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1, 4 - butyrolactone
Gamma Butyrolactone. CAS no. : 96-48-0 MDL number: MFCD00005386
Molecular weight: 86.09 EINECS no. : 202-509-5
Molecular formula: C4H6O2 molecular structure:
Alias: gamma butyrolactone; Gamma - butyric acid lactone; Gamma hydroxybutyrate
Chemical properties of 1, 4 - butyrolactone, quality standard and use
Chemical properties
Colorless transparent liquid. Can miscibility with water and general organic sol
vent. Slightly soluble in aliphatic
Refractive index n20 / D 1.436 (lit.)
Flash point 209 ¡ã F
2-8 ¡ã C, storage conditions
? water solubility MISCIBLE
Merck 13159 6
Melting point - 45 ¡ã C (lit.)
Boiling point of 204-204 ¡ã C (lit.)
? density of 1.12 g/mL at 25 ¡ã C (lit.)
? vapor density 3 (vs air)
1.5 mm Hg, vapor pressure (20 ¡ã C)
? FEMA 3291
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1 L SUNAI GBL Cleaner $ 170
2 L SUNAI GBL Cleaner $ 270
3 L SUNAI GBL Cleaner $ 370
5 L SUNAI GBL Cleaner $ 520
10 L SUNAI GBL Cleaner $ 715
15 L SUNAI GBL Cleaner $ 895
20 L SUNAI GBL Cleaner $ 965
30 L SUNAI GBL Cleaner $ 1075
50 L SUNAI GBL Cleaner $ 1557
Quality standard
, use 1 gamma butyrolactone is a kind of strong solubility, non-toxic, safe and
convenient to use the management of high boiling point solvents, used for butadi
ene, aromatic hydrocarbons in petroleum processing, high-grade grease extraction
agent; Used for acrylic fiber spinning solvent in the chemical fiber industry,
such as wool, nylon, acrylonitrile fiber dyeing auxiliaries. In organic synthesi
s, GBL also has a wide range of USES, it is a synthesis of alpha pyrrolidone, N
- methyl pyrrolidone, vinyl pyrrolidone, acetyl - gamma butyrolactone, ring and
other raw materials, is a synthetic pesticides, herbicides, drugs within the bra
in, ciprofloxacin, vitamin B1, such as chlorophyll intermediates. Butyric acid i
s also used in synthesis of chlorobenzene oxygen radicals class herbicides, plan
t growth regulator.
, use 2 gamma butyrolactone is plant growth regulator indolebutyric acid interme
, USES 3 used to produce ring propylamine, pyrrolidone, such as drugs, is also t
he industrial solvent, thinner, curing agent, etc
? USES 4 used as gas chromatographic stationary liquid, synthetic butyric acid,
succinic acid and other intermediates and solvents