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1 Table
Mountain Hiking
Table Mountain.
Table Mountain, Cape Town, Western Cape,
South Africa
Mountain Climbing Mountain climbing, an
activity involving climbing gear, helmets,
protection, adrenaline rushes. A an
experienced/professional climber tags along
with you and your group, leading you right to
the top of the beautiful mountain.
Duration- 4-6 hrs ( Varies with experience )
Bad weather, if theres high winds or storms
that blow in without your knowledge it may
end in severe injuries
A safety measure would be the helmets and
safety gear

6.2 Eco
Riet Vlei Nature Reserve
The Riet Vlei Nature Reserve is located
within Pretoria, located in the reserve is
the Riet Vlei Dam.
The nature reserve protects all the
species of game that inhabits the reserve
as well as all the plants and forest life.
Tourists and people visiting the nature
reserve provide the funding to conserve
the Nature reserve and keep it going
The nature reserves also brings across
the beauty of diversity, our wild and
plant life in South Africa to all of its