Democrazia 2.

0 – sostenibilità Scheda 2 Gruppo: European Union
Analisi SWOT: Spanish town bid to welcome nuclear waste site divides region Punti di forza: Punti deboli: 1. needs of jobs 1. health 2. huge grants from the government 2. decreasing of tourism 3. evidence and transparency in treating 3. community division and affording the problem of the nuclear 4. the government gives more importance waste to economic issues rather than ethics and health 5. disadvantages for people involve different activities

Opportunità: 1. research center and incentives from the government 2. jobs 3. economical growth

Minacce: 1. health 2. political instability 3. retreat of different and healthier economic activities 4. pollution of the land/water/air 5. lack of external control on the process of stock and disposal of nuclear waste


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