1. SIMONm. 1658 MARGARET WORMWOOD Simon and Margaret came from Scarborough and were in court 4 July 1659 and found guilty of fornication as they had a child before marriage. They were sentenced to receive "ten lashes apiece on their bare skin" at a public meeting either in Falmouth or Scarborough. Simon was a witness to Montague's will. John Sanders speaks of him as "his loving neighbour of Winter Harbour".(3) Simon was a witness in Cape Porpus in 1668, 1671 and 1672. He signed the petition in favor of the government by Massachusetts 28 Apr. 1668.(1) His name was on the list of inhabitants in the town grants in 1681.(2) Bradbury states that Simon and his family were taken prisoner in 1688 by the Indians and carried to Teconnet. Issue     1. John- m. Sarah ______, will 24 Nov. 1737-28 feb. 1738/9 Oyster River, NH 2II. RACHEL m. by 1692 JOSEPH CREDIFORD III. Dorcas- m. by 1700 Edward Evans IV. WilliamV. Mary- m. Reginald McDonald

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