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Research Locale

The researchers chose the Barangay Salapan in San Juan City to conduct their study.
This community is composed of 21 streets and has the population of almost 2% of
the total population of the city. The community is headed by the local government
unit or the barangay officials who is responsible for the progress and concerns of
the community, in coordination with the San City Health office through the barangay
health center to promote and answer concerns regarding health issues. The
community was willingly participated in the study to raise the awareness about
pressure ulcers which is also one of the primary concerns in the sector of the senior
citizens in this community.
Barangay Salapan has community health center located at J. Ruiz St. which operates
from Monday-Friday from 8:00 am 5:00 pm to cater the health needs of the
barangay. They also promote projects concerning the elderly like monthly medical
mission. They also have covered court located at A. Luna St. for the recreational
activities of the youth in the community. In terms of the security, the barangay
installed few CCTV cameras around the community to guard their people. The
community was also a catch-basin since a creek can be found which causes flood
during rainy season and also the concern of the community people.