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Judi Buckley is the

Facilitator for the

Matamata DistrICTs
Cluster, currently in
its 2nd year. Prior to
that she was the
Facilitator for the
Waimarino Cluster
and was part of the
Management team of
Bellevue School in

Pam Seath teaches

Year 2 students at
Bellevue School and
was a lead teacher
within the Waimarino
Cluster. Pam is also
part of the Bellevue
School Management
Team and leads the
Junior area of the
ICT has a major impact on the world in which young people live.
Schools should explore not only how ICT can supplement
traditional ways of teaching but also how it can open up new and
different ways of learning.
NZC p36 can be used to enhance learning through

visual literacy and creativity in the classroom.

As teachers we need to understand what it means to be

literate in the digital age and to offer new ways of
communicating messages and ideas.

We need to think
differently with how we
use books, reading, and
writing to develop critical
thinking and create
deeper meaning for
It started
as an undergraduate
college senior design
project mentored by
Microsoft, and is currently
being maintained by
some of the alumni that
originally worked on it.

What is Paint.Net?

It is free image and photo editing software for

computers that run Windows.

Originally it was intended as a free replacement for the

Microsoft Paint software that comes with Windows.
Why use Paint.Net?

Thinking Relating to others

•Stimulating critical thinking •A means of working
•Making sense of information, together, negotiating
experiences and ideas -constructing It is one tool
and sharing ideas for
•A digital source for reflection supporting
of the Key
Participating and contributing Managing self
•Contributing and connecting with •A way of developing self
others for a purpose motivation, enterprise and
a ‘can do’ attitude

Language, symbols, and texts

•A vehicle allowing multiple possibilities for exploring, designing
and expressing creativity
•An avenue for communicating ideas and images
•A portal for digital story telling
•A place for creating student-made clipart
•It’s a language in which many are digitally fluent
NZC pg 12
Install (from
CD) and run

Open My Computer
Go To:

-C Drive
-Effects (leave open)

Now open the CD again

-click on Chromakey
-Drag over and into the
effects file.

You are done!