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Basic Selenium

1. Introduction
o Selenium Introduction

Selenium vs other automation tools

Advantages of selenium over other tools

Technologies involved in selenium

Selenium IDE

Selenium RC vs Web Driver

Selenium core

Selenium Grid

o HTML Basics
o Javascript vs Java
o Locators







o Architectures

Web Application

Selenium IDE

Selenium RC

Web Driver

2. Technologies used in Web Application

o Javascript
o Creating sample web page using above technologies
3. Tools used to locate elements on a browser
o Installing Firefox
o Installing firebug and fire path and fire finder add-ons in Firefox
o How to locate HTML elements using Xpath and Css
o Why to know more about Xpath and Css when fire path and fire finder are there
o Learning more about Xpath and CSS techniques
4. Selenium IDE
o Downloading and Installing Selenium IDE
o Firefox v/s IE
o Learning about all the configurations provided in IDE
o Record and play first test case

o Setting break points, Running test case step by step and resume test case
o Assert, Verify, Store and Wait commands
o Assert v/s Verify
o Why Store in Selenium IDE
o Why Wait in Selenium IDE
o Usage of JavaScript in Selenium IDE
o Writing JavaScript functions
o Writing java script extension for Selenium IDE
o Case Study on any live site (CCS Realpage internal website)
o Writing test cases on any live site
o Accessing popup, Alert and tabbed windows
o Learning about loops and condition extensions
o What is XML files
o XML v/s HTML
o Parameterize the test cases using XML, Excel & Database (SQL or MySql) files
o Taking the Screen shorts
o Generating reports of test suite using RC server