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S.Y. 20__ - 20___

NAME: __________________________________________ SCORE:__________

Direction: Read each sentence/question carefully then write the letter of the correct answer.
____1. The ____ are having a meeting. a. woman b. women
____2. The _____ make noise when someone gets near them a. goose b. geese
____3. _______ cap was given to him by his uncle. a. Carlos’ b. Carlos’s
____4. The department store sells ______ dresses.
a. children b. children’s c. childrens
____5. The man __ came here is my cousin a. that b. who c. which
____6. Nilo ____ made the beautiful star a. myself b. herself c. himself
____7. Did you visit them last month? a. No, I did. b. Yes, I didn’t c. No, I didn’t
____8. He wrote you, didn’t he? a. Yes he didn’t b. No, he didn’t c. No, he did.
____9. The sun _ in the east a. rise b. rises c. rose
____10. I _____ read in my room when I was in grade two.
a. used to b. uses to c. using to
____11. The pupils _____ in the yard when they were small.
a. use to play b. used to plays c. used to play
____12. The girls ___ a folk dance tomorrow.
a. is going to perform b. are going to perform c. are going to performs
____13. I ___ some plants for my garden next Saturday.
a. is going to buy b. are going to buys c. am going to buy
____14. _____ the lights when they are not in use.
a. Put on b. Put up c. Put off
____15. Mt. Apo is ___ Mt. Mayon. a. tall b. taller c. tallest
____16. Mt. Everest is the _________ in the world. a. tall b. taller than c. tallest
____17. “The boy needs help,” said Nita. This sentence is transformed as ______.
a. Nita said the boy needs help.
b. The boy said Nita needs help.
c. The boy helps Nita.
____18. “Mother cooks good food for us always”. This sentence when changed into a question
a. Does mother cooks good food for us always?
b. Does good food mother cooks for us always?
c. Does cook good foods mother for us always?
Select the meaning of the name/underlines word from the choices below. Write only the letter of the
correct answer.
____19. The pre- test is given to pupils during enrollment. When is the test given?
a. Beginning of the school year b. middle of the school year c. end of the year
____20. The clay hardens when dried.
a. Melts b. become soft c. becomes hard
____21. Ants store food during the dry season.
a. A place where one buys some things
b. To keep for future use
c. Things or amount saved for use in the future.
____22. Mother runs a sari- sari store.
a. Manages b. a quick movement c. tear in a stocking
____23. Their journey to Manila was long yet very exciting.
a. Trip b. sleep c. ride
____24. Swim in the shallow stream. Don’t go top the ____ river.
a. Tall b. high c. deep
Read the selections carefully and answer the questions after them.
____25. Father is a farmer. He has a carabao. He goes to the field.
Which is the best heading for the set of sentences above?
a. A Farmer b. A Carabao c. The Fields
____26. They’re writing a letter. They’re reading a book. They’re solving problems in Math.
The best heading for these sentences is __________.
a. School Work b. House Chores c. Children at Work
1. Dogs are man’s nest friends. 2 They help him in a variety of ways. 3. The pull sleds and carts for
him. 4. They protect him and his possessions. 5. They can be trained to so some tricks.
____27. Which sentence is the topic sentence?
a. Sentence 1 b. Sentence 2 c. Sentence 4

1. My mother will celebrate her birthday on

2. My sister and I will buy a present for her.
3. My sister will see the movie in town.
4. We will give her a book.
5. There is visitor in the sala.
6. We hope she will like it.
____28. There are two sentences that
don’t go with the topic. Which are these two?
a. Sentence 1 b. sentence 2 c. sentence 3
____29. a. Sentences 4 b. sentence 5 c. sentence 6

____30. 1. Noli want to market with mother.

2. Noliewanted to pick some guavas.
3. On the way Noli and mother passed a big tree.
4. He wanted to buy crabs for dinner.
The correct sequence of the sentences is _____________.
a. 1 2 3 4 b. 1 4 3 2 c. 1 3 4 2

____31. .
Mother bought three big crabs. She told Noli to take them home. Noli left the
crabs walk alone down the road
What’s a good ending for the story?
a. The crabs reached Noli’s home safely.
b. Mother was very angry with Noli
c. Mother cooked a delicious crab dish.

____32. What kind of a boy is Noli?

a. Foolish b. bright c. wise

____33. What is the mood expressed in the following selections?

The father looked closely at the wounds of his dog. It was badly beaten by their
neighbor. He closed his right fist tightly as he held his dog with his left hand.

a. Happy b. sad c. angry

Two girls heard a loud crashing sound from behind them. They turned to look.
Tow passenger jeeps bumped each other. Many passengers were wounded. The girls
became weak. They were ______.

a. Sorry b. excited c. frightened

____35. What conclusions can you give about the following?

Several books were lost. None of the children got them. Cely is one of the
children and she is only a child.
a. Cely is innocent b. Cely is careless c. Cely is not trustworthy

All the families in our community own cars. The de Jesus family owns a car.
There are no buses passing by their places.

a. The de Jesus family is rich

b. The de Jesus family is intelligent.
c. The de Jesus family needs the car for emergency purposes and faster mobility
____37. One must know the rules when playing a game. This is a ___________.
a. Fact b, opinion c. fantasy
____38. Men are the stronger sex.
a. Fact b. opinion c. fantasy
____39. You want to know who won in the PBA tournament. Which part of the newspaper will you
a. Classified ads b. feature page c. sports section
____40. Where can you get information about the country’s agricultural products?
a. Atlas b. Encyclopedia c. Dictionary
Arrange the jumbled letters in each group to form the correct word.
____41. eyregontmn ______________________________
____42. h ar lbyi d ______________________________
Read the sentences and arranged them in correct order. Write 1 for the first sentence, 2 for the next and
so on.

____43. He reads almost anything.

____44. He takes something to read wherever he goes.
____45. Earl reads a lot.
____46. He reads magazines, encyclopedias, maps and any material he sees.

47 – 50. You are going to have a birthday party. Writer an invitation letter to your friend. Observe
correct formant, punctuation and capitalization.
S.Y. 20__ - 20___

NAME: __________________________________________ SCORE:__________

DIRECTION: Choose the letter of the correct answer.
____1. The female reproductive system is responsible in producing egg cells necessary for
reproduction. Which of the following are the female reproductive organs?
a. Ovaries b. testes c. penis c. vagina
____2. Which of the following changes happen to boys at puberty?
I. Muscles develop
II. Shoulder become broader
III. Reproductive organ increased in size
a. I and II only b. II and III only c. I and III only d. I, II, III, IV
____3. Which of the following ins/are health habits to practice to keep the reproductive organs
a. Personal hygiene should be observed at all times b. Regular medical check up
b. Regular exercise and balanced diet. d. All of the above
____4. The respiratory system is made up of the nose, nasal cavity, pharynx, larynx, trachea or
windpipe, bronchi, bronchioles and the lungs. What is its main function?
a. Cleanse the blood of blood waste c. Take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen
b. Take digested food to the body cells. d. Take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide
and moisture
____5. Respiratory organs are infected with certain ailments. Which of the following ailments are
caused by bacteria and viruses that resulted in swelling – up of inflammation of the air passages
in the lungs? a. asthma b. Bronchitis c. Pneumonia d.
____6. The following are the proper ways of caring for the respiratory system, except one.
a. Eating right amount and kind of food.
b. Drinking water and juices everyday.
c. Sufficient rest and enough sleep.
d. Smoking and drinking alcohol once in a while.
____7. The urinary system is composed of organs that remove or excrete liquid wastes from the blood
streams of the body. Which of the following is/are the main organ/s of the urinary system?
a. The bladder b. the kidneys c. the ureter c. the urethra
____8. The skeleton of an animal shows that it has big flat teeth. Whioch of the following would you
a. They are plant- eating animals c. They are both plant and meat eating animals
b. They are meat- eating animals d. They are human- eating animals.
____9. Which of the following group of animals are herbivores?
a. Carabao, horse, cow, cat c. carabao, horse, cow, dog
b. Carabao, horse, cow goat d .carabao, horse, cow, lion
____10. Which of the following best describes vertebrates. ?
a. They are animals with backbone c. They are animals that can swim
b. They animals without backbone d. They are animals that lay eggs.
____11. Which group of animals can be classified as mammals?
a. Bat, whale, dog, man c. duck, crocodile, rat, man
b. Chicken, mud fish, cat, man d. parrot, snake, alligator, man
____12. Why are coral reefs important?
a. They provide shelter for smaller fishes. c. They are used for protection by big fishes.
b. They are sources of decorative items d. They come in beautiful colors
____13. What will happen when coral reefs are destroyed?
a. Small sea animals will have no shelter for protection.
b. Costal communities will be exposed to destructive effect of ways brought by strong typhoon
c. Small fishes will be exposed to predators such as bigger fishes.
d. All of the above.
____14. Which statement is true about the plants in the illustration below?

a. They give off carbon dioxide for animals use. c. They give off oxygen for sun’s use.
b. They give off oxygen for animal’s use. d. They give off carbon dioxide for suns’ use.
____15. One primary function of trees aside from being source of foods, medicines and lumber is to
prevent erosion. In what way do trees prevent erosion?
a. Their organic decays make the soil fertile.
b. Their trunks and roots hold the soil together.
c. Their rotten fruits and flower make the soil sticky.
d. Their leaves and branches protect the soil from rain.
____16. How do aerial plants adapt themselves to their habitat?
a. They creep on the ground c. They let their hanging roots touch the ground
b. They receive water when it rains. d. They absorb water from the air through the hanging
____17. What characteristics do mango, papaya and guava plants have in common?
a. They produce cones c. they are flowering plants
b. They produce spores d. they are vines
____18. Fern and mosses are examples of plants that have true roots, stems and leaves but do not
have flowers, fruits and seeds. Where are they belong?
a. Angiosperms b. gymnosperms c. pteridophytes d.
____19. Which of the following statements best describes the importance of grouping plants?
I. It helps scientist and researchers to classify plants systematically.
II. It helps farmers to know the kinds of plants to be planted in their farm.
III. It helps landscapers to put up a beautiful lawn.
a. I and II only b. II and III only c. I and III only d. I, II, III
For items 20 – 21, refer to the data below .
I. Burning of wood
II. Melting of ice
III. Evaporation of water
IV. Condensation of water
V. Burning of paper
____20. Which of the following activities listed in the box show a a physical change?
a. I, III and V b. II, III and IV c. III, IV and V d. I, II, III
____21. Which shows a chemical change?
a. I and II b. I and III c. I and IV d. I and V
____22. Which of the following is na example of a chemical change that is useful?
a. Changing of starch to sugar c. rusting of iron
b. Changing fuel to smoke d. decaying of fruits
____23. Which of the following situations give an idea of how static electricity is produced?
I. Striking two different materials against each other.
II. Striking two the same materials against each other.
III. Rubbing two different materials together.
IV. Rubbing two the same materials together.
a. I and II b. I and III c. I and IV d. I, II, III, IV
____24. Which of the following is a good conductor of electricity?
a. Asbestos b. copper c. plastic d. rubber
____25. What is the advantage of a parallel circuit over a series circuit?
a. It is easier to make c. all the bulbs will have bright lights
b. It consumes less electricity d. when one bulb does not light, other bulbs will still light
____26. Which of the following statements best describe how electrical energy is produced?
a. Electrical energy can be produced from chemicals by chemical reaction.
b. Moving magnets can produce electricity.
c. Generator consisting of a moving coil that cut through magnetic filed can produce electricity
d. All of the above
____27. Which of the following statements describe how an electromagnet works?
a. It operates only when there is a flow of electricity in the coil of the wire.
b. It operates even without a flow of electricity in the coil of the wire.
c. It operates only when there is a flow of electricity without presence of coil of the wire
d. It operates even without a flow of electricity in the coil of the wire.
____28. Charles uses the handle of a spoon to pen a can of biscuit. What kind of a simple machine is
the spoon when used in this manner?
a. Wheel and axle b. inclined plane c. lever d. screw

____29. When using a hammer to pull a nail, where is the effort applied?
a. On the handle c. on the head of the
b. Om the hammerhead d. on t he point of the nail
____30. Wheel and axle is a simple machine, which multiply force and speed. Which of the following
best describes a wheel and axle?
a. It multiplies force if it is applied on the wheel
b. It multiplies speed if it is applied on the wheel.
c. It multiplies speed of it is applied on the axle
d. It multiplies both speed and force at the same time.
____31. The pupils were tasked to collect different kinds of rocks of different colors, sizes and
textures. What does this show about rocks?
a. Rocks have different characteristics c. rocks have the same color
b. All rocks have the same size d. rocks have different fossils in them
____32. Some rocks were spewed by Mt. Mayon when it erupted. What kind of rocks are these?
a. Igneous rocks b. metamorphic rock c. sedimentary rocks d. all of the
____33. Which of the following statements explain why rocks differ?
a. They come from under the sea c. they come from different volcanoes
b. They contain different materials d. they contain gold and silver
____34. Which of the following can help breaking down rocks?
a. Plants b. man and animals c. weather elements d. all of the
____35. Which of the following statements best explain the formation of soil?
a. Soil is formed through continues weathering of rocks
b. Soil is formed through erosion from mountains
c. Soil is formed through volcanic eruptions
d. Soil is formed through in flash floods
____36. What are the processes involved in the water cycle?
a. Evaporation, condensation, precipitation c. precipitation, sublimation, evaporation
b. Condensation, melting, evaporation d. solidification, evaporation, condensation
____37. Warning about storms and typhoons are officially given by the meteorologists of PAG- ASA.
According to them, signal number 3 means ________.
a. Wind velocity is less than 60 kph.
b. Wind velocity is ranging from 60 kph to 100 kph.
c. Wind velocity is ranging from 100 kph to 180 kph.
d. Wind velocity is undetected.
____38. Which among the members of the solar system that has rings made up of thousands of
ringlets of dust, water ice, and very small particles and known as the second largest planet.
a. Jupiter b. Saturn c. Uranus d. Neptune
____39. Which part of the sun where light energy becomes visible?
a. Chromospheres b. photosphere c. sunspots d,. corona
____40. Which of the following other members of the solar system are describes as rocky irregularly
shaped objects found mostly between Mars and Jupiter?
a. Asteroids b. comets c. meteors d. satellite
S.Y. 20___ - 20___

Pangalan: ____________________________________________ Iskor:__________

Panuto: Basahing mabuti ang bawat katanungan. Piliin ang pinakawastong sagot.
____1. Maging noong unang panahon mahalaga na ang bansa dahil _________.
a. Ito ang nagibibgkis – bigkis sa mga barangay
b. Ang mga datu at lupon ang nagsama-samang bumuo ng mga batas.
c. Tumutulong din ang mga taga- barangay sa paggawa ditto.
d. May nakalaang parusa sa mga nagkakasala.
____2. Bago pa man dumating ang mga Kastila, mataas na ang pagkilala sa mga kababaihan sa bansa.
Ipinapakita sa iabab kung paano sila pinahahalagahan maliban sa _________.
a. Kinikilala silang kapantay ng mga lalaki
b. Maaari silang maging kawal ng datu
c. Nagmamana at nag-aangkin ng ari-arian
d. Mga ina ang higit na may karapatan sa pagibibgay ng pangalan ng anak.
____3. Panahon ng Bato nang mauso ang __________.
a. Pagagamit ng tanso b. industriya c. pangingisda d. agrikultura
____4. Noong panahon ng Kastila ang mga namamahala ay ang gobernador- heneral, gobernadorcillo,
cabeza de barangay at alkalde mayor. Sino sa kanila ang tagapagpaganap ng pamahalaang
a. Gobernadorcillo b. cabeza de barangay c. gobernador- heneral d. alcalde mayor
____5. Pinairal ng mga Espanyol ang edukasyon sa bansa, ngunit ang kurikula nito aydi praktikal. Alin
sa mga sumusunod ang hindi itinuro sa paaralan?
a. Pag- awit b. pagluluto c. pagbabasa d. pagdarasal
____6. Inayawan ng mga Pilipino ang tribute at polo y’ servicio dahil _______.
a. Kadalasang sumasabay ang gawaing ito sa panahon ng pagsasaka
b. Magkahiwalay ang mag-asawa
c. Pahirap ito sa buhay nila
d. Lahat ng nabanggit
____7. Ano ang buting dulot sa bansa ng buksan ng mga kastila ang daungan ng Maynila?
a. Lumakas ng kalakalan dahil sa pagpasok ng sayuhang mangangalakal
b. naging tiyak ang mapagkukunan ng pondo ng pamahalaan at simbahan
c. bumagal ang takbo ng ekonomiya
____8. Unti- unting inihanda ng mga Amerikano ang mga Pilipino sa pagsasarili sa pamamagitan ng
patakarang Pilipinasyon. Alin ang unang hakbang ng ginawa?
a. Batas Pilipinas b. Komisyon Schurman c. Batas Jones d. Komisyon Taft
____9. Paano nabuo ang mga lungsod?
a. Dahil sa pagtatayo ng Mansion House sa Baguio.
b. Dahil sa pagdagsa ng mga naninirahan sa rural na pook sa mga pueblo
c. Dahil sa pag- unlad ng komunikasyon at transportasyon
d. Dahil sa pag – unlad ng kalusugan
____10. Ano ang pangunahing nagawa ng transportasyon at komunikasyon sa buhay ng mga Pilipino
noong panahon ng mga Amerikano?
a. Napadali ang paglilipat ng tirahan
b. Napadali ang paglalakbay
c. Napadali ang sulat sa lahat ng lugar sa Pilipinas.
d. Nagkaroon ng kumunikasyon ang Pilipinas sa lahat ng bansa sa daigdig.
____11. Bakit hindi nakabuti ang pinairal ng mga Amerikano na malayang kalakalan sa Pilipinas?
a. Ang puhunan ng mga Pilipino ay inilaan sa agrikultura at kalakalan lamang.
b. Ang mga may- ari ng lupang taniman ng tubo, niyog , abaka at iba pang produktong luwas
sa Amerika ang kumita lamang.
c. Sa Amerika lamang iniluwas ang likas na yaman ng bansa
d. Lahat ng nabanggit
____12. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang hindi mabuting epekto ng programang pangkabuhayan ng mga
Amerikano sa bansa?
a. Nakaligtaan ang pakikipagkalakalan ng Pilipinas sa ibang bansa
b. Nalinang ang sakahan
c. Umunlad ang ani na pangunahing produkto ng bansa
d. Lumawak ang programang industrialilsasyon
____13. Ang pagsasariling pinaghahandaan ng mga Pilipino noong panahon ng Komonwelth ay ukol
sa _
a. Kultura b. lipunan c. pulitika d. kabuhayan
____14. Nilikha ang batas na pagpapatupad sa paggamit ng Wikang Pilipino ___________.
a. Dahil maraming di gumagamit nito.
b. Dahil walang wika sa bansa
c. Upang maging daan ito ng pagkakaunawaan sa bansa.
d. Upang matigil ang gamit ng wikang banyaga
____15. Upang higit na makaayon sa pilipinasyon ang bansa, binago ng pamahalaang komonwelth
ang mga probinsiya sa edukasyon. Alin ang nabago?
a. Talambuhay ng bayaning Amerikano ay pinalitan ng bayaning Pilipino
b. Pananampalataya sa Diyos
c. Pagpapahalagang moral ng Pilipino.
d. Obligasyon ng magulang na pag-araliln ang mga batang may pitong taong gulang sa unang
____16. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang pinakatanging pamana sa atin ng mga Amerikano?
a. Wikang Pilipino c. kaisipang kaya ng bawat Pilipino ang tumayo sa sarili
b. Pagmamalaki sa kulturang Pilipino d. pagkakaroon ng lupang ari ng bawat pamilya
____17. Ano ang suliraning pangkabuhayan na hinarap ng pamahalaan ni Manuel L. Quezon?
a. Hindi gaanong nakapaghanda ang Pilipinas sa larangan ng industriya
b. Nasa control ng mga Tsino at Amerikano ang kalakalang panlabas ng bansa
c. Hawak ng mga Tsino ang kalakalang tingian sa Pilipinas.
d. Lahat ng nabanggit
____18. Ang tanging dahilan ng pananakop ng Hapon sa Pilipinas ay _______.
a. Makontrol ang ekonomiya nito.
b. Maibahagi ang kultura nila sa bansa
c. Mapalawak ang kanilang relihiyon
d. Napalitan ang sistema ng pamahalaan ng Pilipinas
____19. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang naging pamahalaang pambansa noong panahon ng Hapones?
a. Komisyong Tagapagpaganap c. Pangasiwaang Sentral
b. Sanggunian ng Senado d. Pamahalaang Militar
____20. Ang mga sumusunod ay mga suliraning pangkabuhayan noong panahon ng Hapon. Alin ang hindi?
a. Paghina ng mga industriya at kalakal c. kakulangan sa pagkain
b. Pagtatag ng mga pangasiwaan d. pagkalat ng salaping Mickey Mouse
____21. Aling karanasan noong panahon ng Hapon ang masasabing nakatulong sa pagbibigay ng
direksiyon sa buhay ng Pilipino?
a. Pagkatutong magtipid para sa kinabukasan
b. Pagkatutong maging matiisin at matiyaga at mapanlikha
c. Pakikisa alang- alang sa bayan d. lahat ng nabanggit
____22. Siya ang pangulo ng ikatlong Republika. Naging maka- Amerikano siya sa paniniwalang ang Estados
Unidos lamang ang tanging makatutulong sa Pilipinas sa hinaharap na suliraning pangkabuhayan.
a. Elpidio Quirino b. Ramon Magsaysay c. Manuel A. Roxas d. Carlos P. Garcia
____23. Patakarang “Pilipino Muna” at pagtitipid ang kanyang isunulong.
a. Elpidio Quirino b. Carlos P. Garcia c. Ramon Magsaysay d. Manuel A. Roxas
____24. Sa suliraning pang- edukasyon, alin ang pinakamatagal na natuunan ng pansin noong Ikatlong
a. Bilingual na pagututro c. pagtuturo ng mga bagay kaugnay sa ating kasaysayan at kultura
b. Pagtatayo ng mga silid- aralan d. paggamit ng wikang katutubo
____25. Kadalasang biktima ng karahasan at di – makataong pakikitungo ang mga kababaihan. Dahil
ditto itinatag nila ang samahang _ para pangalagaan ang kanilang kapakanan.
a. GABRIELA b. NCREW c. KB d. Women’s League
____26. Ang ilang kahinaan ng iba’t – ibang pangasiwaan ay nagbunga ng suliraning, hanggang sa
kasalukuyan ay dinaranas pa ng mga Pilipino. Maraming nagsipagtapos ngunit _____.
a. Nagpagamit silang mga dummy upang yumaman
b. Mas ginusto nilang magsarili ng hanapbuhay
c. Hindi nila magamit ang kursong tinaopos sa kanialng paghahanap –buhay
d. Hindi sila makapasa sa eksamen sa pamahalaan.
____27. Sa ilalim ng patakarang “Pilipino Muna” __________.
a. Nabigay ng karapatan ang mga Pilipino ng karapatang mauna sa paglinang ng likas na yaman ng bansa
b. Nabigyan ang mga dayuhan ng karapatang magamit ang mga likas na yaman ng bansa
c. Pinangunahan ng Amerika ang paglinang ng mga likas na yaman ng bansa
d. Nabigyang sigla ang pakikipagkalakalan ng bansa sa mga maka-komunistang bansa
____28. Mga dahilan ng pagtatakda ng Batas – Militar ang mga sumusunod maliban sa isa
a. Madugong demonstrasyon ng mga estudyante noong Enero 16, 1970.
b. Paglakas ng rebelde at pagkasunod- sunod na sagupaan sa puwersa ng military
c. Pagtitiwala ng mga mamamayan sapamahalaan
d. Patuloy na pagihihirap ng mga mamamayan sanhi ng sunod- sunod na kalamidad
____29. Sa pagdedeklara ng Batas – militar ang pinakapalatak na emosyon ng mamamayan ay
a. Galit b. takot c. tuwa d. gulat
____30. Malaking suliranin ng bansa ang populasyon noong panahon ni Marcos. Binigyang – diin ng
adminstrasyong ito ang programang pampopulasyon na ang layon ay ______.
a. Pag- aayos ng tirahan c. pagpapalaki ng bilang ng tao
b. Pagpipigil sa pag-aanak d. pagplaplano ng pamilya
____31. Malaki ring problema ni Marcos ang pamumuhay ng mga magsasaka kaya tinugunan niya ito
sa pamamagitan ng ______-.
a. Pamamahagi ng lupang sakahan
b. Pagtatatag ng Samahang Nayon
c. Pagpapatupad ng kautusan sa paglilipat ng pagmamay- ari ng lupang sinasaka sa mga kasama
d. Pagpapautang ng pagpapatao ng tahanan.
____32. Ano ang di – mabuting maaaring mangyari kung gagawaran ng higit na kapangyarihan ang
pangulo ng bansa?
a. Maaaring magmalabis siya sa tungkulin
b. Maaaring magulo ang bansa dahil sa inggit ng nakakarami
c. Maaaring makialam sa pamamahala ang ibang bansa
d. Maaaring yayaman lahat ng tao sa bansa
____33. Ang mga sumusunod ay ang patakarang Batas – Militar na kinikilalang nakabuti sa bansa maliban sa
a. Reporma sa lupa c. rehiyonalisasyon
b. reporma sa edukasyon d. pagsugpo sa mga kumontra sa kanya
____34. Bumagsak ang ekonomiya noong 1983 dahil sa _________.
a. Monopolyo sa negosyo c. panlabas na utang ng bansa
b. Katiwalaan sa pagbabayad ng buwis d. lahat ng nabanggit
____35. Anong bahagi ang ginagampanan ng mga kababaihan sa pagpapabagsak ng pamahalaang
a. Nangibang bansa sila upang kumita c. nagsawalang – kibo
b. Sumama sa mga rally ng oposisyon d. nagtatag ng maliliit ng negosyo
____36. Paglalarawan ng kaganapan sa EDSA ang mga sumusnod maliban sa __________.
a. Pagdagsa ng mga tao mula sa lalawigan
b. Pakikilahok ng mga tao sa militar
c. Pakikitipon ng mga taong simbahan, pulitiko at karaniwang mamamayan
d. Mahigpit na paniniwala sa kapangyarihan ng Diyos
____37. Ano ang nagging epekto ng People Power sa mga Pilipino?
a. Gumaan ang kanilang kabuhayan.
b. Napaliit ang populasyon ng bansa
c. Napanumbalik nila ang demokrasya sa bansa
d. Nabawsan ang terorismo sa lahat ng sulok ng bansa
____38. Alin sa mga sumunsunod ang di – patakaran ng isang bansang demokratiko?
a. Kalayaan para sa ilang tao
b. Kalayaan, katiwasayan sa lahat ng tao
c. Paggalang sa karapatan ng tao
d. Kasaganaan, kagalingan ng tao
____39. Ang mga sumusnod ay mga programang inilunsad at sinuportahan ni Pang. Fidel V. Ramos
upang sagutin ang mga suliranin ng kanyang pamahalaan maliban sa ________.
a. People Empowerment
b. Enhanced Retail Access for the Poor
c. Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority
d. National Unification Commission
____40. Kung tutuhanang ipatutupad at tutuparin ang mga patakarang itinatadhana ng pamahlaan ang
bansa ay ______ .
a. Uunlad c. titiwasay
b. Di – maghihirap ng labis d. lahat ng nabanggit