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ENGLISH 10 Week # 2






Bellwork: What do you know about

Native American Literature?
Group work Collage discussion. Present
Intro. Native American Literature
Bellwork discussion
Bump Read The Sun Still Rises in the
Same Sky Independent note-taking
PPT class discussion
TERMINOLOGY: Simile, Metaphor
Bellwork: How did the World begin?
Coyotes Dream YouTube video.
Bump Read The Sky Tree
Book questions Groups pg 26 #1-5
TERMINOLOGY: Myths, Oral Tradition,
Archetypes, Compare, Contrast
Bellwork: HW Check compare/contrasts.
Create your own myth about an origin.
Write from the perspective of a Native
American. Choose from the topics of: how
the earth came to be, why the first tears
were cried, why the birds sing, why the
sun crosses the sky. Be Creative!
Student myth examples.
Link American Dream Native American
Literature. Drumbeat group discussion
and presentation.
*Native American Literature Quiz
Vocabulary: Perspective
Bellwork: Three minute quiz cram
Quiz Native American Literature
Intro. to Puritans Background and
contributions to Lit.
10 Commandments
Bellwork: Entrance slip five things you
know about the Puritans
Intro. Anne Bradstreet
Reading Upon the Burning with packet.

Create your own similes and

metaphors worksheet.

Complete comparison/
contrast chart between
Coyote Dream and The
Sky Tree

Prepare for Native American

Quiz. All texts, vocabulary,
and notes.

Finish Upon the Burning