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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2015 @ 8:15

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2015 @8:15
I. Welcome and Introduction
II. Attendance
III. What is CMS Student Council?
We are the primary student leadership group for Creekland Middle School. We are students
from a wide variety of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. We are members of the
National Association of Student Councils, the Southern Association of Student Councils,
and the Georgia Association of Student Councils. We are a service organization focused on
helping others. We are representatives of the student body who promote positive change in
our school. We come together to form a world-class student council. We are nice. We do not
judge. We work for change. We are creators. We change lives. We SOAR.
IV. Requirements to be a Member
In order to be a member, you must be enrolled at Creekland Middle School in 6th, 7th, or 8th
grade. You will maintain a 2.5 GPA in your coursework and receive no grade lower than C
in any of your classes (Executive Board must maintain a 3.0). You will not receive a
citation, referral, or any other consequence for a violation of school or classroom rules. You
will be an active participant in Student Council. If you find that your grades are falling, we
want you to be a self-advocate and ask for help before they drop below a 2.5. Being a
member provides you with a support system to help you with any of your academic needs.
V. Values: We are dedicated to personal and academic excellence.
As a member of the Creekland Student Council,
I will practice personal and academic integrity.
I will respect the rights and property of others.
I will not be judgmental and will discourage bullying.
I will respect individuals regardless of gender, race, or cultural background.
I will strive to learn from the differences in people, ideas, and opinions.
I will demonstrate concern for others, their feelings, and support their growth and

VI. Loyalty Points

Students who are members of student council may earn loyalty points for participating in
school activities. Participation in many activities will have a limited number of participants
and participation will be based on points. Also, STUCO covers all or part of the expenses
for students for some activities and the amount of scholarship that is given is based on
accumulated points.
A few examples of how points are assigned:

Grade Level: You receive either 6, 7, or 8 loyalty points depending on grade level.
Member Last Year: You will receive 1 loyalty point for being a member in 2013-2014
and 1 loyalty point for being a member in 2014-2015 (maximum 2 points).
Executive Board: You will receive 5 points if serving on the Executive Board for 20152016 plus 1 additional point for each you have served on the board (maximum 7
You receive 2 points for participating in before or after school activities.
You receive 1 point for participating in during school activities.
You can also lose points that you have earned for not following through with your
responsibilities and commitments.

VII. Activities
We have a variety of activities and service projects planned for the upcoming year. As we
meet, we will be adding more to our list. Our focus this year is providing more
opportunities for Student Activities. Research indicates students involved in school
activities are successful. Please check the website for a list of all of our activities and
projects. Sign-Ups will be available on Schoology.
VIII. Creekland Student Council Website
The Creekland Student Council website is found at This will be
changing to or in the next few weeks.
This is to be used for general information only.
IX. Schoology
We use a website called Schoology for all Student Council business. This website is allows
us to communicate, plan, track points, RSVP for meetings and activities, sign up for
projects, etc. The information on Schoology is more updated than the information on the
website. Members must always use the Schoology site. There is an app for Schoology that
you can install on your Iphone, IPad or Android devices.
X. ID Cards
All members of Student Council will have a picture ID made to use for school functions,
activities, and events.


Schoology is an online learning classroom and social networking site that allows the
members of student council to work, communicate, plan, and collaborate in order to
maximize our time and resources. By using Schoology, we are able to make our meetings
more productive and focused by making many decisions in a virtual classroom.
Each Student Council Member is required to register for Schoology and be an active
participant. All Student Council business and all messages relating to Student Council are
delivered through Schoology.
You must sign up for a Schoology Account and enter the Introduction to Schoology Course.
Once the course is completed, you will be given access to the full Student Council site.
The course is a series of assignments that must be completed online within the time frame
given. No late work will be accepted.
Here are your login instructions. Follow then EXACTLY.
1. Go to
2. Click Sign Up on the website

3. Click STUDENT

4. Enter the following code:

Then click CONTINUE

5. Enter the following

information in the boxes:
Your First Name (what we call
Your Last Name
Your USERNAME will be your
Your Password will be:
Everyone will enter January 1,
2000 as their birthday.
UNCHECK the box that says
Receive Periodic Schoology
Click Register