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Section 3 BS 8110-2:1985 Table 3.1 gives values of the coefficient K for various common shapes of bending moment diagram. As the calculation method does not describe an elastic relationship between moment and curvature, deflections under complex loads cannot be obtained by summing the deflections obtained by separate calculation for the constituent simpler loads, A value of K appropriate to the complete load should be used. Table 3.1 — Values of K for various bending moment diagrams joa *& “| Co" at Ww 3 4g? 'M =Walt-a)/ tart Key » 10.0625 —_—— al wW/2 w/2_al, f } gt rT git : 6 load at end K = 0333 2-2) 12 ta=1k=025 8 K=0083 (1-4) Mat Me © BST07.2001 19