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Democrazia 2.0 – Sostenibilità Scheda 1 Gruppo:

Democrazia 2.0 – Sostenibilità Scheda 1 Gruppo:

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Published by: YourTime Democrazia2.0 on Mar 02, 2010
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Democrazia 2.

0 – sostenibilità Scheda 1 Gruppo: AMAZONIAN RAINFOREST
Sostenibilità socio culturale: Our generation has the right to choose which socio-cultural environment ha wants to be part of, but without destroying the same possibility for the future generations. Socio-cultural sustainability is based on respect for different cultures and the neglection of imposing one culture on the other or regarding one culture as superior to the other

Sostenibilità politica: Is the longterm collective decisions/agreements/normatives in politics in order to use efficiently the resources in the world so that we can ensure a better future for our next generations at local, national and global level. Spreading this point of view we can achieve a right balance between the economy, social and nature systems

Sostenibilità economica: Economic development while thinking about environment social systems and next generations

Sostenibilità ambientale: Live in harmony with the nature and the environment: we give back what we take from nature. It's related to individual decisions in everyday life but also to goernments' decisions.

Commenti/riflessioni: We proposed one symbol which is a drwing of a balance with three arms which represent economics, society and environment and the base represents the political process viewed as a link to the other three fields.

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