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Specification report accompanying the Estimate for laying of 100mm

Dia Water supply line at Misrigunj H.NO-19-2-21/D/2/1 to 19-2-21/d/4
Under CB Section O&M Divison no-I Hyderabad.
Estimate cost: Rs.00.00 Lakhs

It is to submit that the Area Muncipal corporator inspected the above

locality the residents of the above locality complained that there is no
water supply main Existing in that area hence there are long connections
from main road due to which low pressure have been observed and the
Corporator consulted GM (Engg) O&M Div-I On this issue and has
requested for laying of Water Line for facilitating of drinking water to
people in that locality The General Manager Engg has inspected the site

has instructed to Prepare an Estimate taking amount from the

corporator Budget for sanction As per instructions have inspected the site
and along with Dy.GM (Engg) and have proposed 100 mm dia Water line
The Estimate costing Rs_____
Is prepared duly adopting Division proposed SSR Rates and has been put
up for approval
Early sanction of the Estimate is solicted

CB Section