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SULIT 1119/2 1119/2 Bahasa Inggeris Kertas 2 Ogos/September CIES 2s 2% jam MAKTAB RENDAH SAINS MARA PEPERIKSAAN SIJIL PENDIDIKAN, MRSM 2015 ee PERATURAN PEMARKAHAN BAHASA INGGERIS Kertas 2 Dua jam lima belas minit aaa nme UNTUK KEGUNAAN PEMERIKSA SAHAJA. AMARAN Peraturan pemarkahan ini SULIT dan Hak Cipta Bahagian Pendidikan Menengah MARA. Kegunaannya khuisus untuk pemeriksa yang berkenaan sahaja, Sebarang maklumat dalam peraturan pemarkahan ini tidak boleh dimaklumkan kepada sesiapa. [Lihat halaman sebelah 1119/2 ©r01s Hak cipta Pendidikan Menengah MARA, SULIT SULIT 2 1119/1 SECTION A Assessment objectives To test candidates’ ability to: + Read and comprehend the rubric ‘© Use the information given to display an understanding of the task “© Generate ideas within the specific framework provided “ Use clear and accurate standard of English in the response, using a style and tone appropriate to the task Marking Method Each script should be read slowly and annotated as detailed in the marking scheme. A ‘comment at the end of the script is sometimes helpful when checking accuracy of the marking, particularly when the script has produced an answer which is not entirely catered for the marking scheme, but which is a valid response to the task and therefore should be given credit. ‘+ Indicate errors of language by underlining the word or phrase where the mistake occurs '* Indicate by a tick (¥) , good appropriate vocabulary, structure and tone ‘Award marks on ‘best fit’ basis by referring to the Criteria for Marking Language ‘The qualities to be awarded are: © accurate standard English © style and tone appropriate to the task Candidates need not use exact words given in the stimulus. However, own language must convey the same meaning The objectives above are rewarded as follows: Detailed Marking Instructions This question is assessed as follows: 1) Allocation of Marks FORMAT 3 marks CONTENT — : 12 marks LANGUAGE : 20 marks TOTAL 35 marks SULIT 3 1119/1 2) Format & Content Marks: Point na POINTS Mark(s) Format FL Greet audience 1 F2_ | Mention purpose of the talk 1 F3__| Appropriate ending i Content Ci_| Show aggressive behaviour I E1__| Elaboration of Cl I C2_ | Affaid of doing something wrong i E2__ | Elaboration of C2 i €3__| Unexplained injuries 1 E3__| Elaboration of C3 T C4__ | Extremely passive H 4 _| Elaboration of C4 i C5_| Always missing from school i ES Elaboration of CS 1 C6 | A way to help child abuse vietims 1 C7_ | Away to help child abuse victims I Total| 15