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My name is Carlos Iniesta and I am writing to let you knowabout myinterest in getting involved in a
fellowship project in the Center of Excellence for TransgenderHealth that you manage.I discovered
your work through the website. I found it really useful and interesting during the development of my
Public HealthMaster'sThesisin transgender peoplesaccess to healthcareanddiscriminationandmy
colleagueChristianGilBorrelli has encouragedmetopursue afellowshipinyourCenter.As amedical
doctor currently undertaking a 4year medical residency in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, I
have the opportunity togoelsewherefortrainingasanexternalrotationorplacementwiththesupportof

Through my studying of social inequalities in health, I have learntthat genderis one ofthestrongest
determinants for population in general, taking a special relevance for transgendered people. Not just
because of the discrimination suffered, but also because of the medicalizedprocess which often lasts
throughout the course of life. Mymaster thesis inPublicHealthdealtwiththetransgenderidentities and
health problemsin Spain (access tohealth care, consequences ofpathologization,andmainperceived
health problem, considering transphobia as a major health determinant) Icarriedoutarevisionof the
subject in Spain and designed a mixed study including a national survey. Within the nextmonths,my
research team and Iare planningto applyforseveralresearchgrantsin ordertocarrythisstudyout.My
aim with this study is to improve the unequal social situation of a collective that has been steadily
marginalized in many of lifes dimensions, as well as increase the empowerment of transgendered

Workingwithyouat theCenterof Excellence for TransgenderHealthwouldallowme tolearnfromyour

vastexperience. As thistopicisbecomingincreasinglyrelevant inmycountry,Ithinkitsreallyimportant
for a PublicHealth professionaltoacquiretheskillsnecessarytotakeacentralroleinbuildinguphealth
policies and programs that guarantee transgendered peoples health. For this, I would be specially

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to schedule a skype interview or a call to further discuss