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Democratic Lieutenant

Governor Nomination
All are welcome to submit their names and background information for

Instructions: Please fill out this form and attach it to an e-mail to You may also attach a separate resume and any background
information you believe may be relevant.

First name: North

Middle name/initial: by
Last name: Northwestern

Birth date:

Address at which you are registered to vote:

Street: 1845 Sheridan Road
Apt/Suite: Fisk Hall, Room B11 (but not on Friday or Saturday nights)
City: Evanston
Zip: 60208

Mailing address:
Street: 1845 Sheridan Road
Apt/Suite: Fisk Hall, Room B11
City: Evanston
Zip: 60208

Office phone: 847-834-9NBN

Home phone: Our office is our home.
Cell phone: Our office is mobile.
Fax: Not sure what that is, but here’s our twitter!


Additional questions:

1. Why are you a Democrat?

2. Have you previously held elected office? If so, which one(s)?

3. What do you believe are the greatest challenges facing the State of Illinois
and areas of greatest opportunity?

4. What strengths would you bring to the ticket?

5. Please list any organizations or elected officials that have endorsed your
candidacy for lieutenant governor.

Paid for by the Democratic Party of Illinois.