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1.) Which of the following metals is a refractory material?

a. Iron
b. Nickel
c. Tungsten
d. Copper
2.) Number of invariant Point in Standard Iron Carbon Phase Diagram?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 0
3.) Which Material Has Highest Melting Point?
a. C
b. W
c. Fe
d. Ni
4.) Unit of Dislocation Density is expressed as
a. m
b. m2
c. m-1
d. m-2
5.) Eutectic reaction occurs when
a. L
S1 + S2
b. L
S 1 + L1
c. S
S1 + S 2
d. L +S1
6.) The Pidgeon uses for Magnesium is
a. Carbon
b. Aluminum
c. Hydrogen
d. Ferro Silicon
7.) The important mineral for Tungsten is
8.) Collapsible tubes are made by which process
9.) Needle Like structure is called

With increase in Temperature Electrical Conductivity

Formula for Pentalandite is (Fe. d.) .Ni)9S8 (Fe.) Gold is namely Leached by Eidachy Cyanide 14. Which of the following bond is weaker bond Ionic Covalent Metallic Vanderwall 11. b. d. a. d. c. c. b. Lead d. Increases Decrease Constant Exponentially. c. Iron b. Under normal condition austenitic stainless steel is Non magnetic in nature Magnetic in nature Brittle in Nature Corrosive in Nature a. Zinc c.Ni)O(OH) (Ni. b. b. d.) a.a.Mg)3Si2O5(OH)4 CuFeS2 15. Aluminium 13.) 12. c.) Which of the following metals can be extraction through electro metallurgical a.