Democrazia 2.

0 – sostenibilità Scheda 1 Gruppo: PANDA
Sostenibilità socio culturale: It's difficult to find a common definition because we have different social and cultural backgrounds. The solution is to create a common background based on shared knowledge. The very important thing is to share information: everyone should be at the same time user and producer of information, but the problem is that in this way there are a lot of informations and it's difficult to choose one as correct. Sostenibilità politica: There should be a global politic of sustainability, shared and usefull for every country. The politic should be based on informed citizen and it's important that politician are educated about sustainable issues.

Sostenibilità economica: The goal of economy should be to find a balance between social classes. Otherwise rich people will become richer and poor people will become poorer. We realise that deleting the economic differences is an utopy, but it must be the long goal of our society. For an economic sustainibility we should invest on clean tecnology. It's important that we are models improving our life styles because economy can't change by itself: we have to start changing. The first step is to make people believe that actually they can do something. Sostenibilità ambientale: The environment includes all the other sustainibilities. Environmental sustainability is based on balance and on responsability in using resources. We must have a sustainable beahavior not only for us but also for other people who lives in our planet and for future generations.