Democrazia 2.

0 – sostenibilità Scheda 2 Gruppo: AMAZIONIAN RAINFOREST
Analisi SWOT:“Lessons from Germany” STRENGHTS: 1. Good for environment and people 2. complex and realistic project 3. more competitive in the long terms 4. politically coherent

WEAKNESSES: 1. Less competitive in the short term 2. Beurocracy relied to a change in the energy sources 3. Unfaith in case of mistakes 4. No short term gain in term of energy prices

OPPORTUNITIES: THREATS: 1. Possibility to share, sell and give the 1. Non – sustainable countries can be experience in implementation of new economically ahead (in the short terms) sources of energy to other countries 2. Be energetically independent from other countries 3. Assure surviving (in the case of Europe) Commenti/riflessioni: The group decided to do a SWOT analysis about an hipotetycal country which decides to follow sustainable politics in terms of energy

Analisi SWOT: “US Supports Nuclear Reactors in Georgia” – STRENGHTS: WEAKNESSES: 1. Clean energy source 1. No effects in term of votes 2. More employment opportunities 2. No support by Republican party and public 3. Nuclear power is a core component of a opinion to the energy task comprehensive energy plan 3.Criticism from some environmental group 4. nuclear energy does not represent the cheapest, neither the fastest way to reduce the global warming 5. What to do with nuclear waste OPPORTUNITIES: 1. new jobs 2. Climate legislation and new energy bills 3. Motivation to build power plants THREATS: 1. Possibility not to succeed the system of investments and in that way nuclear energy 2. Earthquakes and natural disasters 3. The possibility to waste money, time and resources in building power stations while it wasn't approved by the government


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