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Azza Rashed Ali Al Shehhi

Al Dhait, Ras Al Khaimah

United Arab Emirates



Obtaining a good teaching position in government school as it is

my passion. Furthermore, I am seeking to work actively in
teaching and to use my methods and my creativity. I am looking
also to work collaboratively and share experiences with other


Higher College of Technology, Bachelor of Education in Primary

Generalist Teaching.
Expected in
December 2015

Teaching Experiences:

Student teacher:
Umm Al Dardaa School Girls (Grade 7), March April 2015 (7
Prepared daily lesson plans and taught English classes for 7 weeks.
Implemented activities with different interactions; individual, pairs and group
Assisted the learners during and after the classes to enhance and ensure their
understanding of
the lesson.
Assessed students with appropriate written and oral feedback on their
Discussed the students progression with the teachers.
Participated and organized a workshop for elementary students about How to
do your school project successfully.
Collaborated with grade 7 students to prepare a competitions and a morning
assembly for whole school.

Qubaa Elementary School Girls (Grade 8), November December

2014 (3 weeks).
- Planned Science lesson based on the 5 Es strategy.
- Taught and monitor Science lessons using learning centers and experiments.
- Observed and supported my peer with reflective feedback.
Ibn Dhaher Primary School Boys (Grade 1), April May 2014 (3
- Observed Math, Science and Literacy classes and learnt strategies from
different instructors.
- Implemented the MAG curriculum and built Math lesson plans for grade 1.
- Delivered Math lessons using a range of manipulative and problem solving

Ras Al Khaimah English Speaking School - (Grade 3), November

December 2013 (3 weeks).
Discussed the lesson plan planning with other English teachers.
Worked with multi-culture class and planned for 2 literacy and Science
Practiced and applied read aloud and readers theater sessions for grade 3
Designed a creative bulletin board using the students writing.

AL Ghob Elementary School Girls (Grade 8), April May 2013 (3

- Operated and designed English lesson plans.
- Taught 6 English lessons focusing on the speaking and communication skills.
Rufaida Al Ansareyah School Girls (Grade 4), December 2012 (3
- Established and practiced the use of lesson plans for Math, English and
- Applied learning through play theory for grade 4 students twice a week
(during 3weeks).
Al Hamham Secondary School Girls (Grade 12), Ras Al Khaimah
English Speaking School (KG) and AL Monsoor Primary School Boys
(Grade 5), April 2012 (2 days in each school).
- Observed the differences in teaching methods throughout government and
private school with different levels of students.
- Learnt to observe and take notes in order to establish a debate and

:Achievements Certifications

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (Band: 6).

October 2014
Leadership and Cultural Event Management.
Organizing and running Math A Live Exhibition.
March 2014
Emergencies & Crises Management Training.
Best GPA Award, Primary Education, RKWC.
2012 2013

Interests and Skills:

Interested in planning and presenting workshops about using the Microsoft

Office and Adobe Photoshop for a beneficial to teaching field.

Eager to tutor the learners in after school activities to improve their English

Willing to participate collaboratively with the school events and meetings.


Shamma Al Naqbi
Chair of Foundations RKWC
E-mail: Tele: 07
2026 703
Fatema Al Mansoori
English Teacher Umm Al Darda School

Colleen Menichini

Faculty-B.Ed Primary Education RKWC

E-mail: Tele: 07
2026 661