" A witch calls over to two despicable women holding a little boy captive between them. The little boy tries to wrestle his arm away from their callous grip. The two wretched women stare at each other with bloodshot eyes and frothy lips, unsure if they should follow the witch, calling them from a dark alley. One of the women shouts back at the witch while smacking the little boy on the side of the head. "How do we know this isn't some sort of trick to cheat us out of our offering." "Shut up you stupid bitch! Hurry! Before the crowd thins out...and...They find you." The wretched woman looks away from the witch to see a policeman revealed through a crowd of pedestrians. Recoiling from the silver shield’s shine on the cop’s chest, they drag the little boy down a dim alley. His cries barely rise above roar of the street traffic.

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