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RELIANCE Your Reliance Communications Bill fetatortipNa soooorss01 RUULMACOTRA tpt 106.298 0607.05 HINO TR DEVATCOLONNEWRLY ROAD GURGAON cuRoAoN saat mss GURGAON -z2001 fan 3690760 Hava 800A GiOU Coes: DuenenoT Taitren Nm oa Your RelanceNetonnectt No, 7428685709 mresewsoucs | | ramets || Adjsorens | | cmetcrrgs | | tootaneuntove | oveoute | Anmnt Partie wax || -se000|+[ 000 ~|+[soans || s00 ngs 6200 1. Monthly Rental 448.00 2 Voice Call Charges 0.00 Lom lac} 3. SMSCharges: 0.00 4, Data and Value Added Services{ VAS) 0.00 CChangee in Cheque/DD issuance 5. Roaming Charges 0.00 For Bil aaymont, you ao requosted to iseue choque/DO in favour of s2400 hequerDD RWSL instead of HC ‘and ti 6 Taxes 6216 —————— Service Tex Notice Total Curent Charges 506.16 ‘As per Union Budget 2015-16, service tax has been increased {orn 12.36% to 14% effective June 42015. ‘This statement haz been k:ued by Rellance Web Store Lt. for its dues and services provided to you by Rellance Communication: Ltd Thane Belapur Road, Kopatkhairane, Navi Mumbai - 400 7h (Serice Tax Registration No. AACCRIG2CSTOO) Service Tax Category - ‘Tlecorrmrurication Service. Shep No Seca Nat ,CLRGSCN FARVARUETIOOL 2shop Atheer Nga Neu aly a, CURESEN HORNS T2001 5 Stopol Fal pp CnC oa ,CURCACN HSIN T200 Pecrenanty |= maser Ce @peeracesiere |@irswencns |(E) etescr oro | say Senaan |S Sangancn | © inaye |S erenennacne| arate OO 0 00 sssoraastocagosc.00 ‘Your payment dip (Please attach thi payment slip long with your payment) Relaont¥p No: 000070582 BIN: 380077458 DueDate: Hg RULMACOTRA “Tota AmtDue 52.00 ‘Amountpayable after due dtels: 61.00 ‘aur Rance Netcrcts Na, 7228685729 cash 1 Greque (I bemandbratt_ 1 ‘Cheque/D.D.No: ‘Amount: Drawnen ‘lossed cheqieD0 PayableatPar in avur of RWSLAXC RSSOOOUBOSIDT “Outstation chequenotaccepted Rega. Off : Rllance Commmurications Limited Helo, Foc, hirtalrbar Krowegecity Nad Mumba 0070, Nohara nla, Page 2@2 AN aS} Renta: sno msn fa xe ats fate srs utwcoma ‘Ya ReanceNecernet+ No 2968579 Vocertan FeDOATA BL Retaxeteccrnecten fo} 444 30RLL Payments © pate amount FE ReargePayment ‘wo7208 00,00 “etal son00 Dcounted ge sirimary UsgeDeaiptn —OPmmhe—smunted— Camumet ary Bae Ue US Feed NetcamnectLige MB 0 30R00MB THOSE 0 “Wert eal ange Prod nat RelaxetetcrnedtRertd ——‘ZL06NSte%07.208 AOD “etal 400 2 eat Service ax V% 26 =) ax Gareitorges i { ‘area Tesat 5066 necrmectUge Me wig | arent Diccurted ge NecamectUiage MB 405 ao “etal 15 no Terms & Conditions “( Relance bile aera fr edrssal of yar carplain lace dal Ie ee) cr"22 any quaves:bout a Plus serves fem Felence phone. ‘oucanalsorench us an 833383 fom any other phoned JK astomerscan dal T8008 cr rte sbyeral al astrercare@relaneradacom For Fine NettannectCall on 35S/600-20004555, ral at Netomacthroacknncerelancendaccm /datacarLappa®rdlarceataccm, Fr Rane Ete Callen 35{fee romFtactbeny phone 800 3000.8509 cr ite us byEmaatCisermecare Blade rslaneaAcem, 2, Our endear storesche yaurcarplans at cur fstpantofcontact, however ifyouare not satis withresoluonprovdedbyour Conplaint Cal youcan register yourapped with theappdlateauthertyinyeur deen writirgalong wth the Cmplaintrumbr provide y the Camplaintcal fe resoute. The carpio llberesobed within 3 days fam the dated filing wien apes with he peat Authaty: MeahdTandanRelanceCarmruntations Fiance Cente, Makara RangtSingharg New Dey -10002.Phone: aeqDOCaUTLEM:remeppelatea hart delve rellaradace, Fa: OTSD22012. Fem Monday toSctrday between 920 am to600 am (eluting pb aideysandnatioal hada} 3, Tochangeyuriling acess, Peace st your nearest ace Cammuniction stretosubrt request an prot oF yeu newbies. 4 Latefe:-Paymentcfbilsontime wouldensurea gon! cet atngand continuo serdar Pease make the payment due date toawok charging of tefee, Late payment Charges wil beleded 625% per math er 100/-, whichaarishigh: 5. Nowenoyquic assy aces toyouaccauntinfomatien ceate&. mart requests /cmplans cline al sing your perscrtizaagniD passerd To restr logan toour website waurcamcnin, 6 Inpertant nfamatin: Nomination tees curgeatte for mfatin oa lan bb Noingeaseinany tem of thetatfforapeadof6manths fam the datecfencent under any talon. 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