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php?id=137329 .DERIVATIVES OF SOME CLASSICAL ‘ENTREMENTS CHAUDS’ Click below to see the Table esource/

ac.Egg based Bread and Butter Pudding and Cabinet pudding Click below for Bread and Butter Recipe http:// moodle.php?id=137330 Cabinet Pudding .u k/mod/resource/view .wortech.

Batter based  Pear fritters with Apricot sauce insert recipe from book  Crepe Parisienne with Strawberries and compote insert recipe  Clafoutis .

ac.php?id=137332 .Pudding soufflé Vanilla pudding soufflé Click below for the recipe http://

uk/mod/resource/view.Beignet Soufflé Beignets are traditionally served with chocolate sauce Click below for the recipe http:// .

Suet pastry Traditionally suet puddings would be served with Custard sauce Steamed Jam RolyPoly Spotted Dick .

Paste based Apple Strudel video (you may want to start the video about minute 6) .

Pies and crumbles Apple pie Traditionally fruit pies and crumbles would be served with Crème Anglaise. .

Fruit based using bread Apple charlotte .

Hot Rice Based Dessert Vanilla rice pudding with Rhubarb compote Traditionally rice desserts would be served with a fruit coulis .