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Go, Irvinne Heather C.

September 1, 2015


Fr. Delfo Canceran, OP

Reflection Paper Make a Difference

The service started with a testimony. The person testified on how she was made
into a bitter broken person. The bitterness continued until she was invited to go to church
by her friend, she was able to learn about Gods great love. She began to have a positive
outlook on life and had an epiphany of leading a discipleship program to help make a
difference to the youth who have experienced same instances as her. The pastor followed
up with her testimony, and continued with the message. He said that everyone could be a
salt or light, making bland food to tasteful or darkness to light. We can help others no
matter what circumstance as long as you have compassion. He cited a somewhat similar
story from the Bible, the story of Naaman. He was an elite, yet he was a leper. He was
able to talk to a little girl, who was a captive from war, she wanted to help him and so she
informed him about Elisha. There were some obstacles for him to accept Elishas advice,
but in the end, he followed through and was healed thru the power of God, and became a
believer of the Almighty. All this was because of the little girl.
I am nothing. I am nobody. I am stupid. I am These were the thoughts that
lingered my mind constantly. As you can see, I always thought of myself as a waste of
earthly flesh, and who am I to lead people to Christ when I cant even bring myself out of
worldly matters. Even if I know Jesus existence and love, I was still confused and blind.
My mind was filled with negativity, which hindered me to hear Gods calling to my heart.
I always told myself that I am a sinner and my words will hold no weight. I constantly
compared myself to others, saying that I can never do that, as I am useless, but this
message made me realize that I can be a use to God despite of my faults. No matter what,
I should exhibit grace and kindness. I still have a long way to go, but I have done my first
step. Though I am not yet fully renewed, but my mind now is set to receive God wholly
and help others receive him also. I can be that little girl who was the middleman for
Namaan and God. Even with all the misfortune she got, she still managed to have
compassion to help others. Like her, with a simple story, I can uplift others; I can make a
difference in their lives that they are in dire need. I dont need to do any grand scale
program to make a difference, I can do so one person at time.