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Personal Data
Department of Business Management
B33 Nelson Hall, Box 7229
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, N. C. 27695
(919) 515-6940

2204 Weybridge Drive
Raleigh, N. C. 27615
(919) 872-6702

University of North Carolina Ph.D.
University of North Carolina Masters
University of North Carolina A.B


Chartered Financial Analyst designation—since 1982
Honors: 1) Outstanding Teacher Award, 1993,
2) Board of Governors Teaching Award, 1998
Teaching Experience
Edwin Gill Professor of Finance– 1983 to present
North Carolina State University - Professor - 1978
North Carolina State University - Associate Professor of Economics and Business--1974/1978
North Carolina State University - Assistant Professor of Economics--1970/1974
Indiana University - Assistant Professor of Finance - 1969/1970
University of North Carolina - Instructor - 1968
Teaching Interests

Research Interests

Managerial Finance
Risk Management
Money & Capital Markets

Asset Allocation Decisions
Rate of Return on Assets
Stock Selection Models
Quarterly Earnings Surprises

Undergraduate, Masters
Courses Taught
Financial Management—
Investments-Risk Management
Money & Capital Markets

BUS 420, BUS 520
BUS 422, BUS 522
BUS 524
BUS 528

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The Southern Economic Journal.A. Financial Management Abstractor. The C. reappointed 1981 Editorial Board .1971 . Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.Southern Finance Association .1977-1981.The Journal of Financial Research .1976 Reviewer. 1982 North Carolina Society of Financial Analysts Member: American Finance Association Eastern Finance Association Western Finance Association Southern Finance Association Financial Management Association Associate Editor . 500+ abstracts of journal articles Executive Committee . Digest.F. Financial Management Association .12 PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES Chartered Financial Analyst.Journal of Business Research .1973-1974 1982 Program Committee.

2005-2006 Funds were raised by Jack Wilson and myself from the College of Financial Planning and A. College Committee for Teaching Awards. Business Management Strategic Planning Committee. MBA Strategic Planning Committee. 2002-2003. 2003-2004. CRC Committee—Classroom Evaluation 2001-2002 . COM Restructuring Committee. 2004-2005. 2003-2004 Member. 2008-2009 Chair. 2003-2004 Member. 2007-2008 Chair. Max Gardner Award Committee. G. Newsweek. College Committee for Teaching Awards. 2005 Chair. 2000-2001 Member. 2002-2003. 2008-2009 Chair. 2001-2002. Head. Textbook Selection Committee. 2007-2008. 2003-2004. 2001-2002. 2005-2006 Advisor to Faculty Recruiting Committee for Finance. contributed to Business Management Enhancement Fund. 2004-2005. April 1. College Committee for Teachinig Awards. 2006-2007. 2005-2006. Finance faculty Comprehensive Review Committee. 2002-2003 Chair. College Accreditation Committee Member. 2008-2009 Area Coordinator of Finance: 2008-2009. ad hoc Committee for the 5-year evaluation of Dept. Edwards Brokerage. PTR Committee. 2002 Member. O. College Committee for Teaching Awards. 2006-2007. 2000-2006 Member. Summative Review for Rob Handfield. 2003-2004 Member. 2003 Chair. Finance Recruiting Committee 2001-2002 Research by Charles Jones and Jack Wilson was mentioned in an article in Newsweek on retirement planning—Jane Bryant Quinn. 2007-2008. 2005-2006.13 DEPARTMENTAL AND COLLEGE ACTIVITIES Member.

Member-University Group Insurance and Welfare Committee 1975-76. Committee for Selection of Outstanding Teacher. State of North Carolina . . 1976. Chair. Finance position. Chair. College Committee for Teaching Awards. 1998-1999 Finance Search Committee. Member-Ad Hoc Committee on Consulting. 1977-78. 2000 Dean’s Search Committee. Faculty Recruitment Committee. 1991-1992 Chair. 1998-1999 Member. 1996 Dean’s Search Committee. Faculty Recruitment Committee. 1989-90 Advisor-Office of the Governor. AACSB Committee on Faculty Development. 1977-78. School of Liberal Arts 1975. Department of Economics and Business.14 Chair. Search Committee.C. Member-Ad Hoc Committee on Master of Management Degree for N. 1998-1999 Member. 1998-2003 Chair. Faculty Recruitment. School of Liberal Arts. 1976-77. 2000-2001 Combined Campaign Representative for Business Management. 1995-1998 Chair. State University. Nations Bank Search Committee. Department of Economics and Business. Business Management Review Committee. Member-Outstanding Teacher of the proposal for the Biotechnology Foundation. 1992-1993 Chair. 1998-1999 Department Head Search Committee. 1985-86.

15 Chair. 1980-81. Member-Undergraduate Business Management Review Committee 1981-82. . Gill Chair Evaluation Committee.

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