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Jonathan Nestor

Journal 1: 2001 Reaction

In the clips we saw I reacted most strongly to the scene and discussion from 2001. I’ve been very
intrigued lately with Kubrick and his works, and 2001 was my gateway into his filmmaking mind.
Though I don’t (and might not ever) claim to fully understand what he intends with his films, the layers
upon layers upon layers of meanings he has worked into his imagery and story is astonishing. I find I
get a high level of intellectual appreciation from Kubrick work that many films lack. The scene (and
perhaps more specifically, the iconic graphic match) from 2001 exemplifies this idea. In that single cut
we are so subtly informed about many themes of the film: evolution, man and his tools/weapons, man
and his environment, man fighting for survival. The thing I learned that I found most interesting was
finding that the object orbiting Earth is a nuclear solo. The apes in the beginning are fighting over
water. As we cut to the future the old weapon (the bone) matches the new weapon (the nuclear missile)
pointing at the Earth (comprised of over 75% water). If the goal of storytelling in film is to effectively
communicate ideas quickly through imagery, this is perhaps filmmaking at its finest.