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Saint Project

Students in Ms. Fennessys 6th grade religion class

will be required to complete one mini-research
project on a saint of their choice per trimester.
Students will choose a saint, write a 1-2 paragraph
write up about that Saints life and what they admire
about their saint. These projects will be hung around
the classroom, so decorations and colors are
On the due date, students will be required to turn in:
1-2 paragraph biography of a saint of their
choice with a picture of the saint
o double spaced
o 12 pt font in a readable font (i.e. Times New
Roman, Arial, etc.)
Prayer to that saint asking for
inspiration/assistance with something
Citation list of 2-3 credible sources (i.e.
websites ending in .edu or .org, websites that
are created/monitored by Catholic organizations,
etc.) Students should double check facts
on another website to ensure accuracy.
Pleae consult the rubric for details on the different
sections and the requirements.
Due date: ___________________
Parent signature:

Please contact me with any questions via email or

telephone. For an example project, please check Ms.
Fennessys website!
Mother Mary Lange

Elizabeth Lange was born around the year 1794

in Santiago de Cuba. She was educated in French
and reading in Cuba. As an adult, she moved to
Baltimore, Md. to a community of French-speaking
Haitians in 1813. After living and working among the
Haitians in the area, she realized that the children in
these communities needed a good education. During
this time, slavery was still legal in some states,
including Maryland, meaning that there was no free
public education available for African American
children. With the help of some members of the
community, Mother Mary Lange established a school
for black children in her house in Fells Point, and she
established a religious order for black women to
become nuns called the Oblate Sisters of Providence.
She died in 1843.

I admire Mother Mary Langes bravery. She was

very courageous for teaching black students in a
time of the United State when slaves did not have
any rights. She stood up for people that did not have
any rights in society, and she did her best to help her
students improve.
Dear God, please give me the strength and courage
of Mother Mary Lange in my daily teaching. Please
help me to treat all students with kindness and
respect at all times. Please help me to not get
frustrated when a student is not following the rules
or when a student does not understand what I am
teaching. Please help me to be selfless and to always
extend a helping hand to those who need it. Mother
Mary Lange, pray for us!