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How to fix this alarm "RF UNIT RX CHANNEL RTWP/RSSI Unbalanced " -->

1.found out to be cross jumper installation during cable regrooming activity
2.Hi, probably you have jumpers crossed between the main and diversity, open the
LMT and then go to the monitor tab, and find an option that is called Board RTW
P, find the RRU board number and then yo can see if the rtwp between both ports
is unbalanced. if the difference is too much you have your jumpers crossed, try
discarding first the jumpers coming from antenna , later the filter (if you have
) and finally the RRU.
High RTWP on Cells:
For interference classification, consider the flow:
Internal Interference:
· The RTWP of main and diversity is usually irrelevant. If the RTWP is relevant, t
here must be special causes, such as the main and diversity are combined at some
· The interference is related to traffic. The interference occurs less probably wh
en traffic is lower.
· The RTWP fluctuates sharply, as great as about 10 dB, or even greater than 10 dB
· The interference will last for a period, without mutational change, which is dif
ferent from that of external interference.
· In terms of time feature of RTWP, the RTWP changes irregularly.
External interference:
· The interference to main or diversity is relevant. Namely, in terms of time, the
interference to main or diversity trends similarly, and the difference between
them is within 5 dB.
· The external interference affects multiple cells that are geographically borderi
· In terms of time feature of RTWP, the external interference is mutational, the i
nterference occurs at a regular point and in a regular period, and lasts for a r
egular period (exceptions are microwave interference, improperly configured gain
of repeaters, so the RTWP is not mutational).

Check interference.(Measure RTWP when there is no load and if it is near -106, y
ou have no RTWP interference)
Check alarms(probably some jumper issue)
Check cell load( If RTWP is higher when user number is higher, you need to share
the load with other cells)
Limit the HSUPA user number if you have 40 or more(go for 35 and lower till you
see you are reaching an appropriate value)
Open features like IC(interference cancelation) in order to help improve the RTW
Open HSPA state transfer( users can go from HSPA to fach) in order to decrease t
he load.(check FACH usage as you may need to add another SCCPCH channel).
Change "Inactive timer" UPSINACTIVETIMER from 20s to 10s in order to save channe
l resources and release faster the inactive users.
If the RTWP is higher than -106 even during night hours(means no load on the cel
l) and you cannot find the source of the interference check "MOD RXBRANCH" in No
deB level and modify RTWPINITADJUST till a value you get near RTWP(actual value)
Check neighbor relations for interference(Usually this is the main cause of RTWP

Common Solution for RTWP in Cellular Netword Optimization

soaked or damaged.The feeder connected to the RF unit is faulty. For example.The TMA is faulty. the feeder connector is loos e. c. 2. NSN PRX total is RTWP PRN Noise is Noise floor = Thermal Noise + Noise Figure = Background Noise PRX Noise = Thermal noise + NF Thermal Noise = -108 dbm NF= i dont know the exactly value for NSN Noise Figure (you can get in NSN doc) but usually. 3. which results in a high passive intermodulation power of the main antenna.The setting of attenuation of the RF unit is incorrect. Check VSWR Check any new activation in RNC Also check external interference with the help of spectrum analyzer.The setting of attenuation on the RX channel of the RF unit is incorrect.The RF unit malfunctions.The RF unit is faulty. b. Check Jumper cable.External interferences exist on the main or diversity antenna of the RF unit. ALM-26522 RF Unit RX Channel RTWP/RSSI Unbalanced Possible Causes a. e.- Most common solution is configuration issue in RNC and RBS.External interferences exist on the antenna connected to the RF unit. c. which results in a high passive intermodulation power of the main antenna. which one alarm happend ? 1.The attenuation setting of the RX channel of the RF unit is incorrect. ALM-26239 RX Channel RTWP/RSSI Unbalanced Between RF Units Possible Causes a. c. PRX noise is -105 or -106 .The main RX channel or diversity RX channel of the RF unit is faulty. or the feeder is deformed. b.The feeder installation is improper. d. b. d.The feeder connected to the RF unit is faulty. d.The main RX channel or diversity RX channel of the RF unit is faulty. ALM-26521 RF Unit RX Channel RTWP/RSSI Too Low Possible Causes a.