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One day, Faris went to Tanjong Malim to accompany his sister to register as a new student at
UPSI. He reached a traffic light in Tanjong Malim with a big signboard written “YIK MUN the
Famous Tg. Malim Pau Since 1926”. He also remembered reading about the pau in the internet.
Faris decided to stop at the restaurant to get a taste of the famous pau.
While he was enjoying the pau in the restaurant, Faris saw steam being released when the cook
opened the lid of the steamer. He also noticed that even though the pau was placed for a long
time in the steamer, it does not become overcooked and is ready to be served once taken out of
the steamer. The pau that he ate was very soft and not oily. He wondered how this is possible. As
the cook who prepared the delicious pau, explain to Faris how this happens.