Democrazia 2.

0 – sostenibilità Scheda 1 Gruppo:3_ Universal Suffrage
Sostenibilità socio culturale: The respect of every single identity with a general point of view and without being influenced by economical interests and globalization and without adopting radical positions.

Sostenibilità politica: Democracy is the best form of government, but sometimes in some countries it works bad; importance to take good decisions and not popular ones; to educate people to vote; deal with decisions taken thinking forward and not only to the present

Sostenibilità economica: Must be stable economic, social guarantee, quality of life. Need to be supported by a general theory of national behaviour, in order to maximize social welfare, in the respect of individual preferences. There can't be economical sustainability without education, logical and racional thinking.

Sostenibilità ambientale: being aware of the impact our actions have on the nature; don't waste! and recycle what you use: use less, use better; to think about the next generations and to be good examples; to keep a livable planet

Commenti/riflessioni: Symbols: - a un-written paper, in order to use less and use better - a eolic generator shaped as the Y of youth generation