rounded)
Assessments: There are typically two assessments each chapter, one quiz and one test.
They are based on the text, class work, and homework. Quizzes are given midway through
each module and tests are given at the end of each chapter. All work must be shown to
receive credit. Tests are worth 100 points each and quizzes are worth 30 points each.
Students are responsible for all quizzes and tests missed while absent. The San Dieguito
Union High School Honesty Policy is STRICTLY enforced. Cheating includes copying
answers on the homework or classwork assignments or assessments, allowing another
student to copy work, and passing off someones work as their own. Any cheating or
attempt to cheat will cause 0 on the assignment or assessment.
Class Work: Classwork consists of individual and group in-class assignments. Each day
students will complete tasks in small groups and discuss their work as a class. Students
will also complete notes to use as a resource in class and on homework assignments.
Grades will be assigned based on correctness, completeness, and students work as a

Homework: Homework is assigned and checked daily for completeness. Homework will
be reviewed daily and students are expected to check their own work. Students will
receive a unit homework grade based on the number of assignments completed by the
due date. Late homework will not be accepted. Homework is written on the board daily
and updated on the website. It is the students responsibility to record the assignments.

Attendance: Students are considered on time to class if they are in their seats before the bell
rings. Late work due to an unexcused tardy or an unexcused absence is not accepted. All
homework is due at the beginning of class (when the bell rings), to the best of the students
ability. If a student is tardy they will not receive credit for their homework unless they have a
pass from the office or another teacher. Homework and classwork missed due to an excused
absence is due the day after returning to school, but students are encouraged to attempt
assignments before returning to class. Homework assignments are posted on my website daily.
Tests are to be taken upon return to class.
Discipline: Unexcused absences and truancies will result in a zero for any assignments missed,
including tests. I follow the schools policy regarding discipline, including cheating, tardiness,
truancy, and behavior.
Tutoring: I strongly encourage all students who have questions or are having difficulty to come
in for help immediately. I will work with you as much as necessary to help you be successful. I am
available before and after school by appointment. The school also offers free tutoring TuesdayThursday from 3:15-4:15p in room 122.

Electronic Devices: Students are encouraged to bring their own devices such as smart phone,
iPad, tablet, laptop, etc. for educational purposes. Students may not misuse during class when
these devices are not necessary for the class. Such actions include texting, listening to music,
browsing internet, playing games, or any actions that distract from learning. If these rules are not
followed, the device will be confiscated immediately.

I have read and understand the attached syllabus and policies.


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I have read and understand the attached syllabus and policies.


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