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Ladies,  Have  You  Ever  had  a  Man  Pursue  You  and  

You  Did  Not  Want  that  Man  to  Pursue  You?  
If  he  truly  did  love  you,  he  would  leave  you  alone.    
That  is  exactly  what  Sovereign  Yahweh,  the  Creator  or  Supreme  Being,  does.  
Described  by  defender  Frank  Turek1  and  paraphrased  by  Vobo  
After   you   read   Vobo’s   paraphrase,   you   are   welcome   to   consider   clarification   on   your   liberty   to  
either  accept  or  reject  Yahweh  and  how  Vobo  refers  to  Yahweh  in  life  and  love.  
There   are   only   two   possibilities   if   Sovereign   Yahweh   exists.   In  
eternity  either  you  are  going  to  be  with  Him  or  you  are  not  going  to  
be  with  Him.  That  is  logically  the  only  two  options.  If  you  want  to  be  with  Him,  you  will  seek  Him  
out   and   be   with   Him.   If   you   do   not   want   to   be   with   Him,   Yahweh   will   not   force   you   into   His  
presence  against  your  will.  
Description  paraphrase  

Ladies,  have  you  ever  had  a  man  pursue  you  and  you  did  not  want  that  man  to  pursue  you?  You  
did   not   want   to   date   him.   Of   course   many   ladies   had   this   experience.   OK,   ladies,   suppose   this   man  
continues   to   pursue   you   and   you   say,   “I   only   like   you   as   a   friend.”   But   suppose   he   continues   to  
pursue  you  and  it  gets  to  the  point  where  he  says,  “Look,  I  love  you  so  much  I  am  going  to  force  
you  to  love  me.”  Can  he  do  that?  No,  he  cannot  do  that.  Love,  by  definition,  must  be  freely  given.  So,  
if  he  truly  did  love  you,  what  would  he  do?  He  would  leave  you  alone.  That  is  exactly  what  Yahweh  
does.  He  keeps  sending  us  cards,  letters,  and  flowers  while  we  are  here,  and  if  we  keep  rejecting  
Him  and  keep  rejecting  Him,  He  gives  us  up  to  our  own  desires.  And  that  ultimately  what  Hell  is.  It  
is   separation   from   Yahweh.   So,   you   are   free   in   Hell.   You   can   continue   to   reject  Yahweh   in   Hell,   but  
you   are   confined   in   Hell.   In   fact,   Hell   is   a   quarantine   of   evil.   That   is   what   it   is.   And   Heaven,   of  
course,  is  being  in  the  very  presence  of  Yahweh.  Yahweh  loves  you  too  much  to  force  you  into  His  
presence  against  your  will.  
According   to   Encyclopedia   Britannica,  
after   the   Jews   were   exiled   during   the   6th  
century   BC,   and   especially   from   the   3rd  
century  BC  on,  Jews  ceased  or  stopped  using  the  name  spelled  as  Yod-­‐Heh-­‐Vav-­‐Heh,  which  many  
scholars   suspect   was   pronounced   “Yahweh.”2  The   name   ceased   to   be   pronounced   because   Jews  
who   were   exiled   thought   it   too   holy   to   be   uttered   and   feared   violating   or   blaspheming   it.   As  
Judaism   became   a   universal   worldview   through   its   proselytizing   in   the   Greco-­‐Roman   world,   the  
more   common   noun   “Elohim,”   meaning   "God,"   tended   to   replace   “Yahweh”   to   demonstrate   the  
universal  sovereignty  of  Israel's  God  over  all  others.  In  doing  so,  however,  meaning  was  lost.  To  
restore  meaning,  Vobo  appreciates  using  the  name  “Yahweh.”  
Your  liberty  to  either  accept  or  reject  Yahweh  and  
how  Vobo  refers  to  Yahweh  in  life  and  love  

Likewise,   Vobo   prefers   to   use   Hebrew-­‐Aramaic   transliterated   name   “Yeshua”   the   Messiah,   as   he  
was   referenced   in   the   New   Covenant   in   the   Bible,   to   restore   meaning   instead   of   “Jesus   Christ,”  
which   resulted   from   Greek   and   English   translations.   Yeshua   the   Messiah   means   “Yahweh   saves   or  
delivers”  who  is  “the  Anointed  One.”  
1  Dr.  

Frank   Turek   is   a   Christian   Apologist,   award-­‐winning   author   or   coauthor,   and   public   speaker   at  
numerous  universities  and  conferences.  
2  “Yahweh,”  Encyclopedia  Britannica  (2014),  <>.  

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Ladies,  Have  You  Ever  had  a  Man  Pursue  You  and  You  Did  Not  Want  that  Man  to  Pursue  You?  

The   Bible   reveals   humankind   was   originally   created   in   the   image   of   Yahweh   to   express   life   and  
love,   Yahweh   is   abundant   in   life   and   wants   us   to   have   Yahweh   as   life,   and   Yahweh   considers   all  
redeemed  or  saved  people  as  a  universal  woman  with  Yahweh  loving,  providing,  and  always  ready  
to  save  redeemed  people.  The  Bible  refers  to  people  fulfilled  in  Yeshua  the  Messiah,  as  sons  and  
the   wife   of   Yahweh.   Since   Yahweh   is   described   as   Father   and   Husband,   the   Bible   refers   to   Yahweh  
as   He.   As   Yahweh's   sons,   all   redeemed   are   all   male   and   no   one   is   female.   As   Yahweh's   beloved,   on  
the  other  hand,  all  redeemed  are  all  female  and  no  one  is  male.  There  is  no  male  or  female  in  the  
new  creation.  Given  these  descriptions,  Vobo  follows  the  protocol  of  redeemed  people  referring  to  
Yahweh   as   their   source   of   life   as   Father   and   as   their   universal   hero   as   Husband.   Consequently,  
Vobo  refers  to  Yahweh  as  He  in  life  and  love.  
The  Bible,  which  consists  of  the  Old  Covenant  or  Tanakh  and  the  New  Covenant  or  B’rit  Chadashah,  
records   the   Creator’s   intimate   and   personal   name   that   human   beings   can   reference,   which   is  
spelled  with  four  Paleo  Hebrew  vowel-­‐consonant  or  semivowel  letters  as  Yod-­‐Heh-­‐Vav-­‐Heh,  and  is  
pronounced   and   transliterated   as   “Yahweh.”   The   four-­‐letter   or   Tetragrammaton   name   means,   “He  
is”  or  “He  causes  to  be.”  When  the  Creator  speaks  of  Himself,  he  says,  “Ehyeh  Asher  Ehyeh,”  which  
means,  “I  AM  WHO  I  AM,”  or  simply  “Ehyeh,”  which  means  “I  AM.”  This  signifies  the  Creator’s  eternal  
existence  and  presence.  3  
One   beauty   of   Yahweh’s   creation   is   this:   if   you   are   not   willing   to   accept   the   Good   News   of  
Christianity   or   Messianic   Fulfillment   as   recorded   and   revealed   in   the   Bible   and   corresponding  
evidence,   then   you   are   free   to   reject   it.   This   liberty   to   make   choices—even   the   liberty   to   reject  
truth—is  what  makes  us  moral  creatures  and  enables  each  of  us  to  choose  our  ultimate  destiny.  
This   really   hits   at   the   heart   of   why   we   exist   at   all,   and   why   Yahweh   might   not   be   as   overt   in  
revealing  Himself  to  us  as  some  would  like.  For  if  the  Bible  is  true,  then  Yahweh  has  provided  each  
of  us  with  the  opportunity  to  make  an  eternal  choice  to  either  accept  or  reject  Him.  And  in  order  to  
ensure  we  truly  have  liberty  to  choose,  He  puts  us  in  an  environment  that  is  filled  with  evidence  of  
His   existence,   but   without   His   direct   presence—a   presence   so   powerful   it   could   overwhelm   our  
liberty   and   thus   negate   our   ability   to   reject   Him.   In   other   words,   Yahweh   has   provided   enough  
evidence  in  this  life  to  convince  anyone  willing  to  believe,  yet  He  has  also  left  some  ambiguity  so  as  to  
not  compel  the  unwilling.   In   this   way,   Yahweh   gives   us   the   opportunity   either   to   love   or   reject   Him  
without   violating   our   liberty.   In   fact,   the   purpose   of   this   life   is   to   make   that   choice   freely   and  
without   coercion.   For   love,   by   definition,   must   be   freely   given.   It   There  is  enough  light  for  those  who  only  
cannot  be  coerced.  That  is  why  C.  S.  Lewis  wrote,  “the  Irresistible   desire   to   see,   and   enough   obscurity   for  
and  the  Indisputable  are  the  two  weapons  which  the  very  nature   those  who  have  a  contrary  disposition.  
of   [Yahweh’s]   scheme   forbids   Him   to   use.   Merely   to   over-­‐ride   a  
Blaise  Pascal  (1623–1662),  French  
human  will  (as  His  felt  presence  in  any  but  the  faintest  and  most   mathematician,  physicist,  inventor,  writer,  
and  Christian  philosopher  
mitigated  degree  would  certainly  do)  would  be  for  Him  useless.  He  
cannot  ravish.  He  can  only  woo.”4  
In   closing,   if   someone   could   provide   reasonable   answers   to   the   most   significant   questions   and  
objections   you   have   about   Christianity   or   Messianic   Fulfillment—reasonable   to   the   point   that  
Christianity   seems   true   beyond   a   reasonable   doubt—would   you   then   accept   the   invitation   and  
consider  becoming  a  Christian  or  Messianic?  
3  Exodus  3:14-­‐15  or  Sh’mot  314-­‐15.  
4  C.  S.  Lewis,  The  Screwtape  Letters  (Westwood,  NJ:  Barbour,  1961),  p.  46.